Whirlwind tour of Mobile Usability Testing Apps and Services


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Ok, you have been asked to go off and research how to design/architect a mobile user experience. After the initial excitement and learning all about mobile UX, you decide to jump head-on and start designing. Then comes the realization, how are you going to test the designs in context of a mobile device? Do you have to package everything in an app or is there a way to test preliminary designs? What tools are available? Which works for what Mobile OS? When to use a particular tool? Can, we, designers use it without developer help? In this session we will discuss various testing app/methods/tools/services available specifically for Mobile, for which OS, when to best use them during design process, cost associated with some of the tools, and what are pros & cons of each of them. Conceptual Design - paper prototyping (stencils) Detailed Design - Got 5 min? - Adobe device central - Adobe Shadow - Bjango Skala (view PSD on MAC to iOS devices) - Liveview - Brute force - email the image to yourself, download it to the device and view it App testing - TestFlight - Brute force - iOS - provisioning profile, UDID, distribute .ipa file - Android, turn on debug option, download app via web browser, and install app directly. - Blueprint for iPad User testing - TestFlight - Tobii/Looxcie cam - Mr. Tappy Services - Flowella - AppCooker - Apphance (iOS, Android, WinMo) - mobileusertests (paid user testing $$) - Crowd sourcing services - crowdflower - mtruk.com Others - proto.io (iOS, Android) - Responsinator Attendees will be able to get a good understanding of the available tools, where to apply, what is available for different mobile OS’s (iOS, Android, WinMo,) and what the advantages of using certain tools over others. Time and equipment permitting I will demo couple of tools as we talk about them.

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Whirlwind tour of Mobile Usability Testing Apps and Services

  1. 1. ì  Whirlwind tourof MobileUsability TestingApps & Services Vijay  Hanumolu     @vijju2k  
  2. 2. Disclaimer  @vijju2k  
  3. 3. Mobile  Operating  Systems  @vijju2k  
  4. 4. Responsive  Design  @vijju2k  
  5. 5. Terminology  @vijju2k   Courtesy  Pizza  Kitchen  
  6. 6. ì   Conceptual  Design  @vijju2k  
  7. 7. Conceptual  Design   iOS  Stencils  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  8. 8. Conceptual  Design   Android  Stencil  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  9. 9. Conceptual  Design   Windows  Stencil  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  10. 10. Conceptual  Design   Sketchpad  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  11. 11. Conceptual  Design   Sketchbook  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  12. 12. Conceptual  Design   SHckies  @vijju2k   Courtesy  UIStencils.com  
  13. 13. Conceptual  Design   Paper  Prototype  @vijju2k  
  14. 14. Conceptual  Design   Paper  Prototype  @vijju2k  
  15. 15. ì   Detail  Design  @vijju2k  
  16. 16. Detail  Design   Blueprint  @vijju2k   hJp://www.groosoM.com/blueprint/  
  17. 17. Detail  Design   Blueprint  @vijju2k  
  18. 18. Detail  Design   Blueprint  @vijju2k  
  19. 19. Detail  Design   Blueprint  @vijju2k  
  20. 20. Detail  Design   Blueprint  @vijju2k  
  21. 21. Detail  Design   Blueprint   Blueprint  is  a  mockup  app  for  iPhone  and  iPad  applicaHons.     ì  Highlights   ì  Pixel  perfect  alignment   ì  Import  images     ì  ProperHes  for  each  UI  element   ì  AcHons  for  each  UI  element   ì  Supports  tap  (leM,  right,  up,  down)   ì  Support  Swipe  (leM,  right,  up,  down)   ì  Highlevel  story  board   ì  Dropbox  integraHon   ì  Also  Export  to  PDF/PNG    @vijju2k  
  22. 22. Detail  Design   App  Cooker  @vijju2k   hJp://www.appcooker.com/  
  23. 23. Detail  Design   App  Cooker  @vijju2k  
  24. 24. Detail  Design   App  Cooker  @vijju2k  
  25. 25. Detail  Design   App  Cooker  @vijju2k  
  26. 26. Detail  Design   App  Cooker   App  Cooker  allows  users  to  Design,  Mockup  and  Prototype  mobile   applicaHons  directly  on  your  iPad   ì  Highlights   ì  Full  blown  graphics  editor   ì  Support  upto  200  screens   ì  Support  upto  99  icons   ì  Supports  export/import  directly  to  Dropbox   ì  Supports  both  orientaHons   ì  Icon  editor   ì  Pricing  esHmates   ì  In  future  Appcoker  is  looking  into  ways  where  your  mockup  created  in   Appcooker  can  be  exported  to  xcode  –  COOL  –  if  it  works.  Similar  to   FlashCatalyst  concept  –  bridging  gap  between  designer  and  developer.  @vijju2k  
  27. 27. Detail  Design   Too  much  Hme  on  hand  @vijju2k  
  28. 28. Detail  Design   Adobe  Device  Central  @vijju2k  
  29. 29. Detail  Design   Adobe  Device  Central  @vijju2k  
  30. 30. Detail  Design   Adobe  Shadow  @vijju2k   hJp://labs.adobe.com/technologies/shadow/  
  31. 31. Detail  Design   Adobe  Shadow   Adobe  Shadow  is  an  inspecHon  and  preview  tools  that  allows   designers  to  work  faster  and  more  efficiently  by  streamlining  the   preview  process,  making  it  easier  to  customize  websites  for  mobile   devices   ì  Highlights   ì  MulHple  iOS  and/or  Android  devices  at  once   ì  Responsive  web  design  tesHng   ì  Support  OrientaHon   ì  Support  scrolling  and  zooming   ì  Support  private  user  interacHon  with  the  content  (doesnot  affect  other  parts)   ì  Works  with  only  Chrome   ì  Make  sure  you  are  on  the  Same  network  and  NOT  using  a  VPN  @vijju2k  
  32. 32. Visual  Design   Live  View  @vijju2k   hJp://www.zambe`.com/projects/liveview/  
  33. 33. Visual  Design   Live  View   LiveView  is  a  specialized  remote  screen  viewing  applicaHon  intended  as  a  tool  to   help  designers  create  graphics  for  mobile  applicaHons,  it  has  also  proven  to  be   useful  for  creaHng  quick  and  dirty  simulaHons,  demos,  and  experience   prototypes.     ì  Highlights   ì  InteracHve  mode  –  enables  touch  to  control  the  mouse  on  the  screen   ì  1  device  at  a  Hme  when  different  form  factor   ì  MulHple  iPhones  or  iPads  can  be  connected  at  the  same  Hme   ì  AnimaHons  are  slow     ì  Different  opHons  like  loosless/high  quality/medium  quality/low  quality   ì  Ability  to  rotate  the  viewer  window  on  Mac   ì  Support  for  reHna   ì  Used  successfully  to  do  demo  of  a  clickable  prototype  using  keynote  and   clickable  PDF  –  easy  light  weight  @vijju2k  
  34. 34. Visual  Design   Bjango  Skala  @vijju2k   hJp://bjango.com/mac/skalapreview/  
  35. 35. Visual  Design   Bjango  Skala   Skala  Preview  is  the  fastest  way  to  send  pixel  perfect,  color  perfect   design  previews  from  Mac  to  iPhone  or  iPad   ì  Highlights   ì  Connect  mulHple  iOS  devices  at  once   ì  Very  responsive  –  images  changes  in  realHme  as  the  source  file  is   changed  in  Photoshop   ì  Also  has  different  modes  to  sent  images  (live  preview,  or  via   clipboard)   ì  Color  blindness  test   ì  Support  for  Scrolling  and  zooming  on  the  device   ì  OrientaHon  support  –  portrait  and  landscape   ì  Email/Tweet/Save  to  device   ì  You  can  even  open  up  a  previously  saved  photo  and  view  it  @vijju2k    
  36. 36. ì   App  Testing  @vijju2k  
  37. 37. MAM   TestFlight  @vijju2k  
  38. 38. App  TesHng   Android  @vijju2k  
  39. 39. Detail  Design   got  5  min?  @vijju2k   Courtesy  Kronos  Inc  
  40. 40. ì   User  Observation  @vijju2k  
  41. 41. Usability  Study   Mods  @vijju2k  
  42. 42. Usability  Study   Mods  @vijju2k  
  43. 43. Usability  Study   Tobii  Mobile  Eye  Tracking  hJp://www.tobii.com/ui/pages/productoverviewpage.aspx?id=669&epslanguage=en  @vijju2k   Courtesy  Tobii  Technology  
  44. 44. Usability  Study   Looxcie  Cam  @vijju2k   hJp://looxcie.com/   Courtesy  Looxcie  Inc  
  45. 45. ì   Services  @vijju2k  
  46. 46. Services   UserTesHng  @vijju2k  
  47. 47. Services   MobileUserTests  @vijju2k  
  48. 48. Services   Apphance  @vijju2k   hJp://www.apphance.com/  
  49. 49. HIT   Crowd  sourced  Micro  labor   hJps://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome  @vijju2k   hJp://crowdflower.com/  
  50. 50. HIT   Crowd  sourced  Micro  labor  @vijju2k   Courtesy  Amazon.com  
  51. 51. ì   Others  @vijju2k  
  52. 52. Others   proto.io  @vijju2k   hJps://proto.io  
  53. 53. Others   Responsinator  @vijju2k   hJp://www.responsinator.com/  
  54. 54. ì   Demo  Time  @vijju2k  
  55. 55. Support  Matrix   App/Services   iOS   Android   WinMo   Paper  prototyping  (Stencils/Sketchpad/SHckies/etc)   X   X   X   Blueprint     X   Appcooker   X   Adobe  Device  Central  (pre  CS6)   X   X   X   Adobe  Shadow  (web  based  app)   X   X   LiveView   X   Bjango  Skala   X   got  5  min?   X   X   X   TestFlight   X   NaHve  Android   X   Mods  (Mr.Tappy/Mod  1000/etc)   X   X   X   Tobii  Eye  wear   X   X   X   Looxcie  Cam   X   X   X   UsertesHng.com   X   X   apphance   X   X   X   proto.io   X   X   Responsinator  (web  based  app)  @vijju2k   X   X  
  56. 56. Thank  you!!   Vijay  Hanumolu                                                                                @vijju2k  @vijju2k