Unity Social, Charity and Community Work


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Unity Social, Charity and Community Work

  1. 1. Third sector credentialsunity
  2. 2. Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart Campaign – Skindividual Engaging teenagers with sun-protection messagesunity
  3. 3. Insight•  Our research showed that this age group doesn’t listen to ‘the adult voice’•  Behaviour is largely driven by their peers but they also aspire to express themselves unity•  This paradox that provided a means for us to infiltrate their lives
  4. 4. So what did we do?SKINDIVIDUAL• Created a money can’t buy prize for teens – a gig put on exclusively for you and your entire socialnetwork unity• Embedded campaign messaging in questionnaire, microsite and all campaign materials
  5. 5. unity
  6. 6. unity
  7. 7. Social mediaCeleb endorsement, free banner ads and a hard-working socialmedia campaign supported the other activity driving further sign ups unityto the campaign
  8. 8. The gigThe lucky winner enjoyed a private gig for their own 500 person-strong social network, with Skindividual icons Ladyhawke, New unityYoung Pony Club and Bombay Bicycle Club
  9. 9. Post gig amplification unity
  10. 10. The campaign in numbers X Factor’s Diana 67 pieces 5 powerful films Vickers told of branded 254,000 made by people coverage Facebook fans in the campaign’s about our age group, campaign reaching over 100,000 people Scott Mills’ (Radio1) tweets reached over 63,000 people 500 people In total, our campaign created partied more than 72 10 pieces of together million broadcast opportunities to coverage at the gig see/hear our reaching 27 messaging million people unity
  11. 11. Wasted Youth Raising awareness of young male suicideunity
  12. 12. What we didTapped into the statistic that there is an average of two suicides a week in British prisons.At the same time, Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic was receiving much mediaattention. So Unity suggested staging a Johnny Cash style prison gig. Originally wewanted to feature Babyshambles, the voice of disenfranchised youth. Controversial butrelevant as the the brothers of both Drew and Steven Street committed suicide. Heavilylobbied the government - Jack straw said no to Doherty, but yes to gig. We brought onboard Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy, bands spanning the relevant age group, and unitystaged first ever indie/rock gig in a British prison
  13. 13. unity
  14. 14. The campaign in numbers 2 European SABRE 1,500 Facebook awards won 31% recognition and of the campaign MySpace and messages members among the target audience 14,000 hits 1 PR Week on YouTube Not for Profit campaign of the year award 4million – reach won of multimedia content for Orange and ITV 90% increase in traffic to support services 126 pieces following the of branded campaign coverage unity
  15. 15. Crisis Consequences Raising funds and winning the hearts and minds of the urban youthunity
  16. 16. Unity was challenged with creating a campaign which would resonate with a savvyand cynical audience. Crisis Consequences was born – a track / gig combo with atwist - each layer of the song was recorded by different artists without seeingwhat went before, like the child’s game ‘Consequences’. It was a novel twiston the clichéd charidee record – people backing the campaign can help…the unityconsequence of buying the record!
  17. 17. The great and good of indie rockPaul Weller, Beth Ditto, Supergrass, New Young Pony Club, Reverend and theMakers, Dirty Pretty Things, The Enemy and more joined the Consequences unitysupergroup
  18. 18. We maxed out media opportunities with stunts, ‘leaked’ stories about the record and interviews with the artistsunity
  19. 19. Social media unity
  20. 20. Grass roots We got to the core of the fan base with grass roots events in Indie heartland, Camden. One of which was a Consequences bingo in the unity Lock Tavern
  21. 21. unity
  22. 22. We posted the song on DIY mixing site U-MYX for fans to assembletheir own version using the separate layers - Gaz Coomes’ vocals, Paul unityWeller’s guitars etc
  23. 23. The song…The single was released by Parlophone in April 2008 on CD, downloadand 7” picture disk formats. It reached number 14 in the HMV charts unityand was a Top 100 UK single
  24. 24. Example coverage unity
  25. 25. The gig at the Camden Roundhouse unity
  26. 26. The campaign in numbers 1,695 U- £160k 75,000 MYX’S raised views of made the cross- track projection 412 pieces of 49,000 film coverage with viewings 625million OTS A fifth of 21% would be And 15% ABC1 16-34 proud to tell would now year olds friends that they consider were aware of support Crisis donating the campaign regularly unity
  27. 27. Sound off for Justice The Law Society Campaigning against the proposed cuts to Legal Aidunity
  28. 28. Embed movie unity
  29. 29. Rhythmix Fighting corporate bullyingunity
  30. 30. Rhythmix, the charity which provides music tuition to children, was embattledwith Syco after one of the X Factor girl groups assumed the same name.Despite the group changing their name to Little Mix, the dispute caused thecharity to lose £8,000 in legal costs which Syco refused to pay. Outraged at the unityunfairness, Unity offered its support pro-bono
  31. 31. Unity set up a text donationmechanic and launched a mediaand social media campaign over aweekend – to coincide with thechatter that X Factor was creating.Using the hastag #cowellmustpay,we hijacked the buzz andencouraged people to donate tothe Rhythmix text service ratherthan vote for X Factor acts. Inaddition we created spoof videocontent of using the Alistair unityMcGowan impersonating Simon
  32. 32. Unity garnered heavyweight celebrity support:Stephen Fry, Paul Epworth, Pearl Lowe, Lucy Rose, Simon Price, Jason GardinerArmando Iannucci, Adam Ficek, MP Caroline Lucas, Lisa Moorish, Get Cape WearCape Fly, God is In The TV, The Quietus, Ben and Jerry’s UK, CMU, New YoungPony Club, Storm Lee unity
  33. 33. Media coverage ranged from nationals like Metro, Yahoo andMSN to political blogs like Left Foot Forward and influential music unitypublications like The Quietus & Subba Cultcha
  34. 34. It took a week for Cowell to pay up and in addition… We secured an 1,988 official quote #cowellmu Facebook from Stephen stpay likes Fry which we hashtags increased used to keep by 475% the conversation going Weekly 666,000 active users hashtag increased impressions by 515% unity
  35. 35. talktome@hellounity.com www.hellounity.com t: +44 (0)207 440 9811unity