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UPF Annual Report 2013


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An overview of the work of the Universal Peace Federation in 2013 including programs promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation, peace and security, marriage and family, and humanitarian service,

On local, national, and global levels, interreligious councils provide a platform for people of diverse faiths to contribute their wisdom and work effectively for peace alongside representatives of government, business, and civil society.

UPF acknowledges the need for careful and measurable use of enforcement such as political, military, and civil power to sustain lasting peace. At the same time we strongly emphasize the pursuit of internal solutions that are essential to peacebuilding. UPF has been a leading exponent of “track two” diplomacy, with particular emphasis on the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “One family under God.”

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. We support and promote the work of the United Nations and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Marriage, parenting, and the family are the foundations of sustainable human development and the building blocks of society. Educational programs present the personal and social benefits of marriage, promote a marriage-friendly culture, teach relationship skills, and encourage spiritual growth through relationships.

UPF's leadership conferences and seminars focus on the urgent need for new vision and leadership based on core values and universal principles of peacebuilding.

Service-learning programs bring together youth from different cultures and religions in order to promote mutual understanding and respect. Participants serve a community in need, visit religious and historic sites, and learn communication and team-building skills.

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UPF Annual Report 2013

  1. 1. Annual Report 2013
  2. 2. Mission The Universal Peace Federation is a global network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace centered on universal spiritual and moral values.
  4. 4. World Summit 2013
  5. 5. Heads of state and government addressed UPF’s World Summit 2013 in Seoul, Korea, February 22-25 on “Peace, Security, and Human Development.” World Summit
  6. 6. Eight hundred people from 91 nations attended the summit’s plenary sessions. World Summit
  7. 7. Religious leaders offered prayers and lit candles for peace. World Summit
  8. 8. Leadership and Good Governance Awardees World Summit
  9. 9. Peace Education
  10. 10. Participants from 80 nations assembled in Seoul, Korea, for an International Leadership Conference August 20-24 on the life, teachings, and legacy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. PEACE EDUCATION
  11. 11. American Leadership Conferences • Chicago: Building a Nation and World of Peace • Los Angeles: Building a Nation and World of Peace • Miami: USA and the Caribbean at a Turning Point • Washington DC: One Global Family Under God Miami, Florida PEACE EDUCATION
  12. 12. Asian Leadership Conferences • India: India’s Perspective on the Nepal Peace Conference • Nepal: Democracy, Peace and Development • Philippines: Universal Principles of Peace and Leadership • Thailand: Peace, Development and Transformational Leadership • Thailand: Asian Media Conference • Thailand: New Paradigms for Education and Good Governance • Thailand: Towards Unity, Peace and Prosperity Thailand PEACE EDUCATION
  13. 13. European Leadership Conferences • Austria: Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century • France: Eurasia and Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development • UK: Human Rights: Are Democratic Nations Upholding a Better Standard? France PEACE EDUCATION
  14. 14. • Interfaith Peacebuilding • UN Relations • Peace and Security • Marriage and Family • Youth and Service UPF Five Areas of Work
  16. 16. • Conferences and Forums • World Interfaith Harmony Week Observances • Religious Youth Service Projects Brazil: Sao Paulo City Hall INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING
  17. 17. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING Conference in Jerusalem: 10th Anniversary of the “Jerusalem Declaration” of Interfaith Cooperation
  18. 18. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING Conference in Jerusalem: Interfaith Cooperation and Peace
  19. 19. Interfaith consultation in Jordan: Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING
  20. 20. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING Jerusalem Office for Interfaith and Cooperation among Religions: Forums • Models of Interfaith Respect • The Principle of Living for the sake of Others • A House of Prayer for All People • Good and Evil: The External and Internal Struggle • The Role of Interfaith Activity in Educating for Peace • Why Does the Human Heart Long for the Messiah? • The Role of Interfaith Activity in Educating People for Peace • Hosting Ishmael in the Rabbi’s Sukkah • The Crisis in Syria and Its Regional Impact • Parity and Equality in the Family and Society • The World to Come and the Spirit World in Different Faiths
  21. 21. Forums organized by UPF’s Jerusalem Office for Interfaith and Cooperation among Religions. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING
  22. 22. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING Other Interreligious Forums • Canada: Bridging the Secular State and Religiously Inclusive Society • Canada: Should Canada See Itself as a Welcoming Family? • Jordan: The Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria • Nepal: Unity in Diversity • Norway: God’s Role in Developing a Peaceful World • Norway: Thoughts about God in Different Religions • Peru: The Uniqueness of God • Slovakia: 17 Centuries of Religious Freedom • South Africa: Africa’s Contribution to Global Consciousness • USA: Faith, Religion and International Security • USA: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Peace
  23. 23. After a conference introducing UPF at FON University in Macedonia, UPF leaders met with President Gjorge Ivanov. Interfaith forum at a Buddhist temple in Oslo, Norway INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING
  24. 24. INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING UN WORLD INTERFAITH HARMONY WEEK First Week of February UPF Observances • Argentina • Austria • Brazil • Canada • Denmark • Ecuador • Germany • India • Indonesia • Japan • Malaysia • Moldova • Nepal • New Zealand • Pakistan • Russia • Slovakia • Thailand • Ukraine • US
  25. 25. Muslims, Hindus and Christians at an interfaith breakfast meeting in Multan, Pakistan INTERFAITH PEACEBUILDING
  26. 26. UN RELATIONS
  27. 27. • Meetings at UN Headquarters: New York and Vienna • Supporting UN Initiatives • Partnerships Nigeria: Remembering Holocaust and Genocide Victims UN RELATIONS
  28. 28. First UN Global Day of Parents Observed at the UN Headquarters in New York Speakers at right (top to bottom): • H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations; • H.E. Mrs. U. Joy Ogwu, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the UN • Mrs. Lynn Walsh, Director, UPF’s Office of Marriage and Family Education UN RELATIONS
  29. 29. Africa Day and the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the African Union / Organization of African Unity UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the celebration in New York. UN RELATIONS Australia Russia UK US
  30. 30. First Ladies High-Level Forum in New York: Building Bridges for Peace and Health Disability UN RELATIONS
  31. 31. Events at the UN Headquarters in Vienna • International Day of Peace forum with Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú • Forum on Culture and Creative Economy as Basic Elements for Sustainability • Conference on Leadership Challenges of the 21st century: The Prevention of Violence against Women and Femicide UN RELATIONS Rigoberta Menchú
  32. 32. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, March 8 USA UN RELATIONS Afghanistan Austria Burkina Faso Canada Estonia Germany Nepal Nigeria Peru Russia Suriname UK US
  33. 33. Other UN Observances • Commemoration of the Victims of the Holocaust: Nigeria, UK, Zambia • World Water Day: Russia • International Day of Friendship: Argentina, Netherlands, Russia • Day for the Remembrance of Victims of Slavery: Nigeria • World Day of Cultural Diversity: Russia • International Youth Day: Nepal, Russia • International Day of Older Persons: Argentina • United Nations Day: Georgia, Russia • International Day for Tolerance: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Russia • Universal Children’s Day: Russia • World AIDS Day: Kenya • International Volunteer Day: Argentina • Human Rights Day: Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Peru, Russia • International Human Solidarity Day: Ukraine UN RELATIONS
  34. 34. UN and NGO Partnerships • ECOSOC • African Union • United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) • International Conference of Asian Political Parties • International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization UN RELATIONS China: Forum on Ecological Safety, Human Development and Health
  36. 36. • Forums and Consultations • Regional Peace Initiatives • International Day of Peace Peace and Security Forum in Washington, DC PEACE AND SECURITY
  37. 37. Washington DC Office of Peace and Security: Forums • Bringing Long-Term Peace and Security to the Balkan Region • Faith, Religion and International Security • Security Cooperation in the East and South China Seas • Two States, One Country: Israel-Palestine: A Path Toward a Shared Future • Transnational Crime in the Americas • Peace, Stability and Economic Development in Micronesia • Peace Zones as Avenues for Stability in South Sudan, Syria, Colombia and Korea • Human Trafficking and Poverty, A Critical Connection • Transnational Crime and Gang Violence PEACE AND SECURITY
  38. 38. Jerusalem Office of Peace and Security: Forums • The Impact of Syria and Egypt on Israel’s Security Measures • Trends in the Relationship between Israel, Turkey and the US • Iran after the 2013 Elections • The Crisis in Syria and Its Regional Impact • Realistic Strategies for Solving the Israel-Palestinian Conflict • The Countries of the Persian Gulf and their Influence on the Middle East PEACE AND SECURITY
  39. 39. Northeast Asia Peace Initiative: Forums • Czech Republic: Life in North Korea • Russia: The Korean War—Results, Lessons, Further Steps Toward Peace on the Korean Peninsula • Slovakia: Insights into the North Korean People • USA: Creating a Roadmap for Peace on the Korean Peninsula PEACE AND SECURITY USA
  40. 40. South Asia Peace Initiative Forums • India: India’s Perspective on the Nepal Peace Process • Nepal: Eighth Anniversary of Nepal’s Peace Process • Nepal: Democracy, Peace and Development • Nepal: Achieving Meaningful Democracy: Challenges and Prospects PEACE AND SECURITY Nepal
  41. 41. Baltic Dialogue Forums • Estonia: Steps Toward Eurasian-European Cooperation • Latvia: The Baltics and Russia: Toward a Common European Future • Poland: The Difficult History of Polish-Russian Relations • Russia: The Baltic Region Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow PEACE AND SECURITY Building bridges of friendship between Russia and Poland
  42. 42. South Caucasus Peace Initiative Forums • Armenia: Peace Principles • Azerbaijan: Strengthening World Peace • Azerbaijan: Women’s Role in Peacebuilding • Georgia: Religious Dimensions of Conflict PEACE AND SECURITY Georgia Azerbaijan
  43. 43. Balkans Peace Initiative • Albania: Annual Assembly of the Albania Peace Council • Kosovo: Conference on a Comprehensive Vision of Peace, Security and Development • Macedonia: Forum on Principles of Peacebuilding PEACE AND SECURITY Albania
  44. 44. Other Forums • Burkina Faso: A Nation of Peace and a Unified and Prosperous Continent • DR Congo: The Conflicts in DR Congo and the MDGs • Japan: Peacebuilding through Cultural Activities • Nigeria: Launch of Campaign for Year of National Unity PEACE AND SECURITY Japan
  45. 45. UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE September 21 UPF Observances Afghanistan Albania Argentina Australia Austria Bolivia Brazil Burkina Faso Cambodia Canada Central African Republic Colombia Costa Rica Cote d’Ivoire Czech Republic Dominican Republic Ecuador Estonia Finland France Gabon Georgia Germany Ghana Guyana India Israel Italy Japan Latvia Liberia Malaysia Marshall Is. Moldova Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Peru Philippines Russia Sri Lanka St. Lucia Taiwan UK Ukraine Zambia PEACE AND SECURITY
  46. 46. Programs took place in 50 nations, including Afghanistan (left) and Zambia (right). UN International Day of Peace, September 21 PEACE AND SECURITY
  48. 48. • Strengthening Marriage and Family • International Day of Families • Global Day of Parents Philippines: Interfaith Marriage Blessing Festival MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  49. 49. Marriage and Family Education • Philippines: Interfaith Marriage and Family Blessing Festival • Indonesia: Ideal Families and Transformational Leadership • Suriname: Prevention of Domestic Violence • Thailand: Interfaith Conference on Strengthening Families • Nepal: The Role of the Family in Nation-Building MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Suriname
  50. 50. Participation in the World Congress of Families in Sydney, Australia MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  51. 51. UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FAMILIES, May 15 UPF Observances Albania Argentina Armenia Brazil Burkina Faso Colombia Congo Cote d’Ivoire Czech Rep. DR Congo Ecuador Estonia Georgia Germany India Indonesia Jamaica Japan Kazakhstan Lithuania Malaysia Marshall Islands Moldova Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Russia Rwanda Sri Lanka St. Lucia Suriname Taiwan Thailand Togo UK Ukraine MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  52. 52. UN International Day of Families Programs took place in 38 nations, including Argentina (left) and Japan (right). MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  53. 53. UN GLOBAL DAY OF PARENTS, June 1 UPF Observances Argentina Azerbaijan Barbados Belarus China Congo Georgia Germany Japan Malaysia Moldova Nepal Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Peru Russia Togo Ukraine USA MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  54. 54. UN Global Day of Parents Programs took place in 20 nations, including Georgia (left) and Belarus (right). MARRIAGE AND FAMILY
  56. 56. • Youth Leadership Development Programs • Religious Youth Service • Building Character and Friendship through Sports YOUTH AND SERVICE Switzerland
  57. 57. Youth Leadership Development Programs • Austria: Beyond Fears and Stereotypes • Malta: Creating Real Social Change • Nepal: Raising Public-Minded Leaders for Building a Nation of Peace • Nepal: Leadership Training in the Business World • Russia: International Model UN • Russia: Baikal Forum • Russia: Simulation of a World Trade Organization Session • Russia: Mr. and Miss University Pageant • Russia: Spring Week of Goodness Campaign • UK: Annual Youth Achievement Awards YOUTH AND SERVICE
  58. 58. Zugdidi, Georgia Johvi, Estonia YOUTH AND SERVICE New Delhi, India Jerusalem, Israel Religious Youth Service Projects
  59. 59. Ufa, Russia Nuwakot, Nepal YOUTH AND SERVICE Multan, Pakistan Pokhara, Nepal Religious Youth Service Projects
  60. 60. Nuwara-Eliya, Sri Lanka YOUTH AND SERVICE Songkhla, Thailand Dushanbe, Tajikistan Washington DC, USA Religious Youth Service Projects
  61. 61. Building Character and Friendship through Sports • Armenia: Family Sports Competition • Australia: Africa Day Friendship Cup • Benin: Peace Cup Football Tournament • Georgia: Interracial Football Tournament • India: Intercollegiate Football Tournament • Italy: Eighth Annual Peace Cup Football Tournament • Nepal: National Martial Arts Tournament • Russia to France: Peace and Friendship Supermarathon • Russia: Marathon on the Theme of Youth against Drugs • Russia: Winter Play Football for Peace Tournament • Switzerland: Peace Cup Children’s Football Tournament YOUTH AND SERVICE
  62. 62. PUBLICATIONS Interfaith Journal: Dialogue & Alliance
  63. 63. Magazine: UPF Today PUBLICATIONS
  64. 64. PUBLICATIONS Character Education Curriculum, Grades 1-12 Discovering the Real Me Download lessons and teacher’s resources at
  65. 65. PUBLICATIONS World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon
  66. 66. WWW.UPF.ORG