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EU funding instruments of support to strengthening victims' rights


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European Commission DG JUSTICE

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EU funding instruments of support to strengthening victims' rights

  1. 1. VICTIMS’ RIGHTS EU funding instruments of support to strengthening victims rights28 November 2012 UNDP conference "Judicial Reform and the Empowerment of Victims"
  2. 2. EU funding on victims through:In the area of Criminal Justice:• Criminal Justice Support Programme (JPEN)• Daphne III to combat violence against children, young people and womenIn the area of Home Affairs – crime prevention:• Prevention of and Fight against Crime (trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation etc.)
  3. 3. JPEN & Daphne III - Key figures• Duration: 2007-2013• Implementing service: DG Justice• Total budget: • JPEN: 196 million Euros • Daphne: 123 million Euros• Annual budget 2013: • JPEN: 27,5 million Euros (grants: 15M) • Daphne: 18,5 million Euros (grants: 16M)
  4. 4. JPEN ObjectivesTo promote judicial cooperation in the field ofcriminal justice by promoting the compatibility of rules; improving contacts and exchange of information and best practice between practitioners; improving training of the members of the judiciary; strengthening mutual trust with a view to protecting the rights of victims and the accused.
  5. 5. Daphne III ObjectivesTo fight all forms of violence againstwomen, children and young people  By preventing violence;  By providing support to victims and groups at risk.
  6. 6. Funding possibilities• Action grants – Funding for transnational projects• Operating grants – Annual work programme of NGOs with Europe-wide coverage• Procurement contracts through tenders – Commission initiatives (studies, events etc.)
  7. 7. Action grants – Transnational projectsWho can participate?• Non-profit-making public or private organisations and institutions (NGOs, public authority or institution, universities, research centres)• Partnership of at least two organisations from EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway (and Croatia for JPEN)  Non-EU Member States can participate if they have agreed with EU on financial contribution (MOU), otherwise participate as associate partners on a no- cost basis.
  8. 8. Action grants – Transnational projectsFunding Rules • Minimum 2 partners • Project duration: max 24 months • EC funding up to 80% of total cost • Minimum EC grant: € 75.000 • No maximum amount
  9. 9. JPEN action grant priorities 2013• Supporting victims of crime to facilitate the implementation of the legislation on victims’ rights focusing on how the needs of victims can best be met.• Procedural rights and defence rights in criminal proceedings and detention conditions• European Judicial training of European legal practitioners• Networking and exchanging best practice among practitioners• e-Justice
  10. 10. Daphne III action grants priorities 2013• Support for victims of violence• Violence linked to harmful practices• Children as victims and/or witnesses of violence in close or intimate relationships• Children as victims of bullying at school• Perpetrator interventions and victim protection measures• Prevention of violence against children, young people and women through projects targeting attitudinal and behavioural changes in the context of sexualisation• Awareness raising on violence against women
  11. 11. Typical actions that can be funded• Capacity building and training of professionals and NGOs;• Setting up and supporting multidisciplinary networks;• Expansion of the knowledge base and exchange, identification and dissemination of information and good practice;• Conferences and seminars;• Designing and testing awareness-raising and educational materials;• Targeted awareness-raising actions;• Research and data collection;• Developing and implementing support programmes for victims and people at risk and intervention programmes for perpetrators.
  12. 12. Operating grantsPurpose: Co-financing the annual work programmeof organisations with a “European dimension” andEuropean NGO networks. • Minimum 10 MS covered • Duration: 12 months (accounting year) • EC funding up to 80% of total cost • Maximum EC grant: € 250.000
  13. 13. Multiannual financial framework 2014-2020?• The Commission proposal to streamline current programmes into a Justice Programme and a Rights and Citizenship Programme.• Total budget proposed 2014-2020:• Justice Programme (incl. JPEN) – €475 million• Rights and Citizenship Programme (incl. Daphne) – €442 millionNO changes to funding rules or participation
  14. 14. Where to find information?European Commission DG JUSTICE homepage(calls, annual work programmes): system (online application tool):