Energy News - May 2012


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Energy News - May 2012

  1. 1. VOL-I MAY 2012cover storyUPES Teamwinstophonours world wide SAP NASA Systems Engineering Award Recognizes UPES 1st Asian Team for Best Practices Efforts pg5UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES, DEHRADUN
  2. 2. UPES Aerodesigners Excel KIndex Page No. nown as SkyHawks, a team of 10 students from 3rd & 4th year Aerospace Engineering, UPES became a part of the prestigious Competition for Aero Design organized by SocietyCover Story: NASA Systems Engineering Award ... 2 of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This SAE Aero Design West, an International CollegiateNano Satellite Flight Test ......... 4 Aeromodelling Competition was recently held at Van Nuys, California.Fueling Growth with IT 5 The Competition was featured in three classes i.e. regular, advance, and micro. The regular class featured developing the fundamental understanding of flight. Competing in the regular class, thisBonds Strengthened with Larson & Toubro 5 dedicated team stood 9th among 65 teams from top universities all over the world. FacilitatedBest Placement Brochure 6 with the support of sponsor Infotech Enterprises and UPES, this team acquired the requiredAnother Feather added to the Crown 6 encouragement and motivation.Memorandum signed with Schlumberger 7UPES extended wings in US 7Stride for a Strategic Alliance in Thailand 7The Less Trodden Path ..... 8Green Income 10Women in Excellence ..... 10Project Abhilasha 2012 11Model United Nations Convention ....... 11Electra 2012 11Battle of Wits 12Jus Carnivalli ....... 13YUGMAK .......begin the beginning!!! 13VIMANOTSAV 14Training for the Trainers 14UPES Excels in Cricket Too 15INDUSTRIAL TOURS 16Family Connect @UPES 17Naftonomix - Beyond The Barrel 18Scientific Temper on Campus 18Book Exhibition 18Each One Teach One 19Emergency Medical Vehicle 19UPES Student at Cairo Conference 19 The SkyHawks team at the competition venue after the Award Ceremony posing with the tricolour and the plane, the SkyHawk. (Standing from left to right): Mayur Chakravarti, Udit Shah, Sreetej Lakkam, Phani Rajanish, Sagar Shah & Vinayak Vadlamani. (Sitting from left to right) Adithya Pani, Shivam Sharma, Pranav Nagpal & Dipakkuamr Joshi.contents This competition was intended to provide an experience to students about a real-life engineering challenge. The competition had various levels that were designed to provide an exposure to different situations that an engineer faces in the real-life work environment. During the competition, the students were supposed to perform trade studies and make compromises to Conceptualised and edited by Mr. H. Bahl, Advisor- Corporate Affairs arrive at a design solution that might optimally meet the missions requirement, at the same time with support of Ms. Meenakshi Sharma - Manager - Corporate Communication. Published by Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor - UPES & Director - ISPe conform to the configurations limitations. Corporate Office: 65 teams from over the world participated including Ecole Polytechnique De Montreal, Texas Hydrocarbons Education & Research Society 3rd Floor, PHD House, 4/2 Siri Institutional Area A&M, University of British Columbia including seven teams from India like Vellore Institute of August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110 016, India Tel: + 91-11-41730151-53 Technology, Manipal University, NIT Jamshedpur, VJTI, NITTE Meenakshi Institute and MM Main Campus: University. Energy Acres, PO Bidholi Via Prem Nagar, Dehradun-248 007 (Uttarakhand), India Tel: +91-135-2776053-54, 2776201, 2776094, Fax: +91-135-2776090 Email: URL: Designed at Printcom # 011 - 26167599 Cover page – The students with the Aircraft designed by them : (l-r) Shivam Sharma, Sagar Shah, Udit Shah, Sreetej Lakkam, This publication is meant for internal and limited distribution in the industry. Adithya Pani, Phani Rajanish, Pilot Matt Carroll, Mayur Chakravarti, Vinayak Vadlamani, Dipakkuamr Joshi and Pranav Nagpal.
  3. 3. NASA Systems Engineering Award for UPES SkyHawks 1st Asian team for Best Practices The SkyHawks designed, built and flew a 9.5 ft wingspan weight lifting aircraft which successfully carried 20.3 lbs, placing them 1st among all Asian teams. The same team stood 1st in Asia for the Best Design practices. The achievements list reached culmination when the team bagged the prestigious NASA Systems Engineering Award among all teams worldwide. Some of the features of the aircarft SkyHawks that drew attention of the judges were the design and fabrication of the aircraft, procedures for risk management and systems engineering. The Award was presented by George Price, Sr. Subject Matter Expert at Crown Consulting representing NASA at the event. NASA Systems Engineering Award in the Systems Engineering Award competition is sponsored and managed by NASAs Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in partnership with SAE International. The NASA Systems Engineering Award is the added advantage provided to students who participated in the SAE Aero Design competition. This is an additional opportunity for participants to compete and apply for best engineering practices to the design and development of their aircraft. Systems engineering is a logical set of grouped processesAircraft Specifications performed by multidisciplinary teams to engineer and integrate systems to ensure that products meet customersUnder the limits & guidelines mentioned by SAE, the Aircraft was needs. The emphasis of systems engineering is on safelydesigned: meeting functional, physical, and operational performance requirements in the intended-use environments over thea. Powered by OS61 XS or Magnum 61 XLS engine (Maximum Engine systems planned life within cost and schedule constraints. Capacity 10cc). SAE International is a global association of more than 128,000b. Total dimensions of the aircraft around ( L+B+H) = 225 inch. engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace,c. Weight Less or equal to 55lb including payload. automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. SAEd. Accurate payload, load prediction of lifting load for Bonus points. Internationals core competencies are life-long learning and voluntary consensus standards development.SkyHawks beamed with joy and delight on receiving these awards. UPES is proud to have these students who are inspiration to others and symbol of pride for University. -3-
  4. 4. e ac sp ts ero n MAY 2012 y A tude b S at Fe nics er o th vi no n d AA a Nano Satellite Flight Test UPESSAT Launched Successfully A proud moment for any University comes when its students exceed in their research Phase I and get involved in innovation or The construction of the successful experiments. UPES got such a moment prototype, the making of the recently. A wave of smile was beaming on the electronic circuits, the faces of all who witnessed the scene or overheard launching mechanism for that UPES students successful passed the first phase of flight test created in-house. Students of the weather balloon as well Aerospace & Avionics and few from Electronics & as the parachute Power Systems were much in air for their newly deployment mechanism launch project UPESSAT which is the first executed. Nanosatellite made in Uttarakhand. The first test of the UPESSAT (University of Phase II & III Petroleum and Energy Studies Nanosatellite) Test flights preparations are prototype (cube shaped satellite as per regulations in process. The efforts are of Cubesat design) using a weather balloon and low altitude test was successfully conducted put in place to reach an recently. The prototype was taken to an altitude of altitude of 500 meters in 900 meters (about 1800 feet) and the payload IInd and 5 Kilometers in the sustained in the flight was for 27 minutes and 14 IIIrd test flight. The final seconds, while tethered to the weather balloon. test flight is also deemed to During the flight test, essential information such have a more advanced as temperature, altitude, location, and magnetic prototype to take the fluctuation were measured with in-house circuits designed by the students team. Furthermore, a balloon up to 20 km. VGA camera was also installed to record the event from the point of view of the prototype satellite. The project is expected to be completed in about a year The most crucial part of the test flight was the tagging itself as the first parachute retrieval mechanism to bring the Nanosatellite of payload down without damage. The parachute Uttarakhand that would be retrieval mechanism was designed and built by UPES Aerospace students under the guidance of launched by ISRO for Professor Dr. Ugur Guven. further tests and retrieval of data. The participating Students with Dr. Ugur Guven, Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering. Stop Press An abstract titled- "UPES SAT Seismic Activity Determination Nanosatellite" by UPES students has been accepted at a prestigious Conference in Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)s icubeSat Workshop. Two students from UPES College of Engineering Studies will be going to Boston, Massachusetts, USA for the Workshop scheduled on May 29th-30th, 2012. -4-
  5. 5. MAY 2012 Fueling Growth with IT SAP Recognizes UPES Efforts E ncouraging presence on almost all the IT platforms, UPES Dehradun has become one of the exponential organizations that can surpass any other organization on comparing for technology usage. It is interesting to find where in service sectors, SAP is struggling to get accepted in many companies, this university has not only implemented SAP but earned an award for customer excellence. Recently, UPES has been awarded with “SAP ACE Award for Public Services 2012: Special Recognition for Excellence in Higher Education & Research.” Receiving award on behalf of the University in a glittering function held in Bangalore on 16th February 2012, Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj CIO, UPES said “we are one among those dedicated institutions that believes in techno progress and endeavor to flow techno culture within organization by welcoming advanced technology.” Companies from the Indian Sub Continent, Corporates across diverse businesses have enthusiastically participated as nominees. Crediting the success crown to entire UPES fraternity and acknowledging their efforts, Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor, UPES said that the IT is on progressive mode across the world and UPES is also on the motion.Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, CIO, UPES receiving the award from Head of SAP Asia Pacific, Japan (right) Sharing a little more on IT professionals of UPES, Dr. Diwan said that it delights us to see that our professionals are progressive. He quoted that Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, CIO, UPES has recently been accrued as a member of the board of CIO Masters in and contributed in SAP ACE Award for Public Services 2012: its blogs by writing interesting articles, including the one which is most Special Recognition for Excellence in contemporary topic i.e. virtualization journey and associated risks. Higher Education & Research. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software and stands for “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.” SAP ACE (Awards for Customer Excellence) is an annual benchmark event organized by SAP India to celebrate customer excellence. It has become an annual barometer of how best to utilize the power of SAP solutions to enable business competitiveness.Bonds strengthened withLarson & ToubroEnlarging UnderstandingU PES has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Larson & Toubro (L&T) to extend relationships into various areas for future prospects.L&T has always been associated with the University for a long time for differentpurposes that range from Campus recruitments to Curriculum-advice, Campus visits Mr. Yogi Sriram, Sr. Vice President, Leadership Planning & Talent Acquisition, L&T and Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor, UPES signing the document in presence of teams fromby distinguished professionals for Guest lectures and many more. L&T & UPES.This association has been further strengthened by a formal MoU enlarging the scopeof relationship that covers research, field visits by faculty, project work for students Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is a technology-driven multi-billion(especially M.Tech) and OHD, training and development. company that infuses engineering with imagination. A wide range of advanced solutions, services and products offered atOn behalf of L&T, the MoU was inked by Mr. Yogi Sriram, Sr. Vice President, Leadership L&T, provides state-of-the-art products & solutions to a largePlanning & Talent Acquisition and Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor from UPES. and diverse customer base. -5-
  6. 6. MAY 2012 Best Placement Brochure Uniqueness Grabbed AttentionUPES PLACEMENT BROCHURE is awarded with BEST PLACEMENT BROCHURE award at “6th INDYs AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE in MassCommunication, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility & B-School” organizedin Mumbai. The award was presented by Stars of the Industry Awards, Mumbai. Placement Brochure kit: The brochure is subtly laden with complete information embracing two composite booklets that sleekly slide into the box orchestrating a radiant movement for booklets inside. The real treasure i.e. students profiles, comprehensively packed in a PenMr. Santanil DasGupta, Sr. Associate Director-Career Services, drive, is kept on the cover page to getUPES receiving the Best Placements Brochure Award from (left) the passport to imprint on the mindsProf. Y. K. Bhushan, Sr. Advisor, IBS Mumbai and (right) Mr. Sanjay Muthal, Managing Director, Nugrid Consulting. of the patrons. Stuffed inside the captive box is the Master booklet thatO ne of the early UPES achievements for this current year, is the latest and an exclusive award for Placement Brochure that had held many eyeballs for long and left viewers impressed. Keeping in tune delineates universitys belief & the flavor of innovation and uniqueness, an attempt had been extended in positioning students in achievements while the Supplementunique manner. The very idea was executed and a distinguished Placement Brochure got created that spoke in booklet endorses curriculums &volumes about the students credentials. domains brief. Its classy Calendar on the cover back earns it exclusiveIt would be apt to say that meticulous efforts put on this Brochure have brought home lots of appreciationsand goodwill from the receivers. It would be appropriate to mention here that UPES has always been known space for itself on receivers desk.for the good placement track record and these days, it is also known for its unique and impressive collaterals. Another Feather added to the Crown 1st prize won Future of 4PL in IndiaA team of 5 students from UPES MBA- LSCM: Gurleen Singh Chandok, Gursharan Singh, Nishi Jaiswal, Niharika Singh and Sagar Relan christened as “Supply Chain Supremo,” grabbed the coveted 1st prizefor “Logistics Talent Hunt 2012: International Conference and Award”organized by T2P Consultants Limited. On the basis of the white papersubmission and subsequent presentation in front of the Jury on the topic“Future of 4PL in India,” the result was declared. Under the guidance ofDr. Neeraj Anand (HOD), these students hit the tough completion by beating32 teams from North zone.The winning team has scored, in addition to the Certificate, a prize ofRs. 25,000/- and an opportunity to publish the Case study in the Souvenir ofthe host organization.T2P Consultants Limited is a consultancy that provides solutions for skilledtalent, organization and expansion of human capital which includes ManpowerRecruitment, Corporate Training and Outsourcing to every organization. Supply Chain Supremo Team -6-
  7. 7. MAY 2012 Memorandum signed with Schlumberger An Academic Collaboration in Petroleum Sector A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is inked between Schlumberger Solutions Private Ltd. and University of Petroleum & Energy Studies recently. The objective of this memorandum is to develop the mutual academic collaboration in the Petroleum Sector and to facilitate students in developing a technical and managerial base in the sector. This understanding will encourage FDPs, live projects, internships and new projects in the areas of Petroleum Technology for both faculty and students. The understanding is also expected to provide opportunity to share experience, thinking and learning between the two organizations. Schlumberger is the worlds leading oilfield services company supplying technology, information solutions and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the Oil & Gas industry. Schlumberger proposes increasing its partnership with the respected universities in the sector, to create a mutually beneficial futureDr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor, UPES and Mr. Arun Narayanan, General Manager, for the industry.Schlumberger Information Solutions, India UPES extended wings in US Agreement with Marist CollegeL ocated midway between Albany and New York City in the historic Hudson Valley, Marist College is recognized for its use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning process. A leader in the Arts and Sciences, UPES has signed a partnership agreement with the Collegeof Computer Science and Mathematics of Marist College. The MoU document was signed andexchanged between Dr. Onkar Sharma, Graduate Director, Marist College, USA & Dr. Parag Diwan,Vice Chancellor, UPES Dehradun at Energy Acres.The agreement is expected to accrue the synergies of both the organizations and leverage mutualbenefits through research in the chosen domains. This agreement will facilitate the understandingbetween both the organizations to encourage the exchange programs among faculty, students andresources. With the robust support of IBM and collaboration with Marist College, UPES visions toproffer on Campus an excellent education in the areas of Computer Science and InformationTechnology. Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor, UPES and Dr. Onkar Sharma, Graduate Director, Marist CollegeStride for a Strategic Alliance in ThailandU niversity of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India has evinced keen interest in a formal partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. Led by the Vice Chancellor of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dr. Parag Diwan, a delegation meet was organized with AIT. The meet is seen as a symbol that the two Universities could embark on students and faculty exchange programs, besides joint research and educational programs for the companies in SouthEast Asia. Under the aegis of ISPe, UPES has already conducted successfully many training programs for national oil company of Thailand PTT E&P Through this alliance .between ISPe and AIT, the services to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and China will be added to the training kitty of ISPe. -7-
  8. 8. MAY 2012 The Less Trodden Path To Learning and Teaching Different individuals mature as learners at different ages T here is an old Chinese proverb which is known widely as the basic and foolproof guidance instruction when faced with disdain by a colossal task: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”. In the ensuing article I will be talking about the first few steps about learning and teaching in todays world. Teaching and learning have historically proven to be complex processes, whether it has been in the traditional Indian Gurukul system or the way Greek learning was facilitated by the great teachers and philosophers, Aristotle and Socrates. While historically, the learning and teaching processes were not bothered by time constraints unlike today, these could turn out to be lifelong ventures. The conventional university system, at least in the Indian context, is bound by a lot of time constraints specifying the maximum time one can spend for attainment of a particular degree.Prof. Utpal Ghosh The pressure that time places, in my view, goes against the basic grain of thePro-Vice Chancellor learning process, which, by definition, says that each individual is unique and hasUniversity of Petroleum and Energy Studies his or her own time period for grasping the ideals of learning and internalizing. It is by no intention of mine to prescribe the learning time period as infinite. In any case, the learning and teaching process is a continuum. Given infinite time, each one of us could be an expert in any discipline. What I am alluding to is the need for ensuring a process that allows individuals to pace their learning assimilating timeframes. This suggestion is born out of my personal conviction that different individuals mature as learners at different ages. Some individuals can display the spark in their pre-teens, and others show their potential in their teens. I have known people who have bloomed in their mid-to-late twenties, while there have been others who have come of age in their mid thirties or even forties. I am sure many of you would have even seen individuals who have become sharp learners in their A journey of a twilight years, drawing upon their lifes experiences. thousand miles Event management in any set up, more so in a university environment, is a great learning opportunity for a youngster. There is a need for students to get actively involved in events, whether its a moot court competition or an extra mural cricket starts with the tournament as these are great learning opportunities. The roles of Staff and Faculty should be limited and they should act as just the guides while letting the students lead and run the events. first step In any multidisciplinary university like ours, where we have students across a wide variety of disciplines (be it engineering, management or Law), it is natural to have diverse interest groups. While one group could be keen debaters, another might want to do aero-modeling and yet another group would show interest in the fine arts. It is important that the facilitators in the process, who could be faculty or senior students, let the various groups find harmony amongst them and let them work as a functional team. The residency period in a university, especially the undergraduate programs, is rather long (at 4-6 years) and its important that all students pace themselves out and not be under any peer pressure to perform. Effective learning is also hampered by the tendency amongst a fairly large number of facilitators to co-modify and deliver information and knowledge as if it were a co- modified product. Because of such an approach, in most occasions, students develop resentment towards the delivery process. -8-
  9. 9. A widely known model for learning can pictorially be represented as a 2X2 PANICmatrix, shown in Figure 1.The X axis captures ability and the Y-axis, the effort.These are low at the (0, 0) co-ordinate and get higher and higher as one LEARNINGmoves away along the axis. COMFORT ZONE High ZONE Coaster Star ZONE LEARNING MODEL ABILITY Figure 2. Problem Child Striver Often learners confuse data and information as knowledge. In the era gone by there was some premium to data and information however in the electronic Low EFFORT High internet age that we currently live in it has lost its premium status. Figure 1. Learning in more ways than one depends on the maturity levels of students and the faculty has a great role to play helping learners mature. The otherThe above 2X2 matrix creates 4 possible combinations: dimension is the democratization of the learning process. What should and• Low on Ability and Low on Efforts-Problem Child should not be taught has been a matter of great debate and the mix of purely• High Effort and Low ability-Striver academic for the sake of academics and the extent of industry orientation are• High Ability and Low Effort-Coaster issues that are still open for debate. There is a need therefore to make• High Ability and High Effort-Star students key stake holders in course delivery because the more they are interested in the process the more they are likely to join and learn.Each faculty has to identify in his/her class which pupil is closest to one ofthe above mentioned four categories and then tailor their facilitating styles to The issue of compulsory attendance in class has been a matter of debate insuit each of them. Illustratively, a star may just need recognition and newer academic circles for a long time. Though I personally am not a great fan oflearning challenges, a striver may need skill building ability; a coaster may the compulsory attendance but if an academic institution does have it in itsbe like an old dog that needs to be taught new tricks and a problem child may system for right or wrong reasons these must be meticulously adhered to,be sitting in the wrong class/program and may need a change of setting. else you are sending a morally and ethically incorrect signal and that does more damage than just the sheer consequences of not attending classes.Its important that the faculty set the pace of the academic and co-curricularwork that is expected from the students within the first three months of their The classroom is to be revered as a place that sets the learning in motion.joining the campus. Its important that the students get involved in at least one Learning however continues well beyond the classroom in real life situationsactivity beyond their academics, rather than a few students ending up doing that demand a multitude of abilities to manifest in unison. Aspects of real lifemultiple activities. Its important that each student picks up activities skills such as thinking abilities; crisis handling; ability to work independentlysupported by the faculty and pitches them in the larger narrative of their life and as a team when integrated into the classroom learning bring inaspirations. Also, its important that feedback is taken from the students on tremendous synergies in the learning process. It is in such scenario thatwhat they liked and what they didnt. students would see great value in attending classes and would voluntarily feedback to the faculty what they found easy or difficult to understand andThe other key essential of the learning process is that students are made to grasp so that these can benefit successive generation of students.take decisions and see these through as they progress. While faculty canfacilitate the decision making, at no stage should they spoon feed the The processes of learning and teaching have evolved and added layers ofstudents whether its in the class room or in the preparation of an inter- complexity over time and with it the way we benefit from them has alsouniversity debate. Classes should clearly spell out mandatory reading and changed. Since most successful learning activities thrive best by beingpractice that would be necessary to pass and additional reading or higher student driven, a student plays a very important part in the collaborative effortorder thinking skills that would be required to excel. These should be inter to make teaching and learning productive and efficient. Such idyllic classroomspread with activities that need mandatory team work and application skills. settings are most likely to overflow with keen students like the famous Feynman Lectures in physics, though meant for freshmen, had severalFigure 2 schematically depicts the learning model developed by Dr. Linda students from the senior classes overflowing into the aisle of the lectureRichardson. It advocates that for learning to happen, its important that theater.individuals are pushed out of their comfort zones into the middle concentriccircle. The facilitators should however ensure that the learner is not pushed so Prof. Utpal Ghosh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, UPES has 27 years of wide experience in thehard that he/she moves into the panic zone as in that zone learning becomes Petroleum sector in Sales & Marketing Operations with a succinct exposure to HR & Finance. He is MS from IIT, Delhi & MBA from FMS, Delhi.dysfunctional. Intellect Treasure A paper titled “Power of Natural Gas Pipelines: The Emergence of a National Gas Grid” was presented by Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa (Asso Prof., Paper Published/ UPES), Swati Dasika and Mahesh Radhakrishnan (UPESstudents) at International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure (ICEI-2012) on January 3-4, 2012 organized by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University(PDPU), Gandhinagar, published in the Conference Proceedings, pp 429-447 (ISBN 978-93-81361-70-2). Presented Paper titled “Shale Gas Revolution Is India Ready?” was presented by B.S. Negi, (Ex. Member Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board, Ministry Petroleum & Natural Gas), Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa (Asso. Prof., UPES) and Surbhi Arora (Asst. Prof., UPES) at International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure (ICEI-2012) on January 3-4, 2012 organised by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University(PDPU), Gandhinagar, published in the Conference Proceedings, pp 181-187 (ISBN 978-93-81361-70-2). -9-
  10. 10. MAY 2012 Green Income Sustainable Development Provocation Empowering Women means a step to Empower Nation Green Earth has always been the concern of CSR activities at UPES. Petrotech Chapter and CSR together have already put in several ventures on the ground in the past by actively working to realize the dream of reducing the use of plastic bags in Dehradun. C SR UPES frequently organizes skill development programsTo promote use of for village women to make them self reliant by creatingpaper bags over income generating opportunities and facilitating them toplastics and spread of have a better family economic status. Keeping this in focus, anmessage to bring income generating project was designed to improve the overall living conditions of the villagers. Proactively understanding andawareness among contributing towards welfare of the society, UPES in collaborationcommon man with Petrotech Chapter launched a “Green Microenterprise”regarding venture titled as “Villagers Green Income Generation Program”.environmentalconservation and to This sustainable developmental activity was executed by providingkeep this earth cleaner villagers with materials and technique to make paper bags out ofgreener, this program newspaper. The intention was to enable them produce bags andwas named as Green generate income by selling. The student volunteers enthusiasticallyIncome Generation participated and trained people during the program.Program.Women in Excellence...ForwardedEnergy on On the panel (l-r) Dr. Ravi Gawri, Senior Member, IEEE & DirectorWomens Day Spell bound audience listening to Speakers Graphic Era Hill University; Prof. Utpal Ghosh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, UPES; Dr. S J Chopra, Chancellor, UPES & Mrs. Violet Rita Gardner, Principal, St. Judes School, Dehradun Advocating the need of equality, sustainability and empowerment among women, UPES organizes lots of programs that encourage women activism and appreciate their economic, political and social achievements.A s a threading series to provide platforms to share women voice and outlet for progress, UPES celebrated "Womens Day" tagging it under the theme “Women in Excellence - Forwarding Energy”, jubilating spirit among women at Campus. Addressing the audience, Mrs. Violet Rita Gardner Principal, St. Judes School, Dehradun infused energetic thoughts on Women as Entrepreneur. Touching the thought process of the listeners, the invited guests Dr. Ravi Gawri, SeniorMember IEEE & Director, Graphic Era Hill University addressed the gathering and shared her views stressing on "Role of Women in Engineering." Discussions on “LPGSafety Clinic” – an encouraging interaction on safety issues related to domestic LPG usage by Prof. Utpal Ghosh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, UPES, was one among theinteresting sessions conducted on the occasion. The take away of the day was the spirit and positivity among audience who were a little more empowered and pledgedto spread this positivity further among peers. - 10 -
  11. 11. MAY 2012Project Model United Nations Convention Resolution Passed by Budding MindsAbhilasha A two day MUN Convention at UPES2012 UPES is the first ever institution that hasP roject Abhilasha is an effort of organized Model United UPES. Its aim is to build a scientific base for engineering Nations Conventions in theentrance examinations for students State of Uttarakhand. Thefrom the interiors of Uttarakhand who resolutions passed by studentdo not have coaching facility. delegates during the convention are sent to UnitedEvery year, University of Petroleum & Nation Information CentreEnergy Studies, Dehradun selects a for further evaluation.large number of students with thesupport from Directorate of Education, Student Delegates during Convention proceedingsUttarakhand, and imparts rigorousin-house residential training for T10 days in physics, chemistry and o address substance abuse and road traffic violations, a two day Model United Nations (MUN) Convention was organized at UPES recently. During the Convention various students from differentmathematics for AIEEE Entrance colleges participated representing delegates from various countries across the world. These studentExamination with free boarding and delegates were from around 20 colleges including 3 IITs, 5 NLUs and Colleges of Delhi University. Thelodging facilities. highlights of the Convention was the simulation of crisis situations related to rise in incidents of substance abuse and road traffic accident cases. Some resolutions under various verticals were suggested andThis year, Project Abhilasha was passed by these delegates.successfully executed in April atSIEMET, Directorate of Education, UPES MUN is a global venture certified by the UNIC (United Nation Information Centre for India andNanoorkhera, Dehradun. Bhutan). MUN is basically the stimulation of United Nations which provides a global exposure to the young budding minds. Basically, it provides an international platform to the students across the world to analyze the various burning global issues and draw conclusions after the two day parliamentary discussions.Electra 2012 A Techno FestW ith the motive to impart technical acumen in students, and subsequently help them learn and explore newhorizons of creativity, Department of Electrical,Electronics and Instrumentation, UPES in Model exibhit by studentscollaboration with IEEE Student Chapter,organized an event called Electra 12 on Campus.On the occasion, Mr. Sunil Soni, Scientist DRDO addressed the gathering with theInaugural Speech. Robo Combat at ElectraSome of the hobby projects made by students were also displayed that includedModels on Power line carrier communication, wireless energy meter, UPES radio etc.Interesting combats which were appreciated by all included Robo Combat where all sorts of robots with fierce weapons, battled in the arena. Similarly in RoboJCB various kinds of wired and wireless robots using a variety of modules were tested for speed & efficiency. Xpressions enabled students to express throughtechnical posters. Prototype encouraged Model Presentation. Electra quest an online quiz and many more were the center of attraction and kept students highlyengaged and excited. A number of participants from different colleges of Dehradun contributed through participation in the fest. - 11 -
  12. 12. MAY 2012 Battle of Wits 2nd Dr. Paras Diwan National “Energy Law” Moot Court CompetitionS kills like Communication, Court etiquettes or Legal acumen are some of the traits in a personality that could not be developed in a single day. The University understands this explicitly and hence, lavishes eachstudent with maximum opportunity to inculcate such skills in him to becomesmart budding legal professional of the country. Thats why aggressive MootCourt exercises are put in practice on Campus for law students. These MootCourt exercises are prompted to attune budding professionals acquire theexperience of real Court rooms scenario.This year, commemorating the memory of Late Dr. Paras Diwan, a legalluminary, acclaimed Jurist and a writer par excellence, the 2nd Dr. ParasDiwan National “Energy Law” Moot Court Competition was organized. Moot Court Proceeding in actionCommitted to exchange brains, wits and views on Campus for the threesuccessive days, the competition was conducted in April 2012. With the Winnersinaugural ceremony of lightening the lamp by the Chief Guest, Honorable • Best Team of the Competition- NALSAR University of Law,Justice Mr. M M Kumar - Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court, began the Hyderabad received a cash prize of Rs. 20,000BATTLE OF WITS… for the coveted award. Around 20 teams from different • Runners-UP Team- National Law University, Orissa received aprestigious Law Colleges from 12 states of India participated in the exalted Cash prize of Rs. 10,000event. • Best Memorial - National Law University, Orissa received a Cash prize of Rs. 5000The moot problem dealt with the issues governing the pricing regime post • Best Speaker - Ms. Khyati Dhupar from Amity Law School, Delhidismantling of Administrating Pricing Mechanism, also on the matters of received a Cash prize of Rs. 5000jurisdiction and the appropriate adjudicatory body to decide on the issue.The adjudicating authorities in question were the Competition Commission of Media partner for the event was Lex WITNESS.India (CCI) and Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB). Some of the Distinguished Guests who visited campus and graced the occasion during the event were Lokayukta Justice M M Ghildiyal, Mr. M.M Sharma-Head, Vaish Law & Associates, Mr. Venkatramani-Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Mrs. Vijaylakshmi Venkatramani - Advocate on Record, Supreme Court, Mr. Rakesh Dewan -Senior Legal Consultant, PNGRB, Mr. Sitesh Mukherjee -Head, TRILEGAL, Mr. Junaid Akhtar -Senior Associate, MV KINI & Co, Mr. G K Sharma - Advisor to H.E Governor of Uttarakhand, Mr. Deepto Roy, Partner, PXV Partners, Ms. Rajeshwari Hariharan- Partner, Rajeshwari & Associate and many more. Participants from various colleges giving the perfect pose Paper Published/ Intellect Treasure Paper titled “A Comparative Study of Brand Building Activities of Oil Marketing Companies in India with their Western Counterparts” was Presented presented by Rekha Attri (Research Sch., UPES) and Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa (Asso. Prof., UPES) at Nirma International Conference on Management on January 5-7, 2012 organized by Nirma University, Ahmedabad published in Epoch Strategies for Marketing, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, pp 45-60 (ISBN 978-9381361-68-9). - 12 -
  13. 13. MAY 2012 Jus Carnivalli Exuberance at Law Fiesta R epeating the exulted excitement, this year again the students of College of Legal Studies were all busy in organising a captive fiesta for themselves named as JUS CARNIVALLI. This 2nd National Law Festival was successfully organised and celebrated. An active participation of more than 270 national participants, coming from more than 28 universities across India, who took part in over 20 different competitions, gave this festival a momentum and importance. The event was adjudged by eminent judges like Justice V.K. Shalli- Honble Judge, Delhi High Court, Mr. Yogesh Wadhwa, Sr. Mgr. (Legal) Cairn Energy India Ltd., Mr. Mohammed Naseem from ONGC and Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna, Principal - Law College Dehardun. The presence of Honble Uttarakhand Lokayukta Justice (Retd.) M M Ghildiyal, as ChiefParticipants in the National Parliamentary Debate during Law Fest Guest, on the Valedictory Ceremony, wound up the fiesta on a very inspirational note. The students beamed to see their efforts applauded by Honourable Lokayukta for being proactive in organizing such event. In his address, Honourable Chief Guest stressed upon the importance of having strong principles and values in life and profession. He guided students with the important tips to become successful legal professionals and motivated them to join Courts and the ever respectable legal profession. Team from HNLU, Raipur won the first prize of the National Parliamentary Debate Competition, while teams from Amity Lucknow, RMLNLU Lucknow and Young India Fellowship, New Delhi bagged the first prizes in Oil & Gas, IPR and Environment Law categories of the Paper Presentation competition respectively. The team from UPES Dehradun comprising of Harshita Khurana and Aaron Mirza, took away the first prize in the flagship event- “Discussion Panel of Indian States”. Other events included Mandvali, Law Mechanic, Rekhankan, etc. The participants of this law fest also danced on the tune of DJ Maddy and the thrilling performance of Delhi based Band Pratigya on the fest eve.Justice VK Shali of Delhi High Court and Dr. VL Mony, Asst. Dean CoLS, UPESalong with faculty members and participants YUGMAK ......begin the beginning!!! Technical Fest sets rolling In the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Vinod Taneja, Chairman of Dehradun CSI Chapter, the Opening Ceremony of YUGMAK was performed. Enchanting the atmosphere with Saraswati hyme, the student President of UPES-CSI Student Chapter Mr. Rajat Sharma addressed the audience enumerating the journey of CSI Student Chapter from the day of its origin. Mesmerizing gathering with the vigorous dance performance by official dance group of UPES “Xhileration”, the fest moved further. Chief Guest Mr. Vinod Taneja, Unveiling of Yugmak Logo, stirred the beginning of the show. Chairman of Dehradun CSI Chapter Over the period of 2 days, around 10 Events were organized including Cyber Forensics, Blind Fingerman, Technical Paper Presentation on the Day One. The Day two was scheduled for the events like Gamers Quizination, AD n ACT, Google Ka Doodle, Virtual Quiz, Still Motion and Hack - the Code and Sudoku (two online events). For every event, different levels were required to cross to win the game/competition. Starting the trend of online, this Chapter has become forerunner to organize online events at UPES. Students from various colleges from Dehradun participated in this fest. The overwhelming response to the fest has motivated both the participants and the organizing students to present the best to the fest. The fest concluded with the Prize Distribution Ceremony. - 13 -
  14. 14. MAY 2012 VIMANOTSAV the annual aerospace event Uttarayan became popularA dding milestones to their credits, Departments of Aerospace Engineering & Transportation at UPES joined hands to organize the annual aerospace event. Moving a step further from Espacio-Dias2010, the annual fest turned into Cele-Fiesta 2011 and has now transformedinto Vimanotsav 2012. The motto of the celebration was to inculcateenthusiasm and inspire students to present their ideas and talents in the fieldsof aviation in a fun filled way through various interesting and challengingevents and also to involve students in planning and organizing an event.On the day, addressing the audience, the Chief Guest Dr. M.M Kimothi,Director Uttarakhand Space Application Centre Dehradun spoke about thelatest developments of space technology in present era. Dr. J.R Gaur, DirectorState Forensic Sciences, Himachal Pradesh enlightened students on theimportance of Forensic Sciences in Aerospace industry and the ways it (r-l) Pranav Nagpal (UPES Students), Mr. Sudhir Joshi (Assistant Professor, UPES Dehradun), Dr. Shrihari (Dean, COES, UPES, Dehradun), Dr. J R Gaur (Director State forensic science, Himachal Pradesh), Dr. M M Kimothi (Director USAC Dehradun), Mr. Vijay Kumar Patidar (Assistant Professor, UPES, Dehradun) (back row) serves as an interconnection between all the branches. Next day Mr. Ashwani Khanna, Vice President, Terminal Management, GMR Delhi International Airport Pvt. Ltd. graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Delineating the facts about the fast growing demand in the aviation industry, Mr. Khanna, spoke about on the ever growing uses of aircrafts for the business as well as tourism. During the two days, various events captivated attention of students tempting them to participate in AeroDWG, Matchstrix, Aircraft Investigations, De-Victorina, Paper presentation, Avoid If You Can, Uttarayan and Windtalkers. Another highlight that appealed the audienceStudents displaying their work at stall most was the aero modeling by the students who had flown the self fabricated aircraft models remotely. Training for the Trainers MISSION 10X WORKSHOPU PES has always favored the tendency of conducting frequent workshops by different depar tments within colleges. To encourage the implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, a 5 day Workshop was organized under the title "Mission 10x Learning". The Workshop enabled attendees learn to optimize the expertise under the guidance of knowledge resources from Wipro Bangalore. The exposure has enriched faculty learning that might retain long term impacton their knowledge bank.26 UPES faculty members got two prestigious certifications, High Impact Teaching Skills (HIITS) and Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), on completion ofthe program. The take away for them included an opportunity to get their contribution published on Mission10X Portal as case studies. Mission10X is a quantum innovation project of Wipro for enhancing employability of engineering graduates in India through innovation. Its vision is to increase the employability of engineering students by ten times. - 14 -
  15. 15. MAY 2012 UPES Excels in Cricket Too State Level T 20 wonU PES Cricket Team has won the State Level T20 Cricket Tournament organized by College of Engineering Roorkee (COER) at their campus in Roorkee. 16 teams from different colleges / institutions from Uttarkhand participated in the tournament. Defeating various teams including host team at various levels, UPES has won the tournament. Other than the certificates, the award included the prize amount of Rs. 15000/- that was awarded to the winningChampion team.Match Score Chart: Match Teams Winners Shining Performers (UPES B Tech students) Inaugural UPES Vs Dehradun UPES/65 runs Mohit Miyan institute of Technology Quarter Final UPES Vs Tulas Institute of UPES/26 runs Neelesh Singh Technology Semi Final UPES Vs College of Engineering Roorkee (COER B) UPES/49 runs Naveen Sharma Final UPES Vs College of Engineering UPES/5 wickets Mohit Miyan Roorkee (COER A)Another stride to cement Academia – Industry interfaceUPES organized Cricket Energy Cup Trophy Tournament with Schlumberger and ONGC teams. Energy Cup UPES as a policy has always encouraged Industry - Academia interface by initiating new and innovative forums for academic interaction. Another stride was hit by kicking off an interface in the field of sports as well. A tournament christened as “ENERGY CUP” was launched with this vision in 2009. This T-20 Cricket Tournament has started gearing the momentum. This year Energy Cup 2012 organized in the Spring Seasons filled the picturesque cricket ground of the Campus with unsurpassable energy on the clay matting wicket field. High spirited teams from Cairn India, Schlumberger and the host (team from UPES) displayed the true sportsmanship during the tournament. Its interesting to note that Cairn India announced their participation in Energy Cup with a boom, winning both their matches with a difference of almost 100Cairn India team was lead by Mr. Kapil Bhatia and supported runs in each match. All the matches were officiated byby Mr. Vivek Sharma, an Alumni of UPES. Mr. Vivek was professional Umpires from National School of Cricket underdeclared Man of the Series. Dr. Prashant Rawat, UPES was the supervision of “A” level Coach from Board of Cricket Controldeclared best bowler. in India (BCCI). Paper Published/ Intellect Treasure A paper titled “Measuring Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies Brand Awareness” by Rekha Attri (Research Scho., UPES), Dr. A. M. Urkude (Prof., UPES) and Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa (Asso. Prof., UPES) was published in IUP Journal of Brand Management, Vol. VII No. 4, pp 7-24. Presented A paper titled “Convergence of Economic Growth across Indian States” by Dr. Hiranmoy Roy (Asst. Prof., UPES) & Kaushik Bhattacharjee, (Asst. Prof., IBS, Hydrabad) was published in the “Journal Of Management Development and Information Technology" (ISSN 0976_8440 and RNI UPENG/2007/27969) in February 2012, New Delhi. - 15 -
  16. 16. MAY 2012 INDUSTRIAL TOURS An Exposure to BBA Students Tour GalleryI ndustry exposure is one of the regular features of the programs offered at UPES. The students are given opportunities to acquire first hand experience through these trips. In addition to frequent guest lecturers from industry doyens, the students are provided opportunity to visit the real work stations to interact with the professionals and get the meticulous understanding of the entire domain.As part of the BBA integrated curriculum, the entire batch of 2009 went for Industrial Tour to IOCL Refinery, (Panipat), Inderprasth Gas Limited, (Delhi), Bijwasanterminal of IOCL, (Delhi) recently.The visit was successful not only because the students gained an understanding beyond theoretical dimension, but also because it enabled them get the feel of real lifetime experience about the industry and guidance from the industry professionals. Under the guidance of their professors, the visit was organized to optimize the industryexposure along with academic inputs simultaneously from faculty. The visit was informative, valuable & a hands on BBA (O&G) industry visits experience. -Ishita Ranjan, BBA (O&G) It was a great educational provided students a IInd semester student trip to help us know perfect learning better about our domain. environment to -Parvinder Singh, BBA (O&G) learn how oil is generated and trapped, drilling & refining of oil and offshore life. It Subir Raha Oil Museum, ONGC, Dehradun brings clarity on the concepts like operations of a petrol pump, quality checks and automation systems at pump and other related operational information which are rarely graspedI learned lot of things from this visit to Safexpress regarding in books.warehouse management. The visit helped me to know howthey deliver the products at the right time and at the right place. At Panipat Refinery- Garvita Uniyal, BBA (Logistics Management) The industrial visit to Safexpress was very educative as they explained their process of day to day operations and delivery. - Kavleen Lakahnpal, BBA (Logistics Management) The team at Safexpress gave us full support and shared the information of their work. It was an excellent visit. Safeexpress - Gaurav Singh, BBA (Logistics Management) Paper Published/ Intellect Treasure A research paper titled “Study and Analysis on Nano Fluids” was presented by Dr. Ajay Vasishth (Asst. Prof., UPES) also Chaired the Session, Presented Prateek Chopra & Saksham Goel (UPES students) at International Conference on Frontiers in Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and their Applications, Punjab University, Chandigarh from 16-18 Feb, 2012. - 16 -
  17. 17. MAY 2012 Family Connect @UPES Family Reunion Cemented Bonds R efurbishing the doting memories of last years celebration, this year too UPES family reunion christened as Family Connect @UPES refilled great vibes and excitement among staff, faculty and their family. On the occasion, the entire UPES fraternity with their family members gathered at Campus to reaffirm the trust and feeling of being true UPESites. The mood was one of excitement and the audience was treated to wonder ful performances, some impromptu and otherwise. This gave way to an assortment of interesting games like Check Mate, Tug of War, Kite Flying, Sack Race, Triple Leg Race, Drawing Competition among others; all of which attracted great participation from both kids and adults and were equally fun to watch. Food Stalls on ground were a big hit and gathering had a sumptuous fill from the menu-for-the special occasion.Paper Published/ Intellect Treasure A joint paper titled “Design of Efficient Post Combustion Co2 Capture and Recovery System for a Fossil Fuel Thermal Power Plant” by AjayPresented Kumar (Asst. Prof., UPES), Deepak Kumar (Asst. Prof., UPES), Dr. R.K. Tripathi, (Asst. Prof., UPES) & M Jagadeesan (UPES student) was published in International Journal of Science Technology and Management (IJSTM), Volume 3 issue 1, April 2012, pp 26-35. - 17 -