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Implementing the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of ICH in Cyprus


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Cyprus – Ms. Thekla Papantoniou, Officer Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO

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Implementing the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of ICH in Cyprus

  2. 2. • Ratification : 2006• Submission of national Report: December2012• Stakeholders involved in theimplementation:Ministry of Education and Culture: fundingprogrammes, education & capacitybuilding, monitoringCyprus Research Center: InventoryingCyprus National Commission for UNESCO:Coordination, Reporting & externalrelationsAcademic Experts (University of Cyprus):advise, proposals for measures,nomination files, committee meetingsSTATUS OF THE CONVENTION
  3. 3. Elements of the ICH of Cyprus•Published in 2012•Based on Oral Tradition Archive(interviews, recordings etc)•Cyprus Research CenterCyprus National Commission for UNESCO•Funded by the A.G.Leventis FoundationNATIONAL INVENTORY
  4. 4. Contents• Oral Traditions• Performing Arts• Social Customs &Ceremonies• Knowledge & practicesconcerning nature &the universe• Handicrafts
  5. 5. Lefkara laces• Inscribed on the List in 2009• Annual Festival at Lefkara• Lace making classes by expertlocal embroiders• Museum of Folk Art at Lefkara:archival material about thehistory, manufacture and tradeof Lefkara laces -> digitizationin progress• Documentary film:“Lefkara Lace: Before memoriesfade” (2012, 56 min)
  6. 6. by students of the Lefkara PrimarySchoolHANDMADE DOLLS
  7. 7. ‘Tsiattista’poetic duelling• Inscribed in 2011• Annual festival in June• Information & awarenesssraising event for theinscription of the element(May 2012, organised by theMunicipality of Larnaka &the National Commissionfor UNESCO)
  8. 8. (a) Cyprus Handicraft Center:Lessons(b) Lifelong Learning Programmese.g. Lefkaritika(c) Training of teachers oftraditional dance-lectures by academics (history,ethnography, cultural anthropology,ethnomusicology, education, etc)-parallel educational activities relatedto traditional cultureEDUCATION
  9. 9. Training inContemporary Applications of Traditional Crafts• Grampus Organisation (UK)• funded by the EU Leonardo daVinci scheme• placements in Bulgaria, Cyprus,Slovakia, Ireland and Romania• Transmission of skills:Basket makingWood carvingPotteryMosaic makingVisits to handicraft centres andmuseumsTraditional sweets and foodpreparationFolklore museum items restorationDesign of cultural trail signs
  10. 10. Contemporary Applications of Traditional CraftsAIMS•identify and proposemodifications to the craftproducts•Combine contemporaryapplication & traditionalcharacter•increase the market value ofproducts-> make them more saleablein modern market-> give incentives to youngerpeople to learn-> ensure conservation of thecrafts in the long term-> Duration: 4 weeks20 May – 16 June 2013
  11. 11. Lefkaritika into fashionMay 201250 costumes created over the last 3 years
  12. 12. Cultural itinerariesin CyprusICH AND TOURISM
  13. 13. • Cyprus Tourism Organisation• Thematic visits to communities with atraditional charactere.g.Wine Routes• theme of vineyards and wine• visits to traditional settlementsmuseums of folk art, wine presses etc.• Organisation of annual wine festivalsTransportation free of charge• Traditional products made of grapejuiceMore info: CULTURAL ROUTES
  14. 14. • Weekend packages for locals- accommodation (incl.traditionalagrotourist settlements)- guided tour in the area (incl.placesassociated with ICH)- restauration (choise of traditionalrestaurants)-> contact with practitioners-> awareness raising-> bolstering local economies-> improvement of infrastructures-> investment in ICHLink: SHORT ESCAPES
  15. 15. Agrotourism settlementsLefkaraMore in: Villages of Limassol
  16. 16. Gastronomic TourismCross-border CooperationProgramme “Greece – Cyprus2007 – 2013” – EU + nationalfunding•Centres of Local GastronomyEstablishment of “Centre ofwine & gastronomy” (at Vouni- Wine villages of Limassol,March 2013)•Improvement of the WineRoutes in the Troodos andPaphos district•Mapping of culinary traditionsper region•Exhibitions and informationweeks for professionals in thetourist industry and localenterprises
  17. 17. ‘Handicraftour’Cross-border CooperationProgramme “Greece – Cyprus2007 – 2013” – EU + nationalfunding•Joint project:Lefkara and Chios (Greece)-> promotion of culturalheritage and tourism in theircommunities•encourage the craftsmen toimprove the quality of theirproducts•Exhibitions & trainingworkshops for thetransmission of craftsmaking•Enhance visibility: online andprint material•exchange of good practices
  18. 18. -> transformation & adaptationICH = LIVINGHERITAGE
  19. 19. Thekla PapantoniouCyprus National Commission for YOU!