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Jim Andrews, Deputy Chief Executive Business Support, Victim Support Scotland

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Victim Support Scotland

  1. 1. Victim Support ScotlandPresentation to UNDP Conference “Judicial Reforms and the Empowerment of Victims” Zagreb 28/29 November 2012
  2. 2. Overview• Scotland – Statistical Information• History and Structures – of VSS• National and local Government• Funding Arrangements• Referral Systems –Victims & Witnesses• Use of Volunteers• The Future
  3. 3. Our Core Values & Beliefs• Independent• Open• Free• Confidential• Volunteer led• Accessible• High in Value• Highest Quality
  4. 4. Scotland• Population 5.4 Million• 78,789 Square kilometres• 5 Major Cities• Scottish Government & Parliament• 32 Local Government Regions• 8 Police Forces (Move to One April 2013)• One Crown & Prosecution Service• 500,000 Victims of crime per year
  5. 5. Victim Support Scotland• 1981 First Victim Scheme• 1985 Victim Support Scotland established• 1998 31 Area Services created• 1999 Witness Service created• 2003 Roll out across Scotland• 2007 Moved to One Charity Status• 2012 145 Staff 725 Volunteers
  6. 6. How is Victim Service Managed• 97% of Referrals from Police Service• Moving towards Automated Data Transfer• 100,000 Referrals per year• Initial Assessment by Staff• Volunteer allocated• Case Managed under staff supervision
  7. 7. Assessment Framework• Information from referral agency• Initial brief questions with the victim• Ongoing assessment – Life, Practical, Social, Physical and Emotional- Self completion questionnaire- 12 months before, now and 4 weeks after the crime- Package of support developed
  8. 8. Court Based Witness Service• 2001 Roll out across Scotland• All Sheriff and High Courts• COPFS – Referrals in Serious Cases• Initial Contact – Assessment• Pre court familiarisation visit• Support on the day• No knowledge of details of case
  9. 9. Staff Volunteer Ratio• Glasgow (592820) Staff- 9 Vol. 65• Edinburgh(486120) Staff - 8 Vol.37• Aberdeen (217120) Staff - 5 Vol.29• Dundee (144290) Staff - 4 Vol.20• Inverness (56,660) Staff- 5 Vol. 17
  10. 10. Scottish Parliament• Established in 2006• Delegated powers• Concordat with 32 local Authorities• Partnerships with VSS• Relationships• Funding
  11. 11. European Directive• Right to Information• Right to understand and be understood• Service Standards• Feeling supported• Vulnerability• Feeling Safe• Feeling involved• Make offenders pay• Victims surcharge
  12. 12. The Future• People bereaved through crime• Support to Children and Young People• 24/7 service
  13. 13. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a first few steps