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Euro diagnostica - martin salden 24022011


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Euro diagnostica - martin salden 24022011

  1. 1. Reuma-diagnostiek in bewegingMartin Salden
  2. 2. ED-Group: Euro- Diagnostica AB Euro- Diagnostica Wieslab AB ABDB Wieslab BV Wieslab XX
  3. 3. Draupnir Draupnir Services B.V. ED- Nordic PPLGroup Group Group
  4. 4. Draupnir
  5. 5. PolyPeptide Group• One of the worlds leading groups specialized in the industrial scale manufacture of custom and generic peptides for therapeutic (and cosmetic) applications.• Manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, USA and India.
  6. 6. Nordic Group• The Nordic Group is a fully-integrated, pan-European Pharmaceutical Group.• Nordic Group focuses on two specialized segments of the Pharmaceutical market: - Marketing & Sales of specialty (generic) pharmaceuticals; - Specialized Pharmaceutical Services focusing on Product Development, Manufacturing, supply Logistics and Regulatory activities.
  7. 7. Euro-Diagnostica Group• Euro-Diagnostica focuses on the diagnosis and monitoring of specific diseases.• Euro-Diagnostica develops, manufactures and markets complete diagnostic kits and reagents for use in special medical areas like autoimmune diseases and Rheumatology.• The Group operates from establishments in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and Malmö (Sweden)
  8. 8. Formation of the company• 1992: Euro-Diagnostica established by a merger of – Ferring Diagnostica, SE – BioCarb Diagnostics, SE – Euro-Diagnostics, NL – Medscand Diagnostics-MILAB, SE
  9. 9. Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions• 2004: Acquisition of Wieslab AB – Well established trade name – Added further competence in protein chemistry – Key competence in developing ANCA tests – Scandinavia`s leading private autoimmune laboratory
  10. 10. EuroDiagnostica/Wieslab• Employees – Malmö, E-DEON Sweden, 70 employees – Nijmegen, Mercator 3 building,The Netherlands, 6 employees
  11. 11. World Wide Distribution Network• Key Markets – North America – Own distribution of – Europe products in the Nordic countries, Benelux, UK and – Japan Germany
  12. 12. Cutting Edge Diagnostics• Euro-Diagnostica is the leader in the development of unique – ANCA tests – Vasculitis diagnosis – Anti-CCP2 based tests – Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis
  13. 13. anti-CCP2 ELISA• The ultimate serological marker for diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis – Specific – Allows early detection of RA – Sensitive – Prognostic marker
  14. 14. CCPoint® anti-CCP point-of-care test• The first POC test for anti-CCP – Enables near-patient diagnosis of RA – Enables rapid diagnosis – rapid treatment – Specific and sensitive as ELISA• Wieslab® SSA p200 ELISA• Wieslab® Complement ELISA
  15. 15. CCP assay based on discovery of Prof van Venrooij• STW agreement – IP protection. Prepare to defend ?• Product development – Core technology. – BioBank to validate product.• Marketing & Sales – ED brand, protect product name CCP! – OEM, no competitive products! – Inventor best promoter of product• Personal click
  16. 16. Add 1 drop of blood Add 5 drops of chase buffer Open the flip-up after 30 sec Read the results after 10 min
  17. 17. Areas of clinical competence• Systemic vasculitidies. Rapidly progressing glomerulonehritis.• Reference laboratory for ANCA testing• Complete range of autoimmune analyses
  18. 18. Service for clients• Acute testing for ANCA and anti-GBM daily 7/24• Support and interpretation of test results• Analysis packages according to client’s wishes
  19. 19. 24 hour service for ANCA and anti-GBM• Rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis• Acute reno-pulmonary syndromes• Qualitative testing of PR3-ANCA, MPO-ANCA and anti-GBM. High sensitivity.• Results within one hour from the sample reaching the laboratory• Positive results are confirmed by quantitative ELISA the following day