Hunger in the Dogon of Mali


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A cooperative effort led by Dr. Claudius Vincenz & Dr. Beverly Strassmann from Ann Arbor, Michigan; Dr. Diana Strassmann, Dr. Anne Chao, & Dr. Kimberly Hoang from Houston, Texas; Hands Across the Water ( in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Mr. Anagaly Ogobara Dolo ( from Sevare, Mali.

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    Dr. Claudius Vincenz, Dr. Beverly Strassmann, Diana Strassman, Anna Chao and Dr. Kimberly Hoang

    Great and forward-thinking work in Dogon Country! Good to get the millet for planting and sustenance for the villagers who have run out to survive until the November/December harvest.

    Beautiful photos and fine scholarship and analysis of the Dogons’ nutrition needs thank you to Dr. Claudius Vincenz and Dr. Beverly Strassmann of Ann Arbor and Diana Strassman, Anna Chao and Dr. Kimberly Hoang of the Houston contingent Hands Across the Water.

    At the end of May, Jeannie and Sid Kamerman and Pat Clark and Judy Saye Kopanic sent 2,000 dollars to our liaison in Tireli to set up a micro-enterprise, Tereli: Working Toward Our Dreams (Travalliant Vers Nos Rêves). Only 1,000 dollars will actually go to the women and men of the village because of an immediate need for millet for food and for planting.

    To which villages was the millet successfully distributed to the poor and extremely poor families on March 3th of this year?

    Pat Clark and Judy Saye Kopanic
    (415) 433-3193
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Hunger in the Dogon of Mali

  1. 1. Hunger in the Dogon of MaliA cooperative effort led by Dr. Claudius Vincenz & Dr. Beverly Strassmann from AnnArbor, Michigan; Dr. Diana Strassmann, Dr. Anne Chao, & Dr. Kimberly Hoangfrom Houston, Texas; Hands Across the Water ( in Ann Arbor,Michigan, and Mr. Anagaly Ogobara Dolo ( from Sevare, Mali. photo © Beverly Strassmann
  2. 2. Location Dogon country islocated in the semi-arid thorn savannahregion of West Africaknown as the Sahel. Dogon Country Map courtesy Nations Online Project
  3. 3. The Bandiagara Cliff:A United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site.  Dogon country is situated along the Bandiagara cliff.  We are focusing our food relief on twelve villages that have a relatively sustainable agricultural future and low migration to cities. Photo: Beverly Strassmann
  4. 4. Women Dancing photo © Claudius Vincenz
  5. 5. SubsistenceMillet Farming Onion Gardening(for cash to buymillet)Both harvests failedin 2011 leaving the A typical Dogon village photo © Claudius VincenzDogon peoplewithout food until thenext harvest inOctober 2012.2011 was the worstharvest in nearly 30 Pearl Millet Cropyears. Harvested Millet
  6. 6. Rain DanceIn 2011, the rains failed in most of the Sahel. photo © Claudius Vincenz
  7. 7. The Children of Dogon Country In some villages only 10% of children attend school School quality is low and parents must buy school supplies Dogon Children photo © Vincenz Young girls playing under a granary roof. A young mother with her children photo (top) Claudius Vincenz
  8. 8. Child Malnutrition Children are at extreme risk for malnutrition. Elderly widows are also at great risk. Young Dogon children photo © Beverly Strassmann photo © Claudius Vincenz
  9. 9. Challenges photo © Claudius Vincenz Current aid efforts do not reach these remote villages. A war in Northern Mali involving the Tuareg ethnic group is consuming preciously needed government resources and decreasing revenues from tourism. Food prices are rapidly rising in response to high regional demand. In one month, there may be no millet available for purchase.
  10. 10. Dogon children dancing for rain. photo © Claudius Vincenz
  11. 11. Food Distribution Plan Goals  Contact millet traders and shippers for bids  Negotiate a final price  Deliver food directly to the villages by truck Photo © Beverly Strassmann  Provide on site supervision of food distribution These measures ensure that the food will actually reach the people, with no possibility for diversion or re-sale of the provisions
  12. 12. Estimated Food Need for 12 Villages• 0.65 kg millet/person/day is needed assuming 2100 kcal/person/day with 80% of kcal coming from millet.• Population size of the 12 villages = 10,256.• Food needs to last 3 months or 90 days.• Thus, 600 metric tonnes (1000 kg each) of millet are needed.• At 20 metric tonnes per truck, this comes to 30 trucks.
  13. 13. Monitoring and Evaluation We will monitor the height and weight of children in one of the villages. Measurements will take place before and after the hunger season, permitting evaluation of the success of the food relief effort. A final report will be prepared for donors.
  14. 14. Estimated Food Costs• A 1 0 0 kg s a c k o f m i l l e t c o s t s 25 , 0 0 0 C FA .• O n e t r u c k h o l d s 20 , 0 0 0 kg .• E a c h t r u c k l o a d c o s t s 5 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 C FA ( i n c l u d e s d e l i v e r y t o d e s t i n a t i o n)• E x c h a n g e R a t e i s 4 9 0 C FA p e r $• E a c h t r u c k l o a d c o s t s $ 1 0 , 20 4 + $ 4 2 w i r i n g fee• TOTA L C O S T / T R U C K = $ 1 0 , 2 4 6
  15. 15. Funding Ledger Funds raised so far = $160,000 Cost of 30 trucks @ $10,246 / truck = $307,380 Trucks needed per village (average) ~ 2.5 Villages covered so far: 6 ¼ Amount needed to help 5 ¾ additional villages: $147,380  Cost/Village: $25,615  Cost/Truck: $10,246  Cost/Person for 3 months: $33 (37¢/day)
  16. 16. Millet Distribution March 03, 2012Photos © Kimberly Hoang
  17. 17. photo © Claudius Vincenz
  18. 18. photo © Vincenz
  19. 19. photo © Kimberly Hoang
  20. 20. photo © Kimberly Hoang
  21. 21. photo ©Kimberly Hoang
  22. 22. Photo © Kimberly Hoang
  23. 23. Donations through Hands Across the Water (donations are tax-deductible) By CheckBy Wire (fastest option) (funds via check may not reach Mali on time, in which case they would be used for a foot-bridge in Mali) Key Bank  Hands Across the Water ABA# 041001039  Attention: Dogon Project Swift code KeyBus33  2890 Carpenter Rd. Ste. 600 Account # 222551000136 Hands Across  Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA The Water  Bank address  Phone: 734 477 0135 3848 South State Street Ann Arbor MI 48107
  24. 24. Direct Wires (not tax deductible)(all funds will be used for millet distribution to villages) • CLAUDIUS VINCENZ • ACCOUNT # 025075289101 • S W I F T: A F R I M L B A • AB A: ML045 • WINDOW: 01003 • CLE RIB: 79 • A D D Y: B A N K O F M A L I , 4 1 8 AV E N U E D E L A MARNE, BAM AKO, ML
  25. 25. Thank You! Photo © Kimberly Hoang
  26. 26. U.S. ComparisonT h e U n i t e d S t a t e s f o o d s u p p l y i n 20 0 0p r o v i d e d 3 , 8 0 0 kc a l p e r p e r s o n p e r d a y, o ft h i s 1 , 1 0 0 kc a l w e r e l o s t ( s p o i l a g e , p l a t ewaste, cooking related losses etc.) andd i e t a r y i n t a ke i n 20 0 0 w a s a b o u t 2 , 7 0 0 kc a lp e r p e r s o n p e r d a y.