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Push It Real Good: Pushing Our Team and Design With 3D Touch


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This presentation tells the story of our design journey with 3D Touch and offers guidance for teams who want to take advantage of 3D Touch in their mobile apps. 3D Touch measures the level of pressure one applies when pressing an iPhone screen, and allows for a different response depending on how hard one presses. Apple offers some guidance for using 3D Touch in their iOS Human Interface Guidelines, but 3D Touch is still new (released with iPhone 6S in October 2015). Teams aren’t sure what to implement, and users aren’t sure what to expect. We’ll introduce 3D Touch, talk about designs we considered for improving our app, share observations from a study we ran, and offer guidelines for using 3D Touch in your mobile app.

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Push It Real Good: Pushing Our Team and Design With 3D Touch

  1. 1. Push it real good. Pushing mobile design (and our team) with 3D Touch Paul Sisler |UX Researcher | Fidelity Investments
  2. 2. Fidelity Investments Company Financial services: investing, trading, retirement App Android, iOS: market news, account info, stock trades, investing tools Opportunity Explore interactions for emerging tech feed
  3. 3. What’s 3D Touch? Is it on my phone?  Pressure sensitive touch screen  Started on Apple Watch  iPhone 6S, 7: Sept. 2015  About 29% of iPhones (Sept 2016)  Few design standards  Opportunity to innovate Push it. Push it real good.
  4. 4. Tap followed by 3D Touch on Home Screen Participants in our lab were most familiar with this use. Different pressure: different response. Tap  One quick touch  On home, launches an app 3D Touch  Changes with pressure  Blurs background  On home, shows a menu of actions and Notification Center widget
  5. 5. Peek-n-pop in Mail Peek-n-pop  Push gently to “peek” a screen before you go there.  Swipe up to see a menu of actions (optional)  Push harder to “pop” (go to the screen)  Standard iPhone behavior  Apple provides framework  Good for lists
  6. 6. Action Menu in Contacts Action menus  Gently push into a menu  Lift your finger to see and tap options  Used by Apple in standard apps (e.g., Contacts, Music)  Requires custom code
  7. 7. Project basics Design concepts • Standard peek-n-pop on news, quotes, activity • Alternative information in peeks • Action menus: trade button, quote search Study • 45-minute one-on-one live lab sessions • Tasks involving 3D Touch and interview • 12 Employees outside design and development • Own iPhone 6S (or later); familiar with 3D Touch • Use financial apps on the iPhone quote peek
  8. 8. Where did people push it? Wherever they’d tap. Should the tab bar have shortcuts? (Violates Apple’s standards: tab bar switches navigation stacks)
  9. 9. Stock quote: standard tap, peek-n-pop preview and action view Standard peek-n-pop or custom view Throughout the app  Liked peek for news, not accounts or activity Stock symbols  Tried to tap links and buttons on the peek  Failed to swipe up for actions on the peek  Preferred custom view  Preview is standard behavior and easier to implement Why wouldn’t I just tap?
  10. 10. Quote look up and trade button Push it for more power: action menus  Did not discover 3D Touch options without prompting  Liked the concepts after they were demonstrated  Regarded the approach as offering shortcuts  Trade button actions got more love than recent quotes It’s like right-click for the phone.
  11. 11. Lessons from the lab  Getting the pressure right is hard for users.  There are no affordances for 3D touch. You only know if you can push it if you try.  People pushed things they knew they could tap.  3D touch was viewed as right-click for the phone, offering details, deep navigation, or special actions.  People preferred a push that was different from a tap (actions, rather than peeks). It should only make existing features easier. Most of the value is in being able to take action, use a shortcut.
  12. 12. Dan Murphy Pixels Andy Flinders Code Paul Sisler Questions Peek-N-Pop Posse