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International Day of Peace 2014


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Observances of the UN International Day of Peace, September 21, 2014 organized by the Universal Peace Federation in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Benin, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, Central African Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, DR Congo, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Gabon, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, LIthuania, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Russia, San Marino, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, and the US.

The theme for the International Day of Peace 2014 was "The Rights of Peoples to Peace."

Along with human rights, there are human responsibilities. In order for human rights to be honored, respected and practiced, each individual should appreciate and practice his or her own portion of responsibilities. Likewise, in order for "we the peoples" to enjoy the "right of peace" it is necessary for each of us to work to build a world of peace, that is, a world of mutual respect and cooperation that goes beyond barriers of religion, ethnicity, culture and nationality.

Marriage and family are the fundamental building blocks of society. When the family is healthy and stable, society becomes healthy and stable. When husband and wife love and respect one another, fully appreciative each one's value and each one's dignity, then respect for rights naturally follow. The family is the school of ethics and, in this capacity, the school of human rights. Through good parenting practices that underscore the value, dignity and rights of each and every human being, we move the world toward peace, one family at a time.

For many people of faith, human rights have their root and origin in our Creator. There are compelling arguments to suggest that the largely secularized understanding of human rights has its foundation in spiritual and religious understandings of human beings as inherently sacred, and each one equally valuable.

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International Day of Peace 2014

  1. 1. Observances organized by UPF Albania Argentina Australia Azerbaijan Bolivia Cambodia Canada Central African Rep. Colombia Costa Rica DR Congo Ecuador Estonia France Germany Iceland Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Lithuania Malaysia Marshall Isl. Moldova Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Peru Russia San Marino Solomon Isl. Sri Lanka Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Ukraine USA
  2. 2. International Day of Peace 2014 Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon We must douse the fires of extremism and tackle the root causes of conflict. Peace is a long road that we must travel together – step by step, beginning today. Let us all observe a minute of silence, at noon. Let us all reflect on peace – and what it means for our human family. Let us hold it in our hearts and minds and tenderly nurture it so it may grow and blossom.
  3. 3. ALBANIA: Supporting orphan children with educational supplies in Tirana
  4. 4. ARGENTINA: Awarding prizes in UPF-Argentina’s annual international poetry contest on the theme “Roads and Bridges for Peace”
  5. 5. AUSTRALIA: Walk and prayers for peace in Brisbane
  6. 6. AUSTRALIA: Organizers of a “Bridge for Peace” ceremony in Melbourne
  7. 7. AZERBAIJAN: Bike ride for peace in Sumgait
  8. 8. BOLIVIA: An interfaith candle-lighting ceremony and panel discussion at the Communications Center in La Paz
  9. 9. CAMBODIA: Forums on “The Need for Moral Education for Peace” at three universities in Battambang
  10. 10. CANADA: Ambassadors for Peace forum in Montreal
  11. 11. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Seminar on peace principles in Bangui
  12. 12. COLOMBIA: Appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace in Bogota
  13. 13. COLOMBIA: Ambassadors for Peace meeting in Bogota with chairs of UPF International and UPF-South America
  14. 14. COSTA RICA: Joining in activities in San Jose organized by Red de Paz
  15. 15. DR CONGO: Seminar on “The Right of Peoples to Peace” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kinshasa
  16. 16. DR CONGO: Seminar in Matadi on “The Culture of Peace and a Pledge to Strengthen Cohesion in the Province of Bas-Congo”
  17. 17. ECUADOR: Promoting peace in Carolina Park in Quito
  18. 18. ECUADOR: Meeting of Ambassadors for Peace with chairs of UPF International and UPF-South America
  19. 19. ESTONIA: Program in Tallinn on “Foundations for Lasting Peace”
  20. 20. ESTONIA: “Baltic Dialogue Super-Marathon for Peace” passing through Estonia en route from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Lithuania
  21. 21. FRANCE: Forum about peace initiatives at Maison de La Salle in Paris
  22. 22. FRANCE: A presentation in Vannes about cooperative development projects between France and several African nations
  23. 23. GERMANY: Forum in Bonn on “The Right of Peoples to Peace”
  24. 24. GERMANY: Forum on the Family as the School of Peace in Hamburg
  25. 25. GERMANY: Prayers for peace by representatives of various religions in Munich
  26. 26. GERMANY: Prayers for peace by representatives of various religions in Stuttgart
  27. 27. ICELAND: Program at the Free Lutheran Church in Reykjavik
  28. 28. ISRAEL: Forum in Jerusalem with the Har-El Community on “Universal Lessons of the Holocaust: No More Genocide!”
  29. 29. INDONESIA: Program in Medan on “The Role of Youth in Peacebuilding”
  30. 30. ITALY: Conference in Monza on the theme: “Education for Peace – Vision and Paths”
  31. 31. ITALY: An interfaith prayer vigil outside the town hall in Monza
  32. 32. JAPAN: Program in Tokyo on “Prayer and Dialogue for Peace”
  33. 33. LITHUANIA: Interreligious prayers at the Hill of Three Crosses in Vilnius
  34. 34. LITHUANIA: “Baltic Dialogue Super-Marathon for Peace” runners arrive in Lithuania, having set out from St. Petersburg, Russia.
  35. 35. MALAYSIA: An International Day of Peace program in Ipoh, Perak, on “The Right of Peoples to Peace”
  36. 36. MARSHALL ISLANDS: Interfaith prayers, studying quotes about peace and sharing thoughts about peace in Majuro
  37. 37. MOLDOVA: At Onisifor Ghibu Library introducing project to make 1000 paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine
  38. 38. MOLDOVA: Academy High School students made paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine.
  39. 39. MOLDOVA: Elementary students at Pro Success High School making paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine
  40. 40. MOLDOVA: At Galata Middle School, students making paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine
  41. 41. MOLDOVA: TV program about students at Galata Middle School making paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine
  42. 42. MOLDOVA: At Orizont Turkish High School, students making paper cranes expressing a desire for peace in Ukraine
  43. 43. NEPAL: Observing a minute of silence in Kathmandu for world peace and then expressing views about peace
  44. 44. NEPAL: Distributing food to elderly women in Biratnagar
  45. 45. NEPAL: Student speech contest in Chitwan on the theme “The Right of Peoples to Peace”
  46. 46. NEPAL: Educational program in Pokhara about family values
  47. 47. NEPAL: Distributing school supplies in Nepaljung and Dhangadhi in to children who had been freed from life as domestic servants
  48. 48. NETHERLANDS: Salon in The Hague on Women and Democracy
  49. 49. NEW ZEALAND: Prayers, speeches on “The Right of Peoples to Peace” and a peace walk in Auckland
  50. 50. NICARAGUA: A presentation about UPF’s vision of “one family under God” at the Commercial Science University in Managua
  51. 51. NICARAGUA: A celebration at the Hotel Convento in Leon
  52. 52. NIGERIA: The Annual Assembly of Ambassadors for Peace in Nigeria included a conference on “The Right of Peoples to Peace.”
  53. 53. NIGERIA: A “Dinner for Peace” in Abuja concluded a week of International Day of Peace programs in Nigeria.
  54. 54. NORWAY: An interreligious forum at the Groenland Church in Oslo
  55. 55. PERU: Forum in the Peruvian Congress
  56. 56. RUSSIA: An Ambassadors for Peace forum in Moscow
  57. 57. RUSSIA: Festivals at two city parks in Novosibirsk, Siberia, included watering a tree of peace and ringing a bell of peace.
  58. 58. RUSSIA: Planting trees on Yelagin Island in St. Petersburg to launch the “Baltic Dialogue” super-marathon for peace through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  59. 59. RUSSIA: “Play Football for Peace” tournament among eight teams of youth in Volgograd
  60. 60. RUSSIA: A charitable program in Ufa at the Children’s Clinical Hospital of the Republic
  61. 61. SAN MARINO: Meeting with members of Parliament to introduce UPF’s peace initiatives in the Middle East
  62. 62. SOLOMON ISLANDS: Reading peace messages, singing, offering prayers and lighting candles for peace in Honiara
  63. 63. SRI LANKA: Building a house for a poor family in Panwilathenna, Gampola, with the foundation stone laid by Hon. Anuradha Jayaratne, son of the prime minister and member of the Central Provincial Council
  64. 64. SRI LANKA: A seminar for youth on “The Right of Peoples to Peace” at the Panwilathenna Central School in Gampola
  65. 65. SWITZERLAND: Conference in Zurich on the theme of "Young People as a Beacon of Hope for a Peaceful World?"
  66. 66. TAIWAN: Seminar in Taipei on “Coexistence, Co-prosperity and Common-cause Society in the Post-Democracy Era”
  67. 67. THAILAND: Reading peace messages and observing one minute of silence at the Rajadhivas School in Bangkok
  68. 68. THAILAND: Various types of activities in schools throughout Thailand commemorating the International Day of Peace
  69. 69. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Planting a peace garden and improving the grounds of the Diego Martin Girls Roman Catholic School
  70. 70. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Speech, music, signing a peace declaration and planting a peace pole at UPF headquarters in Diego Martin
  71. 71. USA: Interfaith forum at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Richmond, Virginia
  72. 72. UKRAINE: Cultural performances and exchanging friendship certificates in Kiev among students from Japan, Korea and Ukraine
  73. 73. Universal Peace Federation