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Digital Brochure 2013


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Digital Brochure 2013

  1. 1. DEFINE YOUR ROLE IN THE FUTURE OFAN EMERGING GLOBAL ECONOMYADMISSIONS 2013 University of Petroleum & Energy Studies The Nation Builders University
  2. 2. Greetings!University of Petroleum & Energy Studies isthe first university in the pan Asian region toprovide specialized programs for core sector.In its one decade of existence, it has focusedon bridging the gap between industry needsand future ready professionals.After joining UPES, you will be redefiningvalues, professionalism that will enable youto focus through your dedication andquality of work. It is therefore a must tochoose the program very carefully. Ourobjective is that you excel in every sphere ofyour academic and professional life.It is necessary to know everything about yourinstitution and the program that you mighthave already thought about. Please readcarefully the remaining pages of theprospectus and the programs in detailbecause this could help you in your futureplans. Also, should you need any clarificationon any subject, please consult the website.Getting a clear picture about the institutionand the program of your choice is importantfor you.Friends, the institution welcomes you andwishes you a wonderful, satisfying and fruitfulexperience as you wanted it to be.
  3. 3. WELCOME TOASIA’SASIA’S FIRST AND ONL ENERGY Y & CORE SECTOR UNIVERSITY Emerging economies of Asia and South East Asia are rapidly leading global economic growth. Among these, India is fighting hard to release its economic energies. Tipped to emerge as one of the three largest economies, India faces a number of challenges. India economic growth mandates a steady growth of industry focused engineering and managerial talent in sectors like Oil & Gas, Power, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Electronics, Transportation, Multidisciplinary, Logistics & Supply Chain and sharp brains in the Legal domain as well. Since inception in 2003, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) has focused on engineers and managers in these very sectors. Conceived to training, research, consultancy and outreach services in energy & core sector services, this endeavor of Hydrocarbon & Research Society (HERS) has been received well by the industry. Today, over 4200 engineers and management graduates from UPES have been contributing to the performance of more than 350 leading Indian Corporates in the core sector domains. UPES has created an appropriate environment where students are groomed to be industry ready and subsequently, shape the sectors that are critical to the growth of the nation and the world, while building a fulfilling career for themselves. GET TO STUDY AT ASIA’S FIRST ENERGY & CORE SECTOR UNIVERSITY CHOOSE FROM OVER 48 DOMAIN-FOCUSED PROGRAMS ENJOY AN EXCITING CAMPUS LIFE AT THE FOOTHILLS OF THE HIMALAYAS BECOME A TRAINED, FUTURE-READY PROFESSIONAL PURSUE A FULFILLING CAREER
  4. 4. Vision: To be a premier international institution with state-of-the-art facilities to provide world-class education, training, research,consultancy and outreach services in the Energy, Transportation and Infrastructure sectorsMission: •To take the leadership role in establishing academic benchmarks for entry level professionals in the Energy, Infrastructure andTransportation sectors • To develop academic and training competency in teaching professionals to help them create “future ready”professionals for the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors • To design, develop and deliver cutting edge education andtraining for working professionals in the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors • To provide support to research, consultancyand development activities in all technical and managerial aspects of the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.
  5. 5. CREATINGTHE ENERGY TO BUILD A NATIONSince its inception in 2003, UPES has become the preferred institute for both students and corporates. Morethan 4200 UPES students have gone on to pursue exciting career opportunities in their chosen sectors.Sprawled across 27 acres, the picturesque UPES campus is located in the sylvan surroundings of the Pondhavalley at the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It offers an environment conducive toacademic, personal and professional growth. UPES has always been ahead of the education curve by offering programs that are different but highly relevant to what the industry needs. The intent is to develop a generation of future- ready, domain specialized professionals who will drive Indias growth story as a leading global economy. A Few Unique Features UPES Highlights of The University are World-class Campus Energy Courses Accredited by 5000+ Students Energy Institute, UK 47 Programs Established in Dehradun through an act of TheState Legislature of Uttarakhand in the year 2003 250+ Faculty & 100 Visiting Faculty Youngest University to be 4200 Placements in accredited by NAAC for Higher learning over 425 leading corporates Approved by UGC ISO 9001:2008 Certified Recognized by Department of Scientific & Three premier colleges focussed on Industrial Research, Iindia Management, Engineering and Law
  6. 6. Best Global Education/Training provider in 2008 by Getenergy, UK at London Oceantex 2008: Recognizing Leadership & Excellence Outstanding Achievement Institution Academic brand of the year in 2005 for sectoral specific business school Dainik Bhaskar B-school leadership award, 2010 i) B-school with excellent Industry Interface ii) Best Professor Teaching Marketing Management Asia’s best B-school awards, 2010 i) B-school with best Industry Interface ii) Innovation Leadership AwardCONVOCATIONS: AN INSPIRATION FOR THE STUDENTS First Convocation: The former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad awarded degrees to the students Second Convocation: India’s former Vice President, Shree Bhairon Singh Shikhawat presided over the event Third Convocation: Chief Managing Director, ONGC, Shree R.S. Sharma conferred the degrees to the students Fourth Convocation: Padma Vibhushan, Chief Managing Director, DMRC, Dr. E. Shridharan was the Guest of Honor for this event Fifth Convocation: Minister of Oil, Sultanate of Oman, H. E. Mohammad Bin Hamad Al-Rumhy visited the campus Sixth Convocation: Dr. Karan Singh, MP and President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations along with Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand address the gathering Seventh Convocation: Union Minister of Renewable Energies, Dr. Farooq Abdullah along with Governer of Uttarakhand, Ms. Margaret Alva and Shri Sudhir Bhargava, IAS, Additional Secretary, MOPNG, Govt. of India were present during the convocation Eighth Convocation: Minister of Petroleum & Gas, Shree Jaipal Reddy was the Guest of Honour for this event Ninth Convocation (for College of Engineering Studies): Chief Guest, H.E. Dr. Aziz Qureshi, Governor, Uttarakhand, Guest of Honor, Shri R.S. Butola, Chairman, IOCL gave away degrees to the students Tenth Convocation (College of Management & Economics Studies and College of Legal Studies): Shri Sudhir Vasudeva, CMD, ONGC & Honble, Justice P V. Reddi, Chairman, Law Commission of India were the Guests of Honor for this event .
  7. 7. WELCOMETO OUR THREE COLLEGESOFFERING DOMAIN-FOCUSSED PROGRAMS COLLEGE OF MANAGTEMENT CoMES Highlights & ECONOMICS STUDIES 13 Programs The college offers BBA, MBA & Ph.D programs across More than 1086 students domains like Oil & Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Aviation, 67 faculty members Automotive, Port & Shipping, Information Technology, Dedicated Libraries International Business and Logistics & Supply Chain. The offered programs combine general management principles with sector centric knowledge. Visits by academicians The curriculum of the program is an amalgam of management concepts, case studies, research work, industry visits and internship. and industry stalwarts COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING STUDIES CoES Highlights Domain specific B. Tech, M. Tech and Ph.D programs 30 programs with specialization in various areas come under the Over 3045 students offerings of this college. The programs offered help 138 faculty members students develop analytical and decision making skills and enhance their imagination and creative thought 65 hi-tech labs process. A thorough understanding of theoretical concepts and practical application Dedicated library & to enhance skills and provide research work, live projects, industrial visits and internship computer & technical labs are some of the essential features of the programs at CoES. Student Chapters COLLEGE OF LEGAL STUDIES CoLS Highlights The college offers programs that enable students to 4 unique programs pursue a legal career in corporate and energy sectors. - 2 specialized integrated The programs under CoLS instill the acumen to guide programs with CoES clients through legal nuances in more fields than one for Over 640 students corporate functioning and business. The college also offers integrated Techno Legal programs in collaboration with UPES College 17 dedicated faculty members of Engineering. Moot court Manupatra & West Law Electronic Databases Interactive sessions with Jurists, Judges and Legal Luminaries
  8. 8. CORE
  9. 9. OIL & GAS Sector Disciplines &BOOST PlacementsTHE EFFICIENCY OF Core DisciplinesTHE FUEL ECONOMY Undergraduate B. Tech. (Applied Petroleum Engineering) with specialization in Upstream B. Tech. (Applied Petroleum Engineering) with specialization in Gas) B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering with specialization in Refining & Petrochemicals) B. Tech. (Geo Informatics Engineering) B. Tech.(Geo Sciences Engineering) BBA (Oil & Gas Marketing) Postgraduate M. Tech. (Health Safety & Environmental Engineering) M. Tech. (Pipeline Engineering) M. Tech. (Process Design Engineering)The recent years have seen India’s emergence as a major Oil & Gas M. Tech. (Petroleum Exploration)user in the world. The total consumption of Oil & Gas is estimated at $10.2 Billion, 30% more than in 2009-2010. This brings India among the MBA (Oil & Gas Management)top three consumers of Oil & Gas in the world*, as a result of upstream MBA (Energy Trading)and downstream. Further, India is the largest producer of Petrochemicalproducts in Asia. Other than the five Government promoted petroleumcompanies that have appeared in the Fortune 500 list, a lot of privateplayers have gained a substantial portion both in the exploration sectorand retail sector. Career OptionsThere is a dearth of trained professionals that could cope up with theaggregate industry growth of approximately 25% per annum. The Oil & Gas domain in India offers you *India business foundation – India is second, only after Australia exciting career opportunities in the fields of petroleum exploration, seismic data acquisition, process design and development, environmental protection,At UPES, you are exposed to various facets of Oil & Gas streams from research, customer relationshipdrilling to refining to retail. Further, researches, exchange programs and management, operations management,internship make learning a wholesome experience. brand management, commodity trading, oil & gas marketing and more.
  10. 10. POWER Sector Disciplines &GAIN POWER PlacementsTO ADD RADIANCE Core DisciplinesTO NEW INDIA Undergraduate B. Tech. (Power System Engineering) B. Tech. (Energy Technology) + LL. B. with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights* *Subject to the approval of the Bar Council of India Postgraduate M. Tech. (Energy Systems) MBA (Power Management)Rapid economic growth has created an increased need for dependableand reliable supplies of electricity. Due to the fast-paced growth ofIndias economy, the countrys energy demand has grown at an average Career Optionsof 3.6% per annum over the past 30 years. The power sector offers you a wholeIn December 2010, the installed power generation capacity of India gamut of career possibilities ranging fromstood at 165,000 MW. The countrys annual energy production energy analysis and management, energyincreased from about 190 billion KWh in 1986 to more than 837 billion optimisation and conservation, design andKWh in 2010. The Indian government has set a modest target to add CDM to project management, business analysis, customer support management,approximately 78,000 MW of installed generation capacity by 2012. commercial management and technicalThe total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 950,000 consultancy.MW by 2030.The growing need in the power sector has catalyzed the requirement forspecialized professionals in areas where new private players have amajor stake.At UPES, students are groomed through industry specific, programswith an emphasis on exploring new ideas and possibilities, thusmaking learning a delightful experience.
  11. 11. TRANSPORTATION Sector Disciplines &GATHER FORCE PlacementsTO ACCELERATE Core DisciplinesECONOMIC GROWTH Undergraduate B. Tech. (Aerospace Engineering) B. Tech. (Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Avionics Engineering B. Tech. (Automotive Design Engineering) BBA (Aviation Operations) Postgraduate M. Design in Mobility & Vehicle Design MBA (Aviation Management) MBA (Port & Shipping Management)A developing economy like India is heavily dependent upon its transportand allied infrastructure. The total transport sector showed minordevelopment since the 1990s. Stipulated at 7.7% of the GDP , Career Optionstransportation is one of the factors responsible for India’s economic Aviationrevolution. The Aviation Industry offers you manyTransportation can be divided into many variants like aviation, railways, high-flying career prospects in flightmotorized vehicles, etc. They all have grown at a slow yet steady pace. analysis, airport/airline operationsHowever, private cars are the rare exclusion as they have grown rapidly management, business development,and the number is estimated touch $ 13 million by 2015, the second corporate planning plus strategy andlargest in Asia. While other sectors like railways, airways and airline/airport revenue forecasting.waterways have grown but their development has been limited by many Automotivefactors. The Automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and also one of the fastest growing globally. The industryUPES programs are industry centric and nurture focused professionals is steadily growing at 16-18 percentwith a drive to create benchmarks. annually. In addition to this, India is also the world’s largest exporter of cars with 1.7 million vehicles in a year. Port & Shipping Now make a splash in the Indian Port & Shipping industry. Explore a number of exciting opportunities in areas such as port operations, container yard management, chartering management, agency and brokerage management and port planning and development.
  12. 12. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Sector Disciplines &IT GIANT IBM’S PlacementsFIRST EVER Core DisciplinesCOLLABORATION WITH Undergraduate B. Tech (Computer Science) + LL. B. withANY UNIVERSITY Specialization in Cyber Law) B. Tech in CS (Computer Science) inIN THE WORLD association with IBM with specialization in: Cloud Computing & Virtualisation Technologies Mainframe Technology Open Source & Open Standard Oil & Gas Informatics Telecom Informatics Retail Informatics Remote Infrastructure Management Business Analytics and Optimization PostgraduateNo other industry has grown as speedily as Information Technology MBA (Information System Management)(IT). This has made India the epicenter of IT businesses globally. From $ 50 billion in 2008 to $ 71.7 billion by the end of 2011, the successsaga is relentless. As a result, the industry will hire nearly 80 lakh ITprofessionals directly or indirectly by 2030.Global majors and international technology exchanges have broughtabout an unprecedented growth in the IT sector. Other reasons for thisperformance are household usage, medical applications, aviationapplications, logistics, archiving, et al.To remain at the forefront of India’s IT boom, UPES provides the Career Optionsstudents with the necessary knowledge to cope up with the changing The IT sector offers thousands ofneeds, skills and industry interface. possibilities to make a lucrative career. As a career path, you can opt for artificial intelligence software development, expert system development, game designing, robotics and automation application development, technology management, IT infrastructure management, systems management, and research and development.
  13. 13. ELECTRONICS Sector Disciplines &DESIGN PlacementsELECTRONIC BLUEPRINT Core DisciplinesFOR LARGE SCALE Undergraduate B. Tech (Electronics Engineering)KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY B. Tech (Mechatronics Engineering)Globalization has been a catalyst for the electronic market. According toa recent study the size of India’s electronics industry is supposed toexceed $150 billion by 2015. Career OptionsThe growing disposable income of India’s middle class and global The Indian electronics industry offers youplayers tryst with the consumer have led to a massive growth rate of a wide array of rewarding career31%. To couple up, by 2020 India would have crossed China as the opportunities in the areas of production,largest consumer of electronic goods. nuclear plant, research, sub-sea operations engineer, off-shore oil & gasIn order to grow further, this industry needs to design and manufacture operations, process, environmental and‘global’ products to suit both domestic and international markets. structural geology, geo physics.The electronics knowledge at UPES, combines a study of microchipsand radio & sensory equipment for specific usage and so on. Industrialtours, practical training, competitions and internships, all impactstudents in the most positive manner.
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Sector Disciplines &ADD EQUITY PlacementsTO THE CHANNELS Core DisciplinesOF GLOBAL TRADE Postgraduate MBA (International Business)As India’s success story merges with the world businesses, the policymakers have stipulated stiff targets to augment international business.Although India’s total global trade accounts for less than 2%, efforts are Career Optionsbeing made to up the ante. Now let your career take you places.India is now at the center of the growing global equity and investment International Business offers you tons ofplatform. Indias compelling demographics, dynamic economy and exciting opportunities in the field ofculture of entrepreneurship will provide superior long-term investment export-import management, marketing,opportunities. brand management, key account management, finance management,Stipulated at $17 Billion, the Indian international business market is compliance and logistics management.growing at 25%-30%.UPES provides an insight into all the features that combine managinginternational business and handling global regulations.
  15. 15. LOGISTIC & SUPPLY CHAIN Sector Disciplines &EXTEND PlacementsFIFTH WHEEL TO Core DisciplinesSPEED UP ALL ROUND Undergraduate BBA (Logistics)INDUSTRY OPERATIONS Postgraduate MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)Logistics & Supply Chain Management is playing an important role in thedevelopment of India. With application in almost every field, it has gainedsignificance in the liberalized era. This has ushered a new revolution in the Career Optionsregions of knowledge sharing, transfer of heavy duty machinery and more. There’s no shortage of career possibilitiesFurther, the introduction of new technologies such as Archive 2000 has made in the domain of logistics & supply chain.logistic companies expand horizons. Electronic companies, Defense You can wish to pursue a rewardingManufacturers, Global Garment majors, heavy machine developers and many career in fields like logistics management,more conglomerates are in regular need of Logistic and Supply Chain supply chain management, solutionManagers. designing, process management, inventory control and network planning.The current logistic market is pegged at Rs. 1000 crore while the Supply ChainManagement market is poised at Rs. 300 hundred crore (2011-12 figures).UPES offers highly integrated programs in Logistics & Supply ChainManagement so that you could easily be the best professional of your times.
  16. 16. INFRASTRUCTURE Sector Disciplines &LA THE FOUNDATION Y PlacementsTO SUPPORT A BILLION Core DisciplinesSTRONG ECONOMIC Undergraduate B. Tech Civil Engineering withGROWTH ENGINE Specialization in Infrastructure Management Postgraduate MBA (Infrastructure Management)Infrastructure has been a critical area where development has notcoincided with the growth in other sectors. The main impeding factors havebeen unfocused investments, less innovation and negligible interest on the Career Optionspart of the government and policy makers. Although the Indian With highly specialised UPES programs,Infrastructure’s need for improvement is huge, there still lies a void now you can aspire to make a successfulbetween what is there and what should be. This has led to a meager growth career in the infrastructure domain. Thereof 6% annually. It is imperative that the political class creates an are exciting career possibilities inenvironment where the investors feel confident and secure. structural engineering, software development, infrastructure development,Despite this, the infrastructure industry is already above Rs. 500 billion. An interior designing, constructionestimated investment of Rs. 488 billion had been stipulated in the 11th Plan management, aerospace and nautical(between 2007-2012). engineering, automotive design, petroleum exploration, project marketingThe programs offered by UPES are designed to prepare students to meet and management, mergers andfuture challenges in this stream and create an array of specialists. acquisition management plus more.
  17. 17. MULTI-DISCIPLINARY Sector Disciplines &REACH OUT PlacementsTO NEW FRONTIERS Core DisciplinesOF TECHNOLOGICAL Undergraduate B. Tech. (Fire & Safety)INNOVATIONS B. Tech.( Material Sciencs Engineering) with Specialization in Nano Technolgy Postgraduate M. Tech (Computational Fluid Dynamics) M. Tech (Robotics Engineering) M. Tech ( Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Neural Networks)Integration of the technologies of the world to enhance and advanceunderstanding of the technology world-wide, essentially, has transactedwith Globalization. It has made the nations of the world inter-connected and Career Optionsmulti-dimensional in approach. With highly specialised UPES programs,The impact of globalization in India has given way to the opening up of the now you can aspire to make a successfulmulti-disciplinary approach in education. Today, Engineering is no longer a career in the multi-disciplinary domain.distinct discipline. It is growing and evolving rapidly. Inter-disciplinary There are exciting career possibilities insectors are emerging out of various fields and segments from the manufacturing companies, building services, construction companies, fireintegration of traditional domain and new dimensions of applied science. safety consultation, nano technology,The programs offered by UPES are designed to prepare students to meet the consultancy plus more.knowledge of multi-disciplinary areas would open the wide vistas forengineers to do multi-tasking work with proficiency in many fields.Engineers would be better equipped to face the challenges of inter-disciplinary projects so that they could contribute to the emerging trendsand demand of the industry to fuel the progress.
  18. 18. LEGAL STUDIES Sector Disciplines &ACQUIRE SKILLS PlacementsTHAT SPAN Core DisciplinesALL LEGAL FACETS Undergraduate Integrated BA LLB with emphasis on Energy Laws (5 Years) Integrated BBA LLB with emphasis on Corporate Laws (5 Years) B. Tech Energy Technology + LLB with emphasis on Intellectual Property Rights (6 Years) B. Tech Computer Science + LLB with emphasis on Cyber Laws (6 Years)The Indian legal sector is one of the most lucrative ones. Lawyers havebeen moving beyond the conventional boundaries and venturing into newand more competitive fields, especially with the rise in Cyber crimes and Career Optionscorporate restructuring, collaborations and intellectual property rights. In State Bar Councils, Indian and Foreignfact, by 2015, 79000 lawyers from India will grab international corporate Law Firms, Multi National Companiesjobs. Outsourcing of corporate responsibilities to Indian lawyers (because Legal Cells of Private and Public Sectorof efficiency and competitive rates in the global market) has compelled Companies, Legal Department of Foreignthem to look beyond borders. Companies, Global Audit and ComplianceThe industry shows healthy signs at $ 200 million with a growth of 19% Firms, Consulting Firms, Lawyerannually. Specialising in Technology Transfer Lawyer Specialising in IPR ProtectionUPES’ wide range of Legal programs are designed to create a new breed ofprofessionals, techno-lawyers, who will stay ahead of competition. Techno Lawyers Working with Energy Sector Companies, Patent Attorneys Specialist in Technology Based Arbitration Lawyer Specialising in Cyber Crime Practice, Techno-legal Professional in Computer Security, Lawyers Working with IT Companies, Security Computer Auditors, Specialist in Cyber/IT Based Arbitration
  19. 19. EXPERIENCE WITH A DEFINING DIFFERENCE Campus Infrastructure Energy Acres: Living Labs:The 39 acres of a picturesque campus Accent on research & innovation The built up area is 600,000 sq ft Over 250 dedicated faculty 45 comprehensively planned fully specialized labs 100 multimedia enabled classrooms All labs state-of-the-art adhering to An advanced computing center international benchmarks Excellent gym & sport facilities Labs have AutoCad, SolidWorks, CATIA, Mathematica, Adobe Creativesuites and more
  20. 20. Campus Infrastructure Learning Resource Center: SAP Implementation: Built across more than 5000 ft. India’s first & only institution to have SAPThe new age Learning Resource Center is more than just a library Seating capacity of more Mainly used for business management than one thousand Over 40000 volumes of publications, reference books, journals, e-library/ e-net resources The world’s best reading material available here
  21. 21. Campus infrastructure Advanced Computing Center: Lecture Halls: Equipped with 64-bit multi-core Xenon, Opteron processor based servers running in a virtualize cloud environment for maximum uptime 100 WI FI enabled classrooms, Sun rays available Windows, Solaris and Linux applications smart lecture halls...for Computer Labs and Specialized software - Solidworks CATIA, AutoCAD, SPSS & Systat Mathematica, Matlab Gigabit switched running on a dual ring fiber optic network Class rooms equipped with and additional redundancy is provided by means of a fail over wireless LED/LCD computers mesh across campus Wi-Fi network based on the 802.11n standard Wireless microphones Ancillary services and access to peripherals like CD/DVD burners,Scanners, photo quality printers and high speed laser printers is available Smart Cards for attendance, fee payment,Online backups are maintained and Anti-virus protection is provided at the gateway, server & client levels transactions & access controlClassrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors, computers and PA system with wireless microphones. Academic Alliances with Microsoft, ORACLE, Schlumberger, SAP..
  22. 22. PLACEMENT RECRUITERSTake a look at some of the leading companies where our students are currently working and performing exceptionally well.OIL & GAS Empire Industries Ltd. Interocean Saipem TriuneAban Offshore Ltd. Energy Infrastructure Invensys Process Systems Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.Accenture (India) Limited IRADe SercelACE Pipeline Construction Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd. jai Hind Projects Shell India Market Pvt. Ltd.Pvt. Ltd. Essar Oil Limited Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. Shiv - Vani Oil & Gas ExplorationAdani Energy Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Jindal Steel & Power Limited Services Ltd.Adani Gas Ltd Feedback Ventures John Energy SiemensAdani Power First Global kalpataru Pipeline division Siti Energy LimitedAdvance Group Franks International Middle Kazstroy Service Infrastructure India Sterlite Technologies LtdAFCONS Infrastructure East (BVI) ltd Pvt. Ltd TATA Consultancy ServicesAirliquide India Holdings Pvt ltd Fugro Survey (India) Pvt. Ltd. KEC International Limited Torrent Power Ltd.Allport International GAIL (India) Limited Keppel FELS Offshore Total EnergyANEWA Engineering Gammon India Ltd. L&T Infotech TransGraph Consulting Private LimitedArya Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. GENPACT L&T Valdel Engineering Limited TransMarket Group Research (India)Asian Oilfield services Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd Lanco Power Trading Pvt. Ltd.Baker Hughes Geo Enpro Petroleum Ltd. Larson & Toubro Limited TransoceanBell Energy Geologging Services Lurgi India Company Private Limited Triple Point TechnologiesBetter Option Propmart Pvt.Ltd Glencore India Pvt. Limited Mahanagar Gas Limited Tuff Drilling Private LimitedBharat Oman Refineries Limited Global Infrasys & Asia Consulting Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited Tyco ThermalBharat Petroleum Corporation Limited GlobalData Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Udhe IndiaBharat Shell GMR Group-Hyderabad International Ltd. Uhde EngineeringBHG Associates Pvt. Ltd. Airport Ltd Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Valvoline Cummins LimitedBirla Technical Services Great Offshore Limited Limited Vinergy international Pvt.LtdBOTIL Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd. Greenbucks Securities Private Limited McKinsey Knowledge Centre Weatherford International Ltd.British Gas Gujarat Gas Company Limited MCX Wipro TechnologiesCairn Energy India Pty Limited Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation MF Global Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd.Caltex Lubricants India Limited Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. Mitchell Drilling International Pty Ltd. POWER & ENERGYCanoro Resources Ltd. Gulf Oil Corporation Limited MKU Pvt. Ltd. A2Z GroupCastrol Haldia Petrochemicals Limited Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited Abhijeet GroupCINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Haldor Topsoe Naithani International ABPS Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd.Ltd Haryana City Gas Distribution Nandini Impex Pvt. Ltd Alstom Power ProjectsCorrtech International Pvt Ltd Company Ltd. NCDEX APITCO LimitedCRISIL HDFC Realty Newsco Asia Atlanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.Data-Code Hero Honda Niko Resources Ltd. BSES RajdhaniDatamonitor HILTI India Pvt Oil Field Warehouse & Services CESC Ltd.Deep Industries Ltd. Hindustan Colas ONGC CII GBCDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Parveen Industries Pvt. Ltd. Conzerv Systems Pvt. Ltd.India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Petronet LNG Limited Cosmos ConsultingDet Norske Veritas AS (India Branch) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Phillips Carbon Black Limited Crompton GreavesDirectorate General of Hydrocarbons Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. Dara ShawDMV Business & Market Honeywell Automation India Limited Progressive Media Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt.Research Pvt. Ltd. ICF Consulting Limited PSL Ltd Ltd.Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Indian Oil Corporation Limited Punj Lloyd Limited Delta Energy SystemsLtd. Indian Oiltanking Limited Quanta Process Solutions Pvt Ltd DMV Business & Market Research Pvt.DORF KETAL CHEMICALS Indorama Ranco Energy Ltd.(I) PVT. LTD. Infosys Technologies Limited Raychem RPG Limited DRS RooftechDunnimaa Divers & Enterprises Ingenero Technologies Pvt Ltd Relaince(ADAG) Dun & Bradstreet.Dynamic Commodities Pvt. Ltd Ingenious Process Solutions Pvt Ltd Reliance Industries Limited E GatewaysEmerson Process Management Inox India Ltd. Sabarmati Gas Ltd. Emerson Process Management
  23. 23. Empire Industries Ltd. CMA CGM Global (India) Pvt. Ltd. Millennium Aerodynamics World Window GroupEnercon Damani Shipping Pvt. Ltd. INFORMATION SYTEMSEnKing International GATI Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. AccentureGensol Consultants Pvt.Ltd. Halani Shipping Pvt.Ltd. (GVK) ALC IndiaGlobal Energy Consulting Engineers Interocean Sabre Holdings Pvt. Ltd BWFSPrivate Limited J.M. Baxi & Co. Spicejet Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd.Global Infra Sys & Asia Consulting Janson Chartering Company TNT Cargo L&T InfotechGroup Lift & Shift Shipping / Engineering P. INFRASTRUCTURE Sabre HoldingsGlobalData Ltd. (Natwar Parikh Group) Abhijeet Group Sakshay Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd.GMR Group Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Assotech VISIONet Info Solution Private LimitedGreen Mantra Limited Atlanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSGreen Mantra MESCOS Steel Empire Industries Ltd. Abhijeet GroupGreenHorse Power Nabros Transport (Pvt) Ltd., Era Infra Engineering Ltd Drive India (DIESL)Greenko Group Ltd. NYK Line (India) Ltd. Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd Gupta CoalHCL Technologies Ltd. OOCL Global Infrasys & Asia Consulting HDFC BankIndian Energy Exchange PRO Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Investors Clinic SRISOLIT Power India Pvt. Limited Seatech Shipping & Projects India Pvt. KMC GroupJindal ITF Ltd., AUTOMIVE Om Metals and Infraprojects Ltd.Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited Sheryas Relay Systems Ltd. Asia Motor Works Ltd. OPG PowerKnwoledge Group Sindhu Cargo Bajaj Auto Progressive MediaKSK Dibbin Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd. SKS Logistics Ltd. Caterpiller Sew Infrastructure Ltd.Lanco Infratech Limited SPL Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Cummins LOGISTICLarson & Toubro Limited Tanjore Navigation Escort Ltd Abhijeet GroupMacawber Beekay Pvt. Ltd. Total Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Hindustan Motors Albatross CFSMahindra Satyam Transasia Line Honda motorcycle and scooters India CelebiMCX Transport Corporation of India Pvt ltd CL Logistics ( NYK Line)Noida Power Company Limited Transworld Group of Companies Jai Bharat Maruti Drive India (DIESL)North Delhi Power Limited Wan Hai Lines Ltd. JK Tyres ETA Freight StarPricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., AVIATION Federal MogulRamky Enviro Engineers Limited Mahindra 2 wheelers Aerostar Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Future Knowledge CentreRaychem RPG Limited Maruti Suzuki Ltd. Albatross CFS Future Supply ChainsREConnect Energy Solutions Maruti Udyog Ltd. Aviation Watch Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd.Reliance ADAG NATRIP – Icat Banglore Internation Airport Greenhorse Power Pvt. Ltd.Renco Technologies Punjab Tractors Ltd Pvt. Ltd.(GVK) Honda Motor IndiaRIL ADAG SKF bearings Cambata Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Honda Motorcycle and scooter IndiaSecure Meters Limited Suvidha Parklift Celebi LtdShree Cement Ltd. Swaraj Mazda Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation ITC Ltd.Siemens TATA Consultancy Services Club One Air J.M.BaxiSilgate Technologies Tata Motors D’assault Aviation Jeena & CoSkipper Electricals TVS Motors Deccan 360 Jindal IndustriesSRISOL Fast Kuehne Nagel AEROSPACETorrent Power Limited FedEx India Kundanmal Mukanmal Trailers AeromatrixTrident Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd Global Avianautics Ltd (P) Ltd. GoodrichTurboatom-TPS Projects Ltd. Global Aviation M J Logistics Ignis Aerospace & Design Pvt ltdUniversal Power Transformer Pvt. Ltd. GMR-Delhi International Airport Mahindra & Mahindra IGNIS TechnologyVideocon Industries ( Power Division) GMR-Hyderabad International Airport Mahindra Logistics Infosys Technologies LimitedVoyant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Group Concorde Oilfield Warehouse & Services Pvt. Infotech EnterprisesWAPCOS IndianOil Skytanking ltd Ltd.. Larsen & ToubroWartsila Indigo Airline Om logistics Maini AerospacePORT & SHIPPING Interglobe Air Transport Pvt Ltd SRISOL Group TATA Consultancy ServicesAlbatross CFS Jet Airways Toyota Kirloskar Motor Tyco ElectronicsAlltrans Movers Pvt. ltd. Kale Consultants Limited Transport Corporation of IndiaAPL & APL Logistics Ltd. Kingfisher Airlines Limited Transystem Logistics InternationalChowgule Shipping Maersk India Pvt. Ltd. Varuna Logistics PLACEMENT RECRUITERS
  24. 24. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA SELECTION PROCESS There are multiple admission pathways to our various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students are advised to choose the most optimal pathways or consult our admission counselors for professional advice. B.TECH B. TECH (ALL STREAMS) EXAM ADMISSION PROCESS ( upto 80% of seats) ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th), Minimum 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level also mandatory ADMISSION CRITERIA UPES Engineering Aptitude Test (UPESEAT) followed by Centralised Counseling Test DateName of Program Date of Test Time DurationBTECH- All Streams (UPESEAT) May 2013 (Date will be announced later) 0930 - 1230 Hours 3 HoursAge CriteriaOnly candidates whose date of birth falls on or after October 1, 1990 are eligible to apply for admission. Date of Birth as recorded inthe Secondary Education Board/ University certificate only will be taken as authentic.Admit Card (to be downloaded from UPES website)On the basis of information in the Application form, admit card of provisionally eligible candidates will be uploaded on the University website on one week prior to test date. Candidates arerequired to download the admit card accordingly. The duly completed downloaded admit card with photograph affixed (duly attested) in the space provided will have to be produced at theallotted test centre. Candidates without the admit card or card without the photograph will NOT be permitted to take the test. B. TECH. ADMISSION THROUGH BOARD MERIT / AIEEE Merit # ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA ADMISSION CRITERIABoard MeritMinimum 80% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) and minimum 80% aggregate Counseling through Merit Rankingin Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level ORAIEEE Merit(1)Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) and minimum 60% aggregate Counseling through Merit Rankingin Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level also mandatory with(2) AIEEE RANK- upto 1 Lakh (All India Rank)#Upto 20% seats shall be filled through Board Merit / AIEEE Merit category. Incase candidates for such seats are not available, UPES has the right to fill these through any other meansUniversity also reserves the right to conduct further physical (paper pencil test) / online test for admission B. TECH (ALL STREAMS) NON-EXAM ADMISSION PROCESS ( upto 20% of seats) ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Minimum 80% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th), Minimum 80% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level also mandatory ADMISSION CRITERIA Central Counseling OR Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th), Minimum 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level also mandatory, AIEEE-upto 1 Lakh All India Rank# In event of less candidates meeting this requirement, the remaining seats will be filled through UPES Engineering Aptitude Test (UPESEAT) M.TECH ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th), B. Tech./ B.E. in Mechanical/Chemical/ Civil/Electrical Engineering with minimum 60% marks ADMISSION CRITERIA Screening of Application & Interview
  25. 25. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA SELECTION PROCESS There are multiple admission pathways to our various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students are advised to choose the most optimal pathways or consult our admission counselors for professional advice. BBA ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Science / Commerce stream with minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) ADMISSION CRITERIA Group Discussion & Interview MBA ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th), Engineering Degree with relevant industry requirement is acceptable/ B.Sc. (PCM) with minimum 50% marks from a recognized University ADMISSION CRITERIA UPES Management Entrance Test (UPES-MET) / National Level Test + Group Discussion & Interview. Students having minimum CAT Score of 75 percentile/MAT 80 percentile/ GMAT Scores/ AICTE’s CMAT score will be exempted from UPES Management Entrance Test and will be called for Group Discussion & Interview only. MBA ADMISSIONS THROUGH NON-EXAM PROCESS(# NATIONAL LEVEL TEST)#For MBA Oil&Gas/Power Management/ Energy Trading/ Logistics & Supply Chain Management/ International Business : Students having minimum CAT score of 75 Percentile or GMAT Score of600 or MAT score of 80 Percentile or AICTE’s CMAT scores will be exempted from UPES Management Entrance Test and will be called for Group Discussion & Interview only.#For MBA Port & Shipping Management/ Aviation Management/ Information Systems Management/ Infrastructure Systems Management : Students having minimum CAT score of 70 Percentileor GMAT Score of 600 or MAT score of 75 Percentile or AICTE’s CMAT scores will be exempted from UPES Management Entrance Test and will only be called for Group Discussion & Interview.Note: CAT Score of November 2012 and MAT Score of September 2012, December 2012, February 2013 and MAY 2013 will be accepted.**In event of less candidates meeting this requirement, the remaining seats will be filled through UPES-MET.Upto 50% seats shall be filled through National Level Test Category .In case candidates for such seats are not available ,UPES has the right to fill these through any other means. University alsoreserves the right to conduct further physical (Paper test)/Online test for admissions in the month of May13 or June13. MBA ADMISSIONS THROUGH EXAM PROCESSName of Program Date of Test Time DurationMBA (UPES-MET) Feb 2013 (Date will be announced later) 1000 - 1230 Hours 2.30 HoursAdmit Card (to be downloaded from UPES website)On the basis of information in the application form, admit card of provisionally eligible candidates will be uploaded on the website on one week prior to test date. Candidates are required todownload the admit card accordingly. The duly completed download admit card with photograph affixed (duly attested) in the space provided will have to produce at the allocated test centre.Candidates without the admit card or card without the photograph will NOT be permitted to take the test.Please Note: For all MBA , Candidates appearing in final year qualifying examination are also eligible to apply provided they submit the proof of their eligibility latest by September 30,2013.Admissions of students failing to submit the proof of their eligibility by Sep 30,2013 even on account of non declaration of results by their respective Universities, will stand automatically cancelled& no refund of fee will be admissible, in such cases.* Engineering Degree with relevant industry requirement is acceptable LEGAL STUDIES ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Minimum 50 - 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) Minimum 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level also mandatory ADMISSION CRITERIA UPES Engineering Aptitude Test (UPESEAT) + Central Counseling or UPES Law Studies Aptitude Test (UL-SAT)/ Board Merit/ CLAT Merit/ LSAT Merit followed by Group Discussion & Interview Students can also seek loans from leading banks operating inside India.
  26. 26. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies The Nation Builders University A GREEN INITIATIVE SA P VE APER SA THE PLANET. VE