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  • You need intagible projects to make the tangible one sustainable and not for them to be only project related investmnets wihtout continuation, without making sure that someone can continue where you stoped!
  • We cannot invest into every ee/res project outhere but we can contribute to create a favorable environment for those investments!
  • Complex admin structure in BiH (all of them are relevant for Energy/EE in public buildings)
  • - 200.000€ + addiitonal 100.000€ cofinancing (all through UNDP, UNDP as a hub)
  • Capacity Building – Development and capacity building of Environmental protection fund and energy professionals.
    Institutionalization of energy management – Institutionalization of energy, costs and emission management in public sector buildings.
    Legislative framework – Creating a favorable environment for financing EE measures in public sector buildings.
    Infrastructure measures – Implementation of infrastructural energy efficiency measures in public buildings.
    Public awareness – increasing public awareness on energy efficiency
  • 10 undp bi h sust energy in see - sanjin avdic undp co bih 071213

    1. 1. Institutionalization of Energy Management in public sector buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanjin Avdić Sector Leader, Energy and Environment UNDP CO BiH
    2. 2. Understanding Bosnia and Herzegovina • Complex administrative structure • Reflection to the energy and environment sector • Low RES utilization (high potential for biomass, hydro, wind and solar); high energy conservation potential (a strategic approach to EE is missing) • Challenges for BiH to fulfill its obligations (multilateral agreements – UNFCCC, En Comm Treaty...) • Laws, by-laws, regulations, mechanisms... (intangible)! • Infrastructure projects (tangible)!
    3. 3. UNDP CO BiH - CORELATION OVERVIEW OF PAST AND PRESENT ACTIVITES tangible tangible intangible & intangible & tangible tangible
    4. 4. „PILOT PROJECTS“ 2010 - 2013 •A total of 38 replicable EE/RES pilot projects in public sector implemented •2.9m € total value of EE/RES investments •Government share – 1.4m € •Annual public budget savings – 500.000 €/a •Average return on investment – 5.8 years •Annual CO2 reduction – 2,200 t/CO2 a •A total of 664 man/months of employment achieved by implementation of EE/RES measures that created €350,000 worth in salaries
    5. 5. „INSTITUTIONALIZATION of ENERGY MANAGEMENT“ in 2013 •Initiation of GED project – GREEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Project goals: 1.to institutionalize energy management - to develop and achieve a reliable and sustainable energy monitoring and reporting system 2.to create a systematic approach to energy mngt and EE/RES investment decision making 3.to enable preconditions for launching public works / generate employment THE KEY – creating an favorable environment for investments in energy efficiency/RES in public sector buildings!
    6. 6. APPROACH comprehensive approach bottom-up approach
    7. 7. „INSTITUTIONALIZATION of ENERGY MANAGEMENT“ in 2013 Cooperation with our Partners: •State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MoFTER) •Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska •Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of RS •Ministry of Education and Culture of RS •Ministry of Spatial Planning of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) •Environmental Protection Fund of FBiH •Unsko – Sanski Canton, Tuzlanski Canton
    8. 8. „INSTITUTIONALIZATION of ENERGY MANAGEMENT“ in 2013 • Development of a systematic approach to energy mngt and EE investment decision making of Environmental Fund of FBiH Three RES/fuel switch projects (fossil to biomass)
    9. 9. „INSTITUTIONALIZATION of ENERGY MANAGEMENT“ in 2013 • Systematic approach to energy mngt and EE investment decision making applications received 1st shortlisting & EMIS 2st shortlisting & detailed energy audits decision made to invest into four projects (two have been planned!)
    10. 10. „INSTITUTIONALIZATION of ENERGY MANAGEMENT“ 2014 - 2018 Project partners: •Environmental Fund of FBiH (EE related project cooperation from mid-2013) •Environmental and Energy Efficiecny Fund of RS (EE related project cooperation expected in mid2014) Activities: •Coopeation on five-year Programme on EE/RES in both Entities (FBiH & RS) •Programme “Capacity building and cost reduction in public sector buildings in FBIH/RS through increased energy efficiency, energy management and reduction of emissions“
    11. 11. Five Programme Components
    12. 12. Compatible / aligning activities
    13. 13. Compatible / aligning activities • CC Adap & LEDS of BiH – First official BiH state level adopted document on energy/environment • Provides the basis for EE/RES public sector building projects (incl. district heating, electricity generation and transport) • Provides the basis for potenatial NAMAs projects • NAMA body in BiH (to be established)! • MRV and Biomass agreement templates – GEF 4 project
    14. 14. UNDP CO BiH - CORELATION OVERVIEW OF PAST AND PRESENT ACTIVITES • Goal to create a self-sustainable energy mngt system by combining the tangible (infrastructure project) and intangible (processes, mechanisms, regulations)
    15. 15. Thank you for your attention! Sanjin Avdić Sector Leader, Energy and Environment UNDP CO BiH sanjin.avdic@undp.org +387 62 334 096