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28 admir pajic

  1. 1. Rural electrification UNDP Croatia
  2. 2. Objective: To provide electricity to families living in remote rural areas in a way that is cost-effective, environment-friendly and sustainable for the people
  3. 3. • Main focus are households or villages located in the isolated areas of the country which lie at reasonable distance from the national or regional electricity grid. • The goal is to show that renewable energy systems can provide energy to those households in a economically and technically viable alternative against convetional systems(or primary option for some rural areas)
  4. 4. • Social benefits: At the household level, electricity is mainly used for powering light bulbs, fans, television sets, access to • information, communication and health care is facilitated by the powering of computers and phones(mobile phones can charge)
  5. 5. • Economical benefits: 1 kilometer of grid cca. 200.000,00 kn (cca 26.000,00 Euro) • 1 household off grid PV system 2.5 kW – 50.000 kn (6.666,00 Euro) • Mostly 1-3 houses are ‘’forgotten’’ in rural areas
  6. 6. Methodology • 1.step : • data,data,data(general problem no data of villages without electricity) • Solution was to do it step by step, contacting all the counties involved to get information of villages or households without electricity
  7. 7. Answer:
  8. 8. • 4 local municipalities: Karlovčka ,Ličko senjska,Sisačko moslavačka,Zadarska • 65 counties (communities) • 38 villages located
  9. 9. Step 2 : Fieldwork(collecting data)
  10. 10. Analysis(tool)
  11. 11. • Future plans(which are in motion) are to install 2 PV systems of 2.5kW each in 2 villages to prove and show the benefits of rural electrification with renewable energy • To make a methodology that can be used to solve the problem of rural electrification nation wide.
  12. 12. Thank you for your patience Jelena Kremenjaš Admir Pajić Lin Herenčić Kenan Šećerović