High Tunnel Strawberries 2012


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by Jerry Untiedt

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High Tunnel Strawberries 2012

  1. 1. High TunnelStrawberry Production Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm, INC. Jerry Untiedt Waverly, MN
  2. 2. Our History• Our farm has been working with High Tunnel crop production for over 30 years• We have grown “non-covered production” strawberries for many years• We enjoyed selling June-bearing strawberries but there are limitations
  3. 3. Day Neutral Strawberries• A strawberry to fill a unique market niche• Growth results with outside culture• Began to investigate High Tunnel Strawberry production
  4. 4. How are High Tunnel Strawberries Grown?• Began to investigate this culture• How does the rest of the Day Neutral world produce these berries?• What style of production lends itself to Minnesota?
  5. 5. Getting Started with Strawberries in High Tunnels• Select your site• Design a Soils Analysis and Management Plan• Select your varieties- investigate, visit, network
  6. 6. Market and Enterprise Analysis• Recognize the “Harvest Window”• Understanding the Market• Develop a PLAN to sell your berries PROFITABLY• Realize the potential- know your costs!
  7. 7. Success Begins with the Basics
  8. 8. • Learn the Sequences• Think about what can go wrong• Amend before it is too late
  9. 9. Considering Cultural Needs• Type of culture • Supplies• Irrigation type and • Machinery Needs water demand • Fail Safe Back Up-• Supplemental consultants, analysis amending equipment- services, other experts venturis, etc.
  10. 10. Let the Work Continue• Prepare the soil• Pull the bed, lay the tape and plastic mulch• Hook up the irrigation system• Test * Test * Test
  11. 11. Put the Plants in the Ground• Take care of the plants• Layout row and plant • Amend roots to spacing accommodate your planting• Mark the spacing-string, dibble wheel, spacing • Be there, Be Hands On, sticks Do it the Right Way• Obtain or manufacture • Irrigate planting tool
  12. 12. Baby the Crop• Monitor the soil moisture • Remove the runners- at• Watch the temperatures least every 30 days and humidity • Take a tissue sample –• Be prepared to control Amend as necessary the variables, frost, weeds, etc… • Scout for plant diseases and pests• Remove the blossoms for the first six weeks
  13. 13. Keep It Healthy and Growing• Sanitation • Ask an expert• Ventilation • Tissue Test and Analyze Again• Walk the crop – aisle by aisle every day • Amend as Necessary
  14. 14. Penny Wise – Dollar Foolish• Manage for the max• Don’t cut corners• Get ready for the harvest….taste those early berries
  15. 15. Harvest Time Is Here! • Train your crew – work with them • Maintain your quality • Take care of the harvest- take care of your workers
  16. 16. Sales Perspectives• Only show on the block – you are unique• How did you think to ASK SO MUCH?• Educate your buyer
  17. 17. The Day Neutral Season Continued • Keep it clean • Keep it healthy • Keep it under control • Keep it harvested
  18. 18. Fall is Approaching• How long do we want to harvest?• To keep the crop for another season….or?• Frost Preparedness• When the REAL cold arrives• If you have chosen to keep them- cover them up
  19. 19. In the Spring • Harvest opportunities- early or late • Unique crop management opportunities • Decision Time: Summer Crop – yes or no
  20. 20. Summer and Continuing Cycles• How am I doing?• Is it worth while to keep this crop growing?• Our experience indicates mixed results
  21. 21. More High Tunnel Strawberry ?’s Food for thoughT• How do we crop rotate?• Can we grow strawberries on strawberries?• Bio-fumigants• Organic matter depletion
  22. 22. Thank You andGood Luck Growing!