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3 Secrets of Accessibility


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Despite recent advances in electronics and mobile technology, independent living by seniors And people with disabilities have become very frustrating and sometimes Impossible due to inaccessibility of many modern interfaces, for example in thermostats, appliances and smart wrist bands.

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3 Secrets of Accessibility

  1. 1. 3 Secrets of Making Devices Accessible Sunish Gupta Calvin Arterberry
  2. 2. Roomba 3.0
  3. 3. PourING Model • Perceptibility • Operability • Understandability • Robustness • Integrated Design Thinking • Nudge • Gamification
  4. 4. Integrated Design Thinking Conceptual Model: How should users think of the system? Inter-usability Platform Design
  5. 5. Secret #1 Integrated Design Thinking Design as System that allows for: All voice interactions All visual interactions Robust physical affordances Troubleshooting and error recovery that caters to all modalities Imagine all of the ways a Roomba can communicate it is full
  6. 6. Secret #2 Nudge Defaults Should be Carefully Selected for all modalities Feedback and Visible Goals should be given in a variety of modalities Break down all features and functionality: Micro Interactions Atomic Design
  7. 7. Secret #3 Gamification Glanceability Gesturability Affordability
  8. 8. Top 3 Takeaways • The time for Inclusive Design is now! • It all starts with UX: Personas and wireframes • Test often throughout the agile life cycle
  9. 9. Be brave and ask us questions! 9