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International Women's Day 2010


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A photo essay of a meeting on Women's Day in New York of the Role of Women in Social Transformation sponsored by the Permanent Missions of Nigeria and Iraq to the United Nations and organized by the Universal Peace Federation. Also, photos from events in Argentina, Canada, India, Israel, Netherlands, and Russia.

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International Women's Day 2010

  1. 1. he Role of Women in Social Transformation A Parallel Event of the 54th Commission on the Status of Women, Beijing + 15 Sponsored by the Permanent Missions of Nigeria and Iraq to the United Nations, March 9, 2010
  2. 2. International Women’s Day, 2010Rev. Tzu-Wei Zoe Chang, president of the UN Women’s Guild, chaired the event.
  3. 3. International Women’s Day, 2010Event hostess Amb. Joy Ogwu, Permanent Representative of Nigeria, described the family as the fulcrum of society.
  4. 4. International Women’s Day, 2010Permanent Representative of Iraq, Amb. Dr. Hamid Al Bayati,described advances in official opportunities for Iraqi women.
  5. 5. International Women’s Day, 2010Amb. Dr. Palitha T.B. Kohona, permanent representative of Sri Lanka, said his was the first country to elect a woman president.
  6. 6. International Women’s Day, 2010 Mrs. Lynn Walsh, head of UPF’s Women for Peace, urgedwomen and men to work together in complementary ways.
  7. 7. International Women’s Day, 2010Genie Kagawa of the UPF encouraged women to work together for real change based on spiritual and moral values.
  8. 8. International Women’s Day, 2010 In small groups, people talked about ways to promoteopportunities for women, mutual understanding, and respect.
  9. 9. International Women’s Day March 11, 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina Insights about notable women music, poetry, and refreshments
  10. 10. International Women’s Day- Argentina, 2010 Talented musicians performed.
  11. 11. International Women’s Day-Argentina, 2010Women were honored for outstanding contributions to society.
  12. 12. International Women’s Day March 7, 2010, Toronto, Canada “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All”
  13. 13. International Women’s Day-Canada, 2010A resolve to promote dignity and respect for women and girls, bringing strength and stability to our families and society.
  14. 14. International Women’s Day March 8, 2010, Gangtok, Sikkim, IndiaIn India, most of the "empowered" women have been fromleading families and had the advantages of financialresources. The challenge is to extend those opportunitiesand rights to a broader range of women. - Mrs. Kalawati Subba, Former Minister of Sikkim, Member of State Planning Commission
  15. 15. International Women’s Day-India, 2010Mrs. Subba said this was the first time someone had organized such an event for the women of Sikkim.
  16. 16. International Women’s Day-India, 2010 Mrs. Bharai Sharma, Chair of the OBC Council, expressed hercommitment to develop the Women for Peace Initiative in Sikkim.
  17. 17. International Women’s Day March 8, 2010, Jerusalem, IsraelA new Holistic and Healing Center opened to serve local women.
  18. 18. International Women’s Day March 6, 2010, The Hague, Netherlands “Toward a World of Peace and Spirituality”
  19. 19. International Women’s Day-Netherlands, 2010Participants focused on the theme "Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities; Progress for All.”
  20. 20. International Women’s Day March 8, 2010, Moscow, Russia A celebration at the UN Information Centre
  21. 21. International Women’s Day-Russia, 2010 Greeting women at the Central Market in Novosibirsk with best wishes for the day.