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Interfaith Harmony Week 2014

UN World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations organized by the Universal Peace Federation, first week of February 2014.

World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world’s religious leaders are combined cooperatively and respectfully with the endeavors of national political leaders. Absent the recognition of spiritual principles, the world has drifted increasingly toward analyses and prescriptions that are materialistic and secular in nature. In so doing, we have lost sight of the profound wisdom to be found in humanity’s spiritual heritage.
Global institutions must be built on a foundation that takes into account the full potential of the human being, not only as a political, economic, and social being, but also as a spiritual being with spiritual needs and a capacity for spiritual wisdom and insight. The legacy of the world’s great saints, prophets, sages, and spiritual leaders cannot be denied or discounted without ignoring what is most fundamental about the human being.
In too many ways the history of religion has been marked by narrow sectarianism, strife, and competitive struggle with other faiths, all to the detriment of the cherished goals and teachings of the founders and scriptures. This cannot continue. The need to eliminate corruption, selfishness, and bad governance applies not only to all nations but also to all of the world’s religions.
Lasting peace depends on cooperative partnerships between governments and religions, as well as NGOs and representatives of the private sector. The United Nations can benefit from a council of religious and spiritual leaders to bring broad vision and wisdom to the effort to address critical global problems. International conferences, publications, networking, and on-the-ground activism are mechanisms for interfaith cooperation and lay a foundation for spiritual renewal at the United Nations.

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Interfaith Harmony Week 2014

  1. 1. Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Brazil Canada Colombia Czech Republic Ecuador Germany India Indonesia Israel Japan Malaysia Moldova New Zealand Nigeria Norway Philippines Russia United Kingdom United States
  2. 2. The UN designated the first week of February every year as World Interfaith Harmony Week with the motto of "Love of God and Love of the Neighbor" / "Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor."
  3. 3. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: An interreligious gathering at the UPF Peace Embassy
  4. 4. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A forum on interreligious and international relations in the Middle East
  5. 5. VIENNA, AUSTRIA: A conference at the Vienna International Center (UN Headquarters)
  6. 6. DHAKA, BANGLADESH: An interreligious harmony rally at the University of Dhaka
  7. 7. SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: An interfaith program in the City Hall
  8. 8. MONTREAL, CANADA: Ambassadors for Peace participating in an interfaith water ceremony
  9. 9. BOGOTA, COLOMBIA: Visits to (top, left to right:) Brahma Kumaris and Zen Buddhist temples; (bottom, left to right:) Abu Bakr Mosque, Visnava Temple and Catholic Bishops Conference
  10. 10. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: An interreligious conference at the Community of Christians
  11. 11. QUITO, ECUADOR: Religious leaders gather to discuss how to work together for world peace.
  12. 12. STUTTGART, GERMANY: Readings and prayers were offered from various traditions.
  13. 13. NEW DELHI, INDIA: A forum at the United Nations Information Centre on Interfaith Harmony and Peacebuilding for Good Governance
  14. 14. SILIGURI, INDIA: A forum on “Building Nations of Peace Is a Shared Responsibility”
  15. 15. NEW DELHI, INDIA: A forum at the United Nations Information Centre on “Seeking Common Ground While Building Interfaith Harmony among Youth”
  16. 16. CHENNAI, INDIA: Launching a Peace Club on the campus of Madras University
  17. 17. MEDAN, INDONESIA: Asian Leadership Team singing Michael Jackson’s “Healing the World”
  18. 18. KFAR KANA, ISRAEL: Interfaith forum on sensitivity to the suffering of others
  19. 19. TOKYO, JAPAN: Program on peacebuilding through interfaith cooperation in the Middle East
  20. 20. KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: An interfaith ceremony of pouring water into a common bowl
  21. 21. CHISINAU, MOLDOVA: Sports competition for students of different nationalities and religious
  22. 22. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Visiting (top, left to right) a mosque and a Buddhist temple, and (below) a Hindu temple
  23. 23. ABUJA, NIGERIA: An interfaith assembly at the Peace Embassy
  24. 24. OSLO, NORWAY: An interfaith program at the central mosque
  25. 25. MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Songs and prayers from many faith traditions at the Peace Embassy
  26. 26. MOSCOW, RUSSIA: An Internet round table (left), conference (top right) and a visit to a Jewish museum (bottom right)
  27. 27. NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA: Visits to an Orthodox church and a Catholic church (top, left to right) and a synagogue and a mosque (below, left to right)
  28. 28. ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: A forum on the contribution of religions to a culture of peace
  29. 29. YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA: Visiting an Armenian Apostolic Church (top left), an interfaith film club meeting (bottom left) and a workshop on principles of peacemaking (right)
  30. 30. LONDON, UK: A Youth UPF forum in the House of Lords
  31. 31. WASHINGTON DC, USA: Readings from sacred texts at a program at The Washington Times