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Commercial water features and commercial water displays company Nebraska 816-500-4198


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The Mason Co and Dionysia Artificers are one of the leading Water Feature and Fountain Specialists in Midwest region specially Nebraska having knowledge & flair in providing the most diverse water feature designs & displays. We create bespoke water features and fountains using glass, stone, steels and recycled materials. Creating water effects for indoor, out door, residential and commercials projects. As specialists in our field we work throughout the Midwest including Nebraska, Arkansas, Des Moines IA, Springfield IL, Denver Co, Missouri, Memphis TN, Nashville TN Working with architects, garden designers and construction companies.

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Commercial water features and commercial water displays company Nebraska 816-500-4198

  1. 1. 816-500-4198
  2. 2. The Mason Co and Dionysian Artificers prides itself as an exciting innovative company that strives to provide the future of bespoke water feature and fountain design with dynamic specialist solutions to all specifications. Our company, The Mason Co and Dionysian Artificers uses its own in-house designs and ideas to create innovative and exciting commercial water displays and commercial water features of the highest standard to stand in time. At the heart of the company is a team of specialists with the distinctive blend of disciplines of creative design, technical expertise and engineering excellence.
  3. 3. The Mason Co and Dionysian Artificers design and built inspirational water features, sculptures and fountains from a variety of materials and have created amazing bespoke water features in different environments including private gardens & commercial company premises. More information on how we work through your project / budget / contact us for estimates 816-500-4198 - and on the gallery page there are images and links to detailed pages of various projects we've completed over the last few years Some current projects we have recently completed below
  4. 4. It is important to us that you understand the various water conditioning systems we offer and how they differ from other water feature companies in Midwest. We provide options which come with different prices and advantages. We believe The Mason Co and Dionysian Artificers are the only water feature specialist in the Midwest to offer our comprehensive water conditioning systems at the prices we offer. Nothing beats our competitive pricing. Designs Include: Water Walls & Sculpture, Mirror and Reflection Water Pools, Ripple Water Features, Monolithic Fountains, Animated Fountains to Streams, Lakes and Koi Ponds, Landscape Water Features, Pond Aeration, Architectural Fountains and Pool Installation … etc. WE DO IT ALL: Design Materials Include: Glass, Stone, Steels Mirrors, Plastics, and Recycled Products.
  5. 5. With our wide range of offerings, we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing top-quality services, exceptional individualized attention and unrivaled customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how THE MASON CO AND DIONYSIAN ARTIFICERS can create the garden of your dreams! 816-500-4198 OTHER SERVICES OFFER: MASONRY PRESERVATION AND RESTORATION , BRICK AND STONE MASONRY , HISTORIC FOUNTAIN RESTORATION , WATERPROOFING etc. AREAS SERVED: NEBRASKA, DES MOINES IA, SPRINGFIELD IL, MEMPHIS TN, NASHVILLE TN, MO, ARKANSAS, DENVER CO