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First year-orienation-presentation-2015


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Alcohol - What parents need to know and talk to their student about before starting college at the University of New Hampshire.

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First year-orienation-presentation-2015

  1. 1. You think… My student is too young to drink Health Services
  2. 2. Average age of first alcohol use is 13 Annually, young people aged 12-20 years old drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the U.S. 90% is consumed during “binge drinking” Underage drinkers consume more drinks per drinking session than adult drinkers THINK AGAIN Health Services
  3. 3. Your student thinks… UNH is a “party school” – let’s get this party started Health Services
  4. 4.  Not everyone is drinking  College isn’t about partying  Drinking doesn’t help make new friends  Drinking won’t help you “fit in”  There is more to do than party  Study hard, play hard doesn’t work Students who buy into the hype of UNH being a “Party School” are more prone to drinking THINK AGAIN! THE PARTY IS NOT THAT BIG
  5. 5. What UNH students say… Health Services
  6. 6. UNH Students Are Choosing Not To Drink “Don’t do anything stupid, you have too much to loose.” – Ryan‘14 Health Services
  7. 7. UNH Students Support Other Wildcats “You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Never feel as though you are pressured into doing anything whether it be drinking or doing drugs. If your friends care about you and respect you, then they will support your decisions.” – Alyssa ‘15 Health Services
  8. 8. UNH Students Take Care Of Each Other Health Services “Be sure to always watch out for your buddy…travel with a trustworthy friend who you can count on when something goes wrong.” – Nick ‘14
  9. 9. UNH Students Are Making Good Choices “I am glad I knew that although Freshman year everyone thinks you have to ‘go out’ to truly get the college experience, but I found that the nights ‘in’ were the best ones.” – Kathleen ‘16 Health Services
  10. 10. UNH Students Obey the Law “Alcohol and underage drinking cause too many problems and drama.” – Ciara ‘18 Health Services
  11. 11. UNH Students Practice Low-Risk Drinking “Think before you act! Weight your consequences and make decisions based on the possible outcomes and whether or not you want to let those outcomes ruin your time at UNH.” – Alec ’16 (Alec was evicted his first year due to underage drinking in the residence hall) Health Services
  12. 12. Why are UNH students choosing to party? Health Services
  13. 13. WE’VE HEARD IT ALL  More free time  Experiencing transition & change  Desire to fit in  Availability of alcohol  Learning more about who they are  Experimenting with who they are  Taking risks Health Services
  14. 14. Consequences of high-risk drinking in college Health Services
  15. 15. LET’S NOT SUGAR COAT IT  Unintentional injuries  Illness & possible death from alcohol poisoning  Unsafe sex  Sexual assault  Academic problems  Physical problems  Increased risk for suicide & homicide  Abuse and dependence Health Services
  16. 16. UNH is committed to creating a campus that supports learning, health & safety Health Services
  17. 17. WHAT WE PROVIDE  Clear policies that are enforced  Ongoing education  Chemical-free living option  Supporting students in recovery  Engaging educational programs  Counseling & support services Health Services
  18. 18. Health Services
  19. 19. Start the conversation now and continue it… Health Services
  20. 20. Families have a significant influence on college students Health Services
  21. 21. Be honest about your own alcohol & other drugs use Health Services
  22. 22. Ask questions and listen... Health Services
  23. 23. ? What are your goals at UNH? ? How will you decide whether or not to drink? ? What if your roommate just wants to party? ? How will you cope with the pressure to drink and use other drugs? ? How will you know when and how to help a friend who has had too much to drink? Health Services
  24. 24. Help your student transition into life at UNH Health Services
  25. 25. TOPIC STARTERS  Expectations  Balancing academics and social life  Legal drinking age is STILL 21  UNH’s commitment to a safe & healthy campus  UNH resources  Getting involved Health Services
  26. 26. First 6 Weeks at UNH… Health Services
  27. 27. …can be a little crazy. Health Services
  28. 28. Stay in touch Health Services
  29. 29. Keep the conversation going Health Services
  30. 30. Reinforce positive behaviors Health Services
  31. 31. Share your concerns Health Services
  32. 32. Keep asking questions Health Services
  33. 33. Listen Health Services
  34. 34. Reach out for help, call Health Services. Health Services
  35. 35. HEALTH SERVICES Medical care & wellness education/counseling services (603) 862-WELL (9355) We’re located across Main Street from Holloway Commons Visit our table at the Resource Fair