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13 undp montenegro power sector policy reform to promote small hydro


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13 undp montenegro power sector policy reform to promote small hydro

  1. 1. Jelena Janjusevic UNDP Montenegro
  2. 2. GEF funded Total budet: 1,018.393 USD Period of implementation: 2008-2013
  3. 3. Achieved results: Support to the Ministry of Economy in developing of the legal framework for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Provision of technical support to the Hydrometeorological Institute for collection of hydrology data, as well as two Hydrological reports to the Ministry of Economy Creation of a technical study “Distributed Source connection and operation in the electric power system of Montenegro”
  4. 4. Achieved results ROADMAP for potential investors in RES in Montenegro - steps from submitting application for a concession to getting construction permit, construction and setting in operation a small hydropower plant Template for the Local Energy Plan (LEP) and prepared LEPs for three Municipalities Development of conceptual design for the construction of a mini hydro power plant at the main water supply system in Andrijevica 
  5. 5. Recommendations Ministry of Economy to allocate adequate resources and assistance to maintain momentum of SHPP development after the completion of the Small Hydro Power Project. Use the lessons learned from this Project to accelerate development of other Renewable Energy sources in Montenegro The Government - to remove bottlenecks to the development of SSHP concessions in Montenegro
  6. 6. Recommendations Plan for private sector investment in hydrometric data collection Government to address its need for investment into the upgrading of its grid network to secure the safe absorption of power from various renewable energy sources Improve the prospects of financing availability for Small Hydro Power Projects Ministry of Economy should obligate Small Hydro Power Project concessionaires to monitor and report on construction quality of Small Hydro Power Projects to international standards and to perform Monitoring, Reporting and Verification functions on power generation