The Anatopmy of a Perfect Email Infographic


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Communication loves precision. Keep your emails short and sweet. Learn what are the most important elements of a perfectly crafted email message. Asking is communicating your needs precisely. It is not always others fault we do not get what we asked for in return. Find out how to stay precise and make sure you communicate your needs via mail perfectly. Communication is a process. You ‘code’ the message using words, music or visuals. You decide on the communication channel (email, meeting, letter or text) and you send your message out there. The recipient gets your ‘coded’ message and tries to decode it right away. If the code is common and the message is clear, the communication is efficient.

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The Anatopmy of a Perfect Email Infographic

  1. 1. THE ANATOMY OF A PERFECT EMAIL How to craft a perfect message by UNMESSAPP by Discover the only tool to manage your inbox , that learns your habit, so that you don’t have to channge sign up for a beta account The perfect subject line Who is it? You are… First things first Perfect body… What do you want? Use empathy! Find out what style your recipient prefers. Remember we do not all view things the same way! Be specific! Remember that people respond to utility or curiousity. When they are busy they tend to concentrate on messages that promise useful solutions. Subject line should be short and sweet. Explain the reasons why you write and what you want to achieve with this certain email. Make sure you include all the information necessary to contact or verify you. Expecially if you want others contact you not by email only. The ‘call me’ message means you have to provide your phone number. Make sure you state clearly what you want them to do. And if necessary give them deadline. Use call to action – they need to know what to do. And they need to be told. Deadlines are also helpful. People will be able to schedule their actions. Formatting the email body text makes it easier for everyone to scan the email. Use bold text to mark the more important words or phrases. Make sure to use bullets where necessary. If you are referring to some online resources make sure to include links. But remember, keep it simple. You email is not a mini novel. Proof read it to find any ambiguities.