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Amy Haddad: Difficulty Paper Handout for Students


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Sample Difficulty Paper Assignment for the PHA 456 Ethics in the Health Professions course in a DPham program.

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Amy Haddad: Difficulty Paper Handout for Students

  1. 1. PHA 456 Ethics in the Health Professions Small Group Writing Assignment – Difficulty Paper Directions: After your group has finished viewing and evaluating all of your group’s videotapes, work individually and together as the directions indicate to complete the following tasks. Choose someone in the group to take notes and type up your difficulty paper. A hard copy of the paper is due in the class period after your small group meets, and [a virtual copy will be posted] by class time on the same date. Indicate on the paper the name of the group, secretary, and members of the group. The secretary is responsible for submitting the paper and for distributing copies of the paper to each member of the group. Everyone in the group will receive the same grade for the paper (worth 4 points/paper for a total of 12 possible points). Step One: Take a few minutes to individually think about what was the most difficult part of the clinical simulation. You can just name these or write them down. The secretary should keep track of the discussion. Share what you have written with each other and see if there is any common ground regarding the difficulties you have identified. If there are commonalities, focus on one of them. If not, choose one of the difficulties that is of interest to the group and focus on it as you discuss the following questions. (1 pt) Step Two: Why was this difficult? You may brainstorm here and just write down the general discussion of why you found the problem difficult. (1 pt) Step Three: Discuss ideas about what you could do to resolve this. What plans would help you come to terms with it whatever the difficulty is? Agree on one plan that you think is the best resolution and write this down. (1 pt) Step Four: Now look at the resolution that you have all agreed is the best and propose arguments that someone could make against your choice. Write down one of these arguments and how you would respond to it. (1 pt)