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Ulis presentation optro2018


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ULIS bolometer for fast imaging applications sets new response-time record

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Ulis presentation optro2018

  1. 1. ULISCONFIDENTIAL THERMAL IMAGE SENSORS ULIS Bolometer improvements for fast imaging applications 8th International symposium On optronics in Defense & Security 6th-8th February 2018 Sébastien Tinnes, N. Boudou, A. Durand ULIS - ZI Les cordées 38113 Veurey-Voroize – France
  3. 3. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Company positioning About ULIS FOUNDED IN 2002 200 950 SOFRADIR GROUP STAFF NEAR GRENOBLE FRANCE 97% EXPORT 2nd LARGEST SENSOR MANUFACTURER OVER 800K SENSORS SHIPPED SINCE 2002 RESEARCH PARTNER CEA LETI ONERA DEPENDABLE PARTNER • Supplies components only • Makes targeted product improvements that specifically address your requirements THERMAL IMAGING EXPERTISE • High thermal sensitivity • Compact and light weight • Lowest power consumption • Ease of use TAILORED CUSTOMER SUPPORT • A dedicated account rep for personalized support • Full on-site and off-site support and training part of our product/ service package • 110 sq. m training center with dedicated testing equipment We specialize in the design and manufacture of thermal sensors. Our mission is to make thermal imaging technology accessible and affordable enough for everyday use 52 PATENT FAMILIES 160 PATENTS FILED 20% REVENUE INVESTED IN R&D €
  4. 4. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Designed for the most demanding environments ULIS at a Glance
  5. 5. ULISCONFIDENTIAL FOR ALL PRODUCTS • Detection technology: Microbolometer • Spectral response: 8-14 µm • Operability 24/7, all weather conditions • Operating temperature range: -40° to +85°C • TECless/Shutterless compatible • Standards: MIL-STD-810 and 883 • MTTF > 15 years • I²C serial link for register programming QVGA/QQVGA Format Pico160-054TM 160x120 - 17µm Pico384-053TM 384x288 - 17µm Related products: Pico384E Pico384P 80x80 Format XGA FormatVGA Format Pico640-046TM 640x480 - 17µm Related products: UL 04 32 2 UL 04 27 2 Pico1024-048TM 1024x768 - 17µm M80-044TM 80x80 ULIS at a Glance A complete range of solutions
  6. 6. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Bolometer Thermal Time Constant Definition of Thermal Time Constant 𝝉 𝒕𝒉 Pradiation x = A if x < t0 B if x ≥ t0 Tbol = TROIC + A. Rth if x < t0 TROIC + B + A − B . e t0−t τth . Rth with 𝝉 𝒕𝒉 = Cth. Rth 2.5 µm 0.1 µm ReflectorROIC input pad Thermal Insulation Rth Pixel pitch Thermometer (Thermal mass Cth) Pradiation
  7. 7. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Bolometer Thermal Time Constant Pradiation x = A if x < t0 B if x ≥ t0 Tbol = TROIC + A. Rth if x < t0 TROIC + B + A − B . e t0−t τth . Rth with 𝛕𝐭𝐡 = Cth. Rth Definition of Thermal Time Constant 𝝉 𝒕𝒉 Scene flux vs Time : Pradiation (x) Bolometer Temperature : Tbol
  8. 8. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Bolometer Thermal Time Constant State of the Art  τth and NETD are ruled by common design parameters like Rth, bolometer thickness,…  These parameters have opposite effects with regards to NETD and τth.  τth is combined to NETD to define bolometer FoM = τth x NETD Manufacturer Model NETD (mk) τth (ms) FOM ( FLIR Quark2 50 12 600 SCD Bird640 40 16 640 DRS U6160 50 14 700 ULIS PICO640Gen2 40 12 480 Best FoMs between 480 and with 𝛕𝐭𝐡 ≈ 12ms
  9. 9. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Bolometer Thermal Time Constant Bolometer limitations  95% of the bolometer response is reached after 3τth, (ie 36ms with 𝛕𝐭𝐡 ≈ 12ms )  It applies for both heating up and cooling down For short events or fast moving objects :  Images are blurred  S/N is limited Glass control line Glass control line
  10. 10. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Bolometer Thermal Time Constant ULIS technical target To significantly reduce the τth while keeping a state of the art NETD
  11. 11. ULISCONFIDENTIAL ULIS Fast Bolometer performance DOE results  3 most promising designs  Configuration 1 : NETD 45mK - 52mK τth <2.5 to 3 ms  FoM < τth = Rth * Cth NETD versus 𝛕𝐭𝐡
  12. 12. ULISCONFIDENTIAL ULIS Fast Bolometer performance Detailed measurements τth = Rth * Cth 𝛕𝐭𝐡 Mapping measurement Mean value : 2.46ms 𝛕𝐭𝐡 Histrogram of repartition Standard deviation : 0.04ms
  13. 13. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Standard Pixel vs Improved Pixel Application examples Example 1 : Chopper Chopper rotating @ 67 rev. / s 11ms 2.5ms
  14. 14. ULISCONFIDENTIAL Standard Pixel vs Improved Pixel Application Examples Example 2 : Glass manufacturing line 11ms 2.5ms Line speed 1m/s
  15. 15. ULISCONFIDENTIAL ULIS bolometer improvement for fast imaging applications Conclusions and perspectives  First PoC with improved FoM were successfully fabricated  After a first DOE, the best achieved FoM < for 17µm pitch pixels  Technology useful for applications that need fast imaging (Machine vision,…)  Prototypes in QVGA/17 available on request  This technology could be embedded in products depending on users feedback
  16. 16. ULISCONFIDENTIAL THERMAL IMAGE SENSORS THANK YOU for your attention “All rights reserved. Contents are ULIS’ property and can be changed by ULIS at any time. The information contained herein is confidential and intended solely for the person to which it is addressed. Any copy or dissemination of the information contained herein is prohibited.”