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R&D newsletter: Vol. 3 Issue 2; 2016


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An insight of activities in the Research Advisory Committee.

Published in: Education
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R&D newsletter: Vol. 3 Issue 2; 2016

  1. 1. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) R&D News February 2016 Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE 8TH FEBRUARY 2016 IN THIS ISSUE Foreword I am extremely grateful to the Editorial Team of the News Letter to invite me to write the Foreword of Vol. 3, No. 2, 2016 Issue of R&D News Letter. Research and Development in a University plays an extremely important role in its contribution to the stakeholders as well as society at large. Research needs to be relevant, usable by the industry and innovation oriented. Being a University, synergy in teaching and research is also very important. Teaching students without knowing the latest trends in the area of study, is an incomplete exercise by a teacher. Is one looks at the research carried out by us, it is in volumes, but with little relevance or use by the society. The best teaching & research Universities worldwide have very strong research content and that is why their world-wide ranking is very high. Absence of Indian Universities in high ranking institutions is mainly on account of lack of research. Unless we concentrate on this aspect, we would perhaps never be able to secure our place among these institutions. We have to very clearly understand that a University has the best possible environment to promote Research. Reasons are many: Flexibility of working and autonomy to a faculty member and a huge battery of young minds of our student for whom nothing is impossible. The only thing we need to do is to wake them up, guide them properly and challenge their inquisitive and sharp intellects. UPES has been progressing steadily in this direction by way of publishing Research News Letter, providing seed money to faculty members for implementation of their research interests, organizing regular seminars by faculty to discuss research ideas, giving top priority for interdisciplinary research, publishing research papers in good impact factor/indexed journals and conferences, introducing research right from the first year of undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, and planning for several incentives/schemes to faculty members carrying out good research. I am very confident that the University is moving very fast in securing its place among one of the best teaching and research Universities. I very much congratulate the Editorial team for their hard work and determination to boost research. My best wishes to one and all. By: Prof. J.P. Gupta, Director – Emeritus Quality Assurance RAC Meeting 2 R&D Retreat 2 Brain Storming Session 2 Research Publications 3 Research Publications Cont. 4 Anveshan 2015 4 UPES Researchers Investigated 5 Research Proposals 6 Recent MoU’s 6 International Collaborations 7 Analog & Digital Sensors Workshop 8 24th NCICEC 2015 8 Seminar on “Criminology: Insight in the Contemporary Age of Science” 8 Techno Symposium 9 Visits/Lectures 9 Distinct Achievements 9 New Joining in R&D 10 Upcoming Events 10
  2. 2. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 2 3rd R&D Retreat– Dec 2015 The UPES Research Advisory Committee meeting was held on 5th December 2015. The external members Dr. Savita - Director of Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Dr. S.C. Mullick – Emeritus Professor of IIT Delhi in Centre of Energy Studies, Dr. Prasenjit Mondal – Professor IIT Roorkee and Dr. Siddharth S Ray – Senior Scientist and Head of Division Chemical Science in CSIR – IIP Dehradun attended the meeting. Agenda of RAC meeting was to put forward challenges like Incentivization of researchers who contribute other than the academic responsibilities, consolidation of research activities, in-house lab development, to motivate faculty to do research, increment in the number of dedicated full time Ph.D. students. 4th Research Advisory Committee Meeting– Dec 2015 The proposed suggestions by the committee members were to have dedicated team of experts which should be developed in-house for thorough reviewing of research proposals for quality and alignment, research product should reach end-market especially communities at large, translational research where the lab based output/technology can be applied to real-world problems and target on demonstration based projects rather than fundamental research to get more coverage and become a preferred institution from the funding agencies point of view should be focused. It was recommended to support researchers with the things like SEED funding. R&D Retreat was organized on 11th December 2015 at MDC Bidholi campus. More than 45 participants from various in- house Research Centers and Departments of CoES, CoMES and CoLS attended the retreat. The main theme of this retreat was to incentivize the researchers and synchronize the diverse research activities in UPES that must enhance the qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Researchers suggested to get the points in PBAS system for submission of research proposals. Consultancy projects with R&D component must be monitored to explore the possibility of additional funding through regular funding agencies. Quality research publications are of immense importance and it has been suggested to maintain the quality by submission of anti-plagiarism report through corresponding author, responsible for any such issues. R&D website was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor, where information such as project calls, events, details of ongoing and complete proposals etc. will be available in detail. Brain Storming Session First Brainstorming Session on ‘Developing Domain based New Technologies’ was organized at UPES Bidholi Campus on 4th December 2015. In-house researchers and research fellows of UPES have attended this session. New research plans were proposed in this session and future prospects for funding were discussed in different areas of waste to energy, environmental friendly drainage system etc. It was proposed to open up research in Technology Enabled Education to reduce Digital Divide. Content based multilingual database development systems for IT awareness and dissemination was discussed in details The force created by the falling of a feather or water droplet on the triboelectric generator surface creates a small current. This energy can be harvested. Research proposal are in progress on; Sustainable production of Biobutanol, Bio- lubricants from Cellulosic Biomass, Reverse Peltier Effect based materials for Refrigerators to benefit the Environment. Possibility of research in the field of Piezoelectricity with non centrometric materials was discussed to be used for various applications in the electronics and consumer industries. “Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  3. 3. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 3 # Authors Title Source Title 1 R. Mishra, P. Kuchhal, A.Kumar Impact of Slots on the Performance Analysis of Microstrip Antenna International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Sept 2015; Issue 10; No. 16 ; 37217-37221 2 R. Mishra, P. Kuchhal, A.Kumar Effect of Height of the Substrate & Width of the Patch on the Performance Characteristics of Microstrip Antenna International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vol 5;No. 6, 1441-1445 3 Amneesh Singla, Rajnish Garg and Mukesh Saxena Microstructure and Wear behavior of Al-Al2O3 in situ composites fabricated by the reaction of V2O5 particles in pure aluminum Green Processing and Synthesis Journal, Issue 4; Vol 6; 487-497 4 W.O. Osawa, P.K. Sahoo, J.M. Onyari, F.J. Mulaa Effect of antioxidants on oxidation and storage stability of croton megalocarpus biodiesel International journal of Energy and Environmental Energy, 2015; 1-7 5 Dr. Neelu J. Ahuja, Dr. Kanchan D. Bahukhandi, Mr. Ritesh Saini and Ms. Aparna Narayanan A Novel Landfill Capacity Estimation Model for Dehradun City Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Paper 6 Mukul Kumar Gupta, Nitish Sinha, Kamal Bansal, Arun Kumar Singh Natural Frequency of Multiple Pendulum Systems Under Free Condition Archive of Applied Mechanics, Oct 2015; 1-13 7 Anita Gehlot, Rajesh Singh, Rohit Samkaria, Sushabhan Choudhury WPAN and PSO based Water Quality Monitoring with Lab View as Data Logger International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol 7; No. 5; 2015; 1735-1742 8 Anita Gehlot, Piyush Kuchhal, Adesh Kumar and Rajesh Singh Zigbee and GSM Based Antiheft and Safety System for Motorcyclist International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences Research Publications (UPES) Oct.-Dec. 2015
  4. 4. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 4 # Authors Title Source Title 9 Yashvir Singh Tribological Behavior as Lubricant Additive and Physiochemical Characterization of Jatropha Oil Blends Friction, Issue 3; Vol 4; 2015; 320- 332 10 Yashvir Singh, Rajnish Garg, Suresh Kumar Optimization of tribological behavior of Pongamia Oil Blends as an Engine Lubricant Additive Green Processing and Synthesis Journal, Issue 4; Vol 5; 2015; 421- 431 11 Yashvir Singh, Rajnish Garg, Suresh Kumar Aspects of Non-Edible Vegetable Oil-Based Bio- lubricants in the Automotive Sector Green, Issue 5.1; Vol 6; 2015; 59- 72 12 Shyam Pandey, Parag Diwan, Pradeepta Kumar Sahoo, Sukrut Shrikant Thipse The Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Premixed Fuel Ratio on Combustion and emission in a Partial homogenous Charge Compression ignition-direct Injection Engine Fueled with Bioethanol and Diesel BioFuels; Issue 6.5; Vol 6; 2015; 357-367 Research Publications (UPES) – cont… Winner Research Competition Anveshan’15 Association of Indian Universities (AIU) New Delhi has organized a national level “Student Research Convection: Anveshan”. The convention was first held at zonal level. North Zone Convention was on 28th – 29th December, 2015 at NDRI Karnal, where 19 universities had participated. Stage 1 was Poster presentation where total 70 students had participated from different universities. 10 students in each category were selected for oral presentation. The categories were divided into basic science, life science, social science, science and technology and medical science. Vishal Singh M.Tech HSE-DM won 1st prize in category of Science and Technology at North Zonal Level and has been selected for national level. His oral presentation was on “Preparation of Thermoelectric cells using CaO-PVA membrane from waste hen eggshells”. In this process waste eggshells are calcinated into CaO and crosslinked with PVA and thermoelectric cell is assembled by using CaO-PVA membrane. This method can be used for storing charges and can produce electricity.
  5. 5. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 5 UPES Researchers Investigated… Microstructure can change the wear behavior Novel landfill capacity estimation is helpful for solid waste management Potential of Pongamia Oil Blends as an Engine Lubricant Additive Effect of Height of the Substrate & Width of the Patch on the Performance of Microstrip Antenna help full for disaster management In explicit wear tests simulating industrial conditions between metallic surfaces, there are no clear chronological distinction between different wear-stages due to big overlaps and symbiotic relations between various friction mechanisms. UPES researchers studied the fabrication of Al based in situ composites and their formation mechanism through the stir casting approach. Increment in hardness was observed in cast in situ composites and compared with the pure aluminum. Friction and wear behaviors of cast in situ composites were studied by using a pin on disc tribo tester. The result indicates that wear rate increases with higher percentage of addition. Green Processing and Synthesis, Volume 4, Issue 6, Pages 487–497, ISSN: 2191-9550, DOI: 10.1515/gps-2015-0073. Estimation of land for solid waste has been a very critical part for its management especially in cities where SMW is considered as totally unorganized sectors. Landfill capacity estimation has been done using standard mathematical model of capacity estimation with projected solid waste quantity provided as input. As this model of capacity estimation does not take internal landfill conditions into consideration, a novel approach was designed and the model was modified, particularly for a bioreactor landfill and has been proposed. Research work provides the municipality with a model that would help in the planning of a bioreactor landfill, for the city. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Paper Pongamia oil is derived from the seeds of the Millettia pinnata tree, which is native to tropical and temperate Asia. Effect of Pongamia oil doped with lube oil on Tribological characteristics of Al-7% Si alloy was set forth using the Taguchi method. The control factors involved were Pongamia oil percentage (PB 0%, PB 15%, PB 30%), sliding velocity (1.3 m/s, 2.5 m/s, 3.8 m/s) and load (50 N, 100 N, 150 N) which was optimized for weight loss, friction coefficient and wear rate characteristics of Al-7% Si alloy. Green Processing and Synthesis Journal, Issue 4; Vol 5; 2015; 421-431 There are two main parameters responsible for the broadening the bandwidth of the antenna, one is the height of the dielectric substrate and another one is the width of the patch paper. Optimum parameters were suggested to have higher efficiency of antenna. One of the parameter was varied keeping the other fixed and the characteristic effects on resonant frequency, band width and gain were studied. This has the potential to apply in disaster management. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Vol 5; No. 6, 1441-1445
  6. 6. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 6 Submitted Research Proposals – Oct’15 to Jan’16 # Proposal Title Date of Submission Agency/Grant Call Investigators Cost in Lakhs 1 Feasibility Study of Diesel – Ethanol Blending on Light Commercial Vehicles: Condition Monitoring 10-Oct-15 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dr. Shyam Pandey, Mr. Santosh Kumar Kurre and Mr. Shival Dubey 263.93 2 Complex Dynamics of Non- Linear Rational Difference Equations 6-Jan-16 National Board for Higher Mathematics Dr. S.K Sarif Hassan 19.61 3 Need for Indulging Youth in Yoga and Meditation – A Demonstrated Approach With the Help of Calibrated Studies 7-Jan-16 DST Dr. D.K Gupta and Dr. Saurabh Mittal 22.38 4 Framework for Enhancing Vocational Education in Indian and Egyptian Universities 31-Jan-16 ASRT-DST Dr. Ashraf Darwish and Dr. Amit Aggarwal 1.4 Recent Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs)  MoU signed with Uttarakhand Space Application Centre, Dehradun.  Envisages joint R&D programs.  Internships for students in area of Avionics/Aerospace Engineering.  MoU signed with Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.  Facilitate Cooperative activities in research.  Short term to mid-term exchange of faculty and research scholars. Uttarakhand Space Application Centre Department of Science & Technology Government of Uttarakhand
  7. 7. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 7 Universite de Poitiers Ecole Nationale Universite de Rennes 1, France Superieere D’ingenieurs De Poitiers, France Waste Water Services, Greece University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, United States Analog, Digital Sensors & Arduino Workshop Coordinators: Mr. Rajesh Singh, Head, Institute for Robotic Technology & Ms. Anita Gehlot The “Electronics and Instrumentation Control Department, UPES” had conducted a workshop on Analog, Digital Sensors and Arduino on 17th October 2015 and 30th October 2015 for the students of B.Tech Electronics, Power System, Instrumentation and Mechatronics. The aim of the workshop was to teach students basics of Arduino like Arduino interfacing in different modes, Analog sensor interfacing and Programming in Arduino- IDE. “In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand” – Neil Armstrong International Collaborations...
  8. 8. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 8 24th National Conference on IC Engines and Combustion (NCICEC 2015) Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, CoES- UPES and Combustion Institute (Indian Section) has jointly organized “24 th National Conference on IC Engines and Combustion” during 30 th OCT 2015 to 1 st NOV 2015. The major focus of the conference was on Combustion for Energy Security with Sustainability. The inaugural session was chaired by his Excellency Dr. K K Paul, Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand, Mr. B V R Mohan Reddy, Chairman-Nasscom, Dr. V K Sarswat, Member-NITI Ayogh, Prof. Durgesh Pant, Director-USAC, Mr. P K Pandey, Head- Aero structures- UTC Aerospace Systems, Mr. Utpal Gosh, CEO-UPES, Dr. S J Chopra, Chancellor, UPES. Besides these dignitaries, executive council members of combustion Institute, Director GTRE, Project Director- Astra Missile was present at the conference. 162 delegates participated in the conference, and 92 Papers were presented in 12 sessions. The conference focused on areas like Clean Coal combustion, Super Sonic Combustion, Advancements in diesel combustion, Hybrid Energy Production System, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation and Bio Mass Processing and Gasification. The conference was sponsored by IOCL R & D, DRDL, BRAHMOS- Aerospace, ISRO, DST-SERB, ARK Info solutions, Gurukrupa Industries and VSSC. The Plenary lectures were delivered by Mr. L M Naik, Vice President, Sr- GM, Bosch India Ltd. Dr. S Channiwala Professor SVNIT Surat, Dr. V K Sarswat- Member NITI Ayogh, Mr. A. K. Modi, Vice President, Design Competency Centre and Product Design & Process Technology - L&T Mumbai Mr. A K Sehgal – General Manager (R&D) India. National Seminar on “Criminology, Crime and the Criminal Justice: An Insight in the Contemporary Age of Science and Technology” Convener: Dr. Saroj Bohra, Head Law Research Centre The College of Legal Studies, UPES organized this national seminar on 21st & 22nd November 2015 for discussion on different emerging facets in form of crimes and criminality. (Retd) Chief Justice of India, Justice K.G. Balakrishnan was the chief guest. The Plenary session was on ‘Crime and Technology’ and the technical sessions discussed were on: Race, Ethnicity, Social Structure and Crime; Technology, Crime and its changing Patterns; Cross- border and Transnational crimes: Complexities; Dilemmas in Criminology and Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Technology in 21st century- Crime Prevention and Policing; Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice; Contemporary Crime discourse and depiction. Prof. Sudhir Joshi, from UPES has been elected as Joint Secretary of CIIS for two years. This conference should lead to research collaboration and joint submission of research proposal in the area of IC Engines and Combustion
  9. 9. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 9 Techno Symposium CoES - 2015 Convener: Dr. Kamal Bansal and Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Co-Convener: Dr. Amit Mondal and Mr. Shival Dubey, TechnoSymp is an annual M.Tech symposium event where 1st and 2nd year PG students are encouraged to showcase their research. The aim behind TechnoSymp is to cultivate the research orientation in engineering domain among PG students. This year TechnoSymp was organized on 15th September, 2015 i.e. on “Engineers Day”. 34 papers in the different areas of engineering were presented in the research paper category, while 15 posters were exhibited in innovative poster category. Visit/Lectures Mr. Pranay Kumar (CEO of Vasudha Group Companies) has visited UPES on 19 th November 2015 to explore research collaborative opportunities in the area of water treatment and management and to enhance research culture among students and also pave a path for industry. Mr. Kumar was impressed after interacting with M. Tech. students and will consider them for internship in the industry. Distinct Achievements UGC sponsored visiting associateship awarded and extended further upto August 2018 at IUCAA to Dr. Shyamal Kumar Banerjee, Sr. Professor and Associate Dean, College of Engineering, UPES. First time, it was awarded to Dr. Banerjee in the year 2000 for three years and since then he has been receiving the same from UGC continuously, after having proper official review and assessment of his work every end of third year. During this period Dr. Banerjee works on different projects in the area of General Relativity and Cosmology with Padma vibhushan Prof Jayant Vishnu Narlikar as a joint Collaborator. Ms. Vindhya Devalla Doctoral Research Fellow in Aerospace Engineering Department had presented a paper on “Performance Analysis of a Powered Parafoil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Open Loop Flight Test Results and Analytical Results” authored by Ms. Vindhya Devalla, Dr. Amit Kumar Mondal and Dr. Om Prakash at RED UAS 2015, IEEE, Robotics and Automation Society, Cancun, Mexico during 23 rd – 25 th November 2015. She was also a session chair for a technical session on “Application of UAVs”. Dr. Krunal M. Gangawane Assistant Professor-Selection Grade in Chemical Engineering Department has won ‘Young Scientist Award’ in Engineering – Fluid Mechanics by Venus Research Foundation (VRF) on 19 th December 2015. He was also shortlisted for the talk on “Multiphase Flow in Power and Steel Industries” in National Symposium on Multiphase Flow (NSMF 2016) at NIT Durgapur. Dr. V. P Singh (Distinguished Professor & Caroline and William N. Lehrer Distinguished Chair in Water Engineering of Biological and Agricultural Engineering; & Zachry Department of Civil Engineering Texas A & M University College Station, Texas) delivered a lecture on “Water Resources Assessment for Climate Change” on 16 th December 2015 and It was considered that water related research will be enhanced in upcoming years.
  10. 10. CONNECT COLLABORATE CREATE | Volume 3 Issue 2 (2016) 10 New Joining in R&D…. Upcoming Events It is proposed to hold a National Conference on “Water Resources and Hydro Power” in association with Civil Engineering Department, IIT Roorkee, UJVN Limited - Uttarakhand and Indian Society for Hydraulics - Pune at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun on 17th – 18th June 2016. Conference Convener: Dr. Vikas Garg, Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering, UPES Dr. Narendra Soni, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, UPES Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology (UCOST), and UPES, are jointly organizing 10th Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress (USSTC), 10th – 12th Feb 2016 at UCOST Vigyan Dham Jhajra Premnagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. EDTITORIAL BOARD Patron Editor in Chief Technical Editor Production Editor Dr. S J Chopra Dr. Jitendra K Pandey Dr. Girdhar Joshi Ms. Meenakshi Pundir R&D @ UPES Block B, First Floor, Energy House, UPES Bidholi Campus, Energy Acers, Dehradun – 248007 Uttarakhand, India Phone: +91-135-2776061 / Ext: 1225/1221 Mobile: +91-7579216817/+91-9629773491 Web: The R&D Department is happy to announce the joining of Ms. Meenakshi Pundir as a Research Scientist into its team. She has done her M.Tech in Nanotechnology from VIT University and was a Project Fellow at IIT Bombay. Her research interests include Nanomaterials and Characterization, Nano sensors etc. 10th Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress (USSTC), 10th – 12th Feb 2016 at Patron Chairmen Prof. S.J. Chopra Dr. Rajendra Dobhal Chancellor-UPES DG-UCOST