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Agro Supply Chain Conference at UPES


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College of Management & Economic Studies (CoMES) with Department of LSCM & Operations and Centre for Infrastructure & Project Finance, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun organized a conference entitled as “Agro supply Chain Conference” on 3rd October 2015, with the prime focus on Cold Chain logistics in Agriculture.

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Agro Supply Chain Conference at UPES

  1. 1. Agro Supply Chain Conference Cold Chain logistics in Agriculture October 03, 2015 Center for Infrastructure & Project Finance & Department of LSCM and Operations College of Management and Economics Studies (CoMES) University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun Press Release College of Management & Economic Studies (CoMES) with Department of LSCM & Operations and Centre for Infrastructure & Project Finance, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun organized a conference entitled as “Agro supply Chain Conference” on 3rd October 2015, with the prime focus on Cold Chain logistics in Agriculture. The Conference started at 9:30 in the morning with the Lamp lighting ceremony and UPES Geet. Dr. Anirban Sengupta; Dean- CoMES, gave the welcome speech to the guests, participants and audience. Dr. S.J. Chopra, Chancellor; UPES gave a speech on “Role of R&D Centers at UPES & way forward” in which he told audience about the various unique initiatives university is taking to contribute to the research and development which will give students a platform to work in research fields and contribute to the nations development. After this, Dr. Shrihari- Vice Chancellor UPES, addressed the Audience. Dr. Neeraj Anand, Head of department Logistics and supply chain enlightened the audience by his presentation on “Cold Chain Logistics: An Overview” in which he introduced about the basics of the cold chain logistics and also focused on the development required to make Cold chain logistics better and efficient. After this, Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Conference Chair gave the overview of the conference. He discussed about the Financial Incentives available for Cold Chain establishment particularly Section 80IB of Income Tax Act. He has also highlighted the role of NITI Ayog and NCCD in the same and also briefly discussed about the first ASCC that was held in 2014. Dr Gupta said that 91 papers has came from different colleges and participants from different institutes like NABARD. Participants from UPES, IIFT New Delhi, IABM, RAU, Bikaner, IIT Kharagpur, DIT Dehradun, Doon PG, Chandigarh University and many other prestigious institutes and companies took part and shared their views on the challenges, Developments needed, government and private players role in the agriculture sector. Dr. Chandra S Lalwani, Emeritus Professor of University of Hull, UK was the key note speaker for the conference. In his presentation on “Sustainable Global Logistics and International transport” he explained
  2. 2. that how logistics of the country can be made more efficient and responsive with the implementation of proper infrastructure and Government support so as to make it capable to meet the rising market demand, both inside the nation and internationally. He also said that Government should also help this sector by allocating more funds like other developed countries do, so that we can build the basic infrastructure and head towards achieving world class logistics in the coming years. Shri. Rajesh Chandra Shrivastava gave the presentation on “Zero Energy for cold chamber”, in which he explained that problem of power unavailability which is negatively affecting the cold chain logistics. Shri C.P Mohan, CGM, NABARD spoke about the role of NABARD in value chain ecosystems. He explained that how NABARD is working in collaboration with the farmers, providing them incentives, farming needs support and what future plans are lined up to contribute to streamlining the Agriculture sector. After this, Mr. Alok Bhatnagar through his presentation on “Opportunities and Challenges in setting up an Agro cold chain” explained the constraints that are slowing down the development of efficient Agro cold chain in the country. He also explained that how agriculture based products can be preserved for the longer time by keeping them at as low as minus 20 degree Celsius which will not only minimize the wastage, but will also facilitate to make products available at the time of market shortage and in all seasons, round the year. Dr. B.S Negi, Director, Horticulture Mission shared his views on Status and Prospects of Food Processing Industry and Agro- process Technological Challenges in Uttarakhand. He said that there exist various challenges to implement technology in the food processing and logistics sector like proximity to remote locations, power availability and also financial constraints at times. Even the availability of crop in bulk, good enough to make full truck load or construct a cold storage nearby to production site is a major issue which means that this sector requires heavy incentives and Government support. Financial perspective of the problem associated with poor logistics infrastructure in cold chain was discussed with the need of government support, in the form of subsidies, incentives and services. Shortcomings of the infrastructure and transportation like lack of warehouses, transportation facilities, cold storages, improper roads and unmechanised farming practices were the major bottleneck areas that were identified and highlighted in the conference. Need for Green initiatives, eco-friendly practices, innovation in packaging and storing products were discussed in the conference. Problems like low returns to farmers for their crops, poor agriculture marketing and unavailability of load and cargo were discussed and several suggestions like removing intermediaters, brokers and government support to provide farmers required assistance and support were discussed. Integration of postal network to facilitate farming needs was also discussed in a paper. Providing consultancy services, farming materials and equipments to the farmers using postal infrastructure could provide better penetration and reach to the government. Mr. Zubin Mehta of SEBI India also addresses audience about the same and told about the merger of SEBI and FMC.
  3. 3. Dr. Loveraj Takru, industry fellow at UPES, also shared his views about the challenges faced by the farmers as well as the buying firms. Dr. Neeraj Anand, said that university believe that learning should not limit to reading books and sitting in class listening to lectures, but, it is much more effective when students learn through their own field work and practical experiences. Also, the experiences shared by the guest speakers help students to know how the knowledge that students are gaining should be implemented in real world. The conference ended at 6 in the evening with the valedictory session and prize distribution ceremony. Dr Anand has declared that in scholar’s category, Mr. Inderjit Singh of H.P University Shimla won the first prize and Ms. Gangita Gairola, consultant at AT India, won the second prize. Dr Gupta has declared thatIn student’s category, Mr. Nilesh Ashok Jadhav of MBA LSCM with Dr Sumeet Gupta, UPES secured the second position while the first position was secured by Dr. Debjeet Sharma of Doon PG, Dehradun. Presentation Tracks Paper Presentation ware carried out in two parallel tracks consisting of 4 Technical Sessions: Track 1 – Agriculturist/ Corporate Delegates/ Academicians at LT- 1009 and Auditorium No. of papers presented –50 Track 2 – Research Scholars & Students at LT – 1007, 1008 No. of Papers presented – 41 Session Chairs were as follows:  Dr. Sudhanshu Joshi- Doon University  Dr Ashish Pripathi- UPES  Dr P C Bahuguna- UPES  Dr. Saurabh Tiwari- UPES  Mr Jubin Mehta- AGM- SEBI  Dr B P Panda- UPES  Dr. H. Roy , Assistant Professor- SG At the end, Dr. Tarun Dhingra, Assistant Dean, Research, CoMES, extended vote of thanks to the organizers, participants, guest speakers and supporters of the conference – NABARD, National Horticulture Mission, Department of Animal Husbandry , Uttarakhand Sheep and Wool Development Board , Time Institute , Kabila, Farm etc.