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Housing Opportunity 2014 - Transformative Placemaking for Neighborhoods, Housing and Health, Gosia Kung


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Gosia Kung, WalkDenver

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Housing Opportunity 2014 - Transformative Placemaking for Neighborhoods, Housing and Health, Gosia Kung

  1. 1. people are pedestrians by design join the movement at
  2. 2. 2 miles How far will you walk ? 3/4 mile 1/4-1/2 mile 20 feet??? HEALTH  Physical  Mental  Environmental  Community  Economic
  3. 3. The “Better Block” project is a community revitalization effort that temporarily demonstrates how to improve a public space with pedestrian and public infrastructure mixed with art, culture, pop-up businesses and street life. For one day, the project fills vacant storefronts, creates pedestrian seating areas, provides landscaping and street furniture, redraws the street, provides live music, and more. Better Block aims to create quick, inexpensive, high- impact changes that lead to permanent solutions for areas in Denver. The concept is based on “Better Block Project originated in Dallas, TX BETTER BLOCK
  4. 4. before Better Block Project
  5. 5. before Better Block Project
  6. 6. before Better Block Project
  7. 7.  March 16, 2012 – 2914 Coffee Shop opened eliminating long lasting “coffee desert” in the area  Business Improvement District has been formed  Federal BID is applying for funds to implement streetscape improvements demonstrated during Better Block  Vacancy rate dropped from 80% to 10%  Historic Granada theater has been renovated  Renovation of the historic building at 25th and Elliot - two new restaurants to open in 2014  3 new restaurants have already opened in the area  New fitness center has opened  New B-cycle station  New bike lane added to 23rd Ave  Neighborhood group organized summer concert series in the park  People shop locally more often  New playground equipment and first Denver playground to have a “no adult allowed unless accompanied by a child” policy.  Benches and picnic tables providing adults with places to sit other than the playground.  Newly resurfaced basketball court.  Lighting and electrical outlets for future events.  Flowerbeds, trash receptacles, chess tables, Ping-Pong tables, fitness equipment and community bulletin board.  Art programs in the park