Holiday Marketing Boot Camp


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This presentation includes Holiday shopping trends as well as several digital marketing ideas to implement on both email and social

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Holiday Marketing Boot Camp

  1. 1. CRM Learning Series Holiday Marketing Boot Camp September 2013 Presented by Bridget Ferris Eric Roe Social Marketing Manager Sr. Manager, CRM Solutions
  2. 2. 2012 Shopping Trends When Is The Bulk Of Holiday Shopping Done? Despite the big push for sales during the Black Friday shopping events, consumers generally waited until a little later to purchase before the holidays started. 20% 18% 47% 16% Before Black Friday During Black Friday A few weeks before holidays start A few days before holidays start Source: UMGD Artist Analysis & Research 2012 Holiday Shopping Report
  3. 3. 2012 Shopping Trends Purchase Decision Process 20% 50% 15% 15% Know exactly what I will be getting Have an idea and make a decision while shopping Purchase on impulse Purchase on recommendations from friends/ family In general, people had a general idea of what they wanted to purchase but decided only while they were shopping. Source: UMGD Artist Analysis & Research 2012 Holiday Shopping Report
  4. 4. 2012 Shopping Trends Holiday Gifts 64% 62% 40% 32% 30% 15% 10% 20% Apparel Gift cards Entertainment Electronics Music Home furnishings Mobile devices Other The majority of consumers purchased apparel or gift cards for their holiday shopping. The purchases were mainly done in a physical store, though over 1/3 of respondents purchased their gifts online via a computer. Source: UMGD Artist Analysis & Research 2012 Holiday Shopping Report
  5. 5. 2012 Shopping Trends Music Purchase Decision Source The decision to buy music was mostly driven either through a recommendation from someone they knew or as a direct request by the recipient. 40% 21% 16% 9% 7% 7% 5% 4% 2% 28% Friend/ relative recommended Store sale Online sale Store ads TV ads Internet ads Radio ads Streaming service ads Store associate recommended Other NOTE: Nearly everyone who chose other said that they bought it because someone asked for it. Source: UMGD Artist Analysis & Research 2012 Holiday Shopping Report
  6. 6. 2012 Shopping Trends Music Gift Recipient Recipients of music as gifts were most likely to be for their own children or for themselves. 40% 36% 30% 25% 21% 13% 6% Their children Themselves Spouse/ Significant other Relatives Friend Parents Other Average age of music recipient – 38 years old Source: UMGD Artist Analysis & Research 2012 Holiday Shopping Report
  7. 7. Campaign Ideas 1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2. Christmas & Hanukkah 3. New Year’s Eve & Day
  8. 8. Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday EMAIL Scheduling & Sending • Schedule all your emails before Thanksgiving • Make sure Black Friday emails are sent at least a couple days prior Subject Lines & Content • Make sure your subjects are engaging - you’re competing for inbox time • Keep your subjects short – mobile viewing rates increase during holidays • Highlight special offers – fans are looking for deals • Personalize
  9. 9. Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday SOCIAL • Follow up on your email campaign • Music to be “Thankful for” posts spur engagement • Remind fans of sale in an engaging way to stand out from the noise • Don’t forget about Cyber Monday - Schedule, schedule, schedule
  10. 10. Christmas & Hanukkah SOCIAL Gift Giving Guides • Include social sharing options o Give ‘em a hint! Share your perfect music gift for all your friends to see. • Categories provide a more interactive experience o For Her, For Him, For the Hip Hop Head, For the Classical Fan, etc.
  11. 11. Christmas & Hanukkah SOCIAL Reward fans with content countdowns • 12 Days of Verve campaign o 1 free download every day • Partner with a brand or publication for extra exposure Goals of countdown campaigns • Grow social pages • Increase daily traffic • Exposure for releases Plan early!
  12. 12. Christmas & Hanukkah SOCIAL Holiday-themed Photo Challenge on Instagram • Great for both label & artist pages • Include a prize each day or at the end of the challenge o Make sure to create rules for this challenge if giving away • To promote the challenge, feature fan photos on Facebook & Twitter throughout the month
  13. 13. Christmas & Hanukkah EMAIL Send holiday wishes from the artist • Include photo or video from artist • Great for artists not currently promoting a release
  14. 14. Christmas & Hanukkah EMAIL Product Emails • Keep content simple • Add some urgency to the message • Send early and give fans enough time to purchase Holiday Deals & Gift Ideas • Feature deal or gift suggestions prominently • Product shots & larger graphics more acceptable
  15. 15. Christmas & Hanukkah EMAIL Other options • Holiday-themed sweepstakes/contests • Drive traffic to social media initiatives • Create holiday-themed templates
  16. 16. New Year’s Eve & Day EMAIL Best of the Year Wrap Up Email • Highlights best or most popular items of the year (albums, favorites videos, singles, etc.)
  17. 17. New Year’s Eve & Day EMAIL New Year’s Thank Yous & Resolutions • Great time to remind fans about social networks and other channels • Highlight last minute sales, gift cards, etc. New Year’s Eve Events • Live Events/Tour Dates • TV Appearances
  18. 18. New Year’s Eve & Day Specifically call out Gift Card redemption Best of the year voting campaigns • Include a sweepstakes element to add even more incentive for engagement o UMG’s 2-week promotion in 2012 generated over 5,000 entries & 8,500 clicks on sales link all for $0 investment SOCIAL
  19. 19. Things To Consider App & website development takes weeks/months • Start talking to app developers now and getting price quotes • Always consider your goal when cultivating your strategy and the promotion’s functionality • Contact UMGD early for any ExactTarget integration to avoid holiday traffic Paid Advertising • Consider Facebook Custom Audiences as part of your marketing budget Start working with the sales department now • Q4 releases have been announced • Coordinate on sales strategy with retailers and accounts • Don’t forget about partnership opportunities to amplify your holiday marketing even further
  20. 20. Start Now Hanukkah 77 Black Friday 79 Christmas 105 New Year’s Eve 111 DAYS UNTIL…
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. CRM Learning Series Holiday Marketing Boot Camp September 2013 Presented by Bridget Ferris Eric Roe Social Marketing Manager Sr. Manager, CRM Solutions