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Housing Opportunity 2014 - Healthy Communities through Healthy Policy--A State and Local Perspective, Arthur Jemison


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Arthur Jemison, Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

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Housing Opportunity 2014 - Healthy Communities through Healthy Policy--A State and Local Perspective, Arthur Jemison

  1. 1. HOUSING & HEALTH DIRECTIONS IN MASSACHUSETTS Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development Department of Housing and Community Development Housing Opportunity 2014: Healthy Housing, Healthy Places ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing May 14th, 2014
  2. 2. Our “Manhattan Project”: New Capital Where does housing add value? Energy; Transportation, Health Atom Collider, US DOE Oak Ridge Laboratory, 1943
  3. 3. Two Approaches • Measure and value the positive economic impact of living in dense, mixed-use places with public transit and complete streets: > Planning Ahead for Growth • “Value Capture” of incremental value added by housing to specific health problems to attract new investment in housing: > Housing & Health Initiatives
  4. 4. Innovation Economy – Talent is the Key
  5. 5. Lifestyle Shift?
  6. 6. Statewide Housing Production Goal 8  Reasonably dense, multi-family units  Reasonably located, near employment opportunities and transit nodes  Reasonably priced, for middle and moderate income families and individuals 10,000 multi-family units per year
  7. 7. The 4 Core Elements of Our Strategy 1 Identify Promising places for growth that have community support, are consistent with regional considerations and align with the Sustainable Development Principles 2 Create Prompt and predictable zoning and permitting in those places (both local and state) 3 Invest In public infrastructure needed to support growth 4 Market To businesses and developers interested in locating and growing in the Commonwealth
  8. 8. IDENTIFY - Areas to Develop and Preserve Metro North is a transit-connected region of cities and towns with the walkable “squares” & “corners” that can absorb growth – including Massachusetts “gateway cities”. Box District project in progress, Chelsea, MA, 2014 photo landscape architecture magazine
  9. 9. CREATE Comprehensive Zoning Tools 12 • As-of-right zoning incentives, with location and density criteria • Chapter 40R/Smart Growth • Compact Neighborhoods • Expedited local permitting (43D) • Comprehensive Permits (40B) • Overrides local rules if community has not produced enough affordable housing • Option for “friendly” 40B with community & developer working together
  10. 10. INVEST – MassWorks Program
  11. 11. Initiative: Healthy Community Design Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) are now being used in many Development Cabinet Agencies. Examples include: • MassDOT’s “Healthy Transportation Compact” through which three Secretariats collaborate and all transit development projects have HIAs. • The HIA on the new DHCD Community Investment Tax Credit. • MHIC’s Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund described next will also use an HIA.
  12. 12. Initiative: Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund The Commonwealth, through Mass Housing Investment Corp (MHIC) & Conservation Law Foundation is targeting TOD and Healthy Housing among market developers. MHIC is capitalizing a $30M equity capital fund for projects that would not take early risk without hedge. DHCD has supported this project with a $2M “Top Loss” resource. Health Impact Assessments component will put projects in a position to realize increased upside through health impact data as “value capture” opportunities start.
  13. 13. Initiative: Equitable TOD Accelerator Fund Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is capitalizing a $10M fund for pre-development for non-profit developers pursuing affordable housing at transit oriented development sites. EOHED considering allocation of $2M in MassWorks infrastructure funding for a “Top Loss” resource for this fund in manner comparable to the Bay Area TOD fund.
  14. 14. Initiative: Social Innovation Financing Commonwealth and intermediary partners are using a SIF Fund for “value capture” of avoided costs to re-invest in innovative service models. (Homeless veteran outreach Photo: Daily Hampshire Gazette, 2014)
  15. 15. Initiative: Aging-in-Place / State Public Housing DHCD / EOEA / MassHealth are exploring using mixed-finance capital resources to capture value of aging in place: current SHI program that prevents turnover into LTC helps to avoid $30,000 in State Medicaid costs. Elder service programming, Springfield Housing Authority, MA
  16. 16. Thank you Department of Housing & Community Development 100 Cambridge Street Boston, MA 02114 Arthur Jemison Deputy Undersecretary (617) 573-1112