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12 undp kosovo ee_zg

  1. 1. LECRDS Kosovo EE Piloting in Dragash Promotion of EE – support to KEEA
  2. 2. Planning for LECRDS Kosovo Phase 1: Assessment Phase Phase 2: Joint Vision Development Phase 3: Development Strategy Phase 4: Fine-tuning First roundtable IMWG (March 2013) Focusing on project objectives, joint problem definition, and first assessment of ideas and solutions Second roundtable IMWG (June 2013) Focusing on the development of a joint vision for the strategy and identification of major obstacles to reach this vision + priority interventions Third roundtable IMWG (July 2013) Comparison and evaluation of alternative interventions based on Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) Fourth roundtable IMWG (Oct 2014) Draft LEDS and NAS: Feedback and discussion focusing on finalisation of the Strategy for Kosovo
  3. 3. EE Piloting in Dragash • Workshops with village working groups on installation of solar panels for water heating
  4. 4. AKTIVITETET EE Piloting in Dragash • Training for private sector and local administration on implementation of EE measures in public buildings.
  5. 5. EE Street lighting in Dragash • Main street 3.5 km -120 LED lamps / 50 W
  6. 6. Promotion of EE – Support to KEAA (Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency) • Applied models and best practices from the Energy Efficiency Project in Croatia. • National educational EE campaign in media • Education of children in primary schools • EE Info corners • EE web site