ULCC Moodle User Group (HE) 25.03.14


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The presentation slides from the ULCC Moodle User Group (HE) meeting which occurred on Tuesday 25th March 2014

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ULCC Moodle User Group (HE) 25.03.14

  1. 1. Welcome to the ULCC Moodle User Group (HE) 24th March 2014, Senate House
  2. 2. Agenda 13.00 - 14.00: Registration & Lunch 14.00 - 14.10: Welcome 14.10 - 14.45: ULCC Updates: – Customer Portal – Customer Portal Q&A – Upgrades to 2.6 – Feedback from last post it session 14.45 - 15.15: Customer Showcase – University of Greenwich 15.15 - 15.45: Service Definitions: – Present key changes & highlights – Q&A 15.45 - 16.00: Coffee break 16.00 - 16.30: TBC @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  4. 4. Service Management Improvement Programme Jacob Crittenden
  5. 5. Service Management Improvement Programme ULCC Customer Portal Background: ULCC held a number of Customer Portal requirements workshops with both FE / HE customers back in February 13, the outcome of these being a list of requirements for ULCC to evaluate and consider introducing as part of a staged development process. Following on from this, ULCC released a light weight Customer Portal as a Beta to a select number of customers in June 13. This proved successful and as a result ULCC released the present version of the Customer Portal to all its (350+)managed services customers earlier this year January 14. @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  6. 6. Service Management Improvement Programme Customer Portal – Present release (stage 1) Provides functionality in the areas of: • Incident Management - Issue logging and tracking • Request handling - Request logging and tracking @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  7. 7. Service Management Improvement Programme On-going development (stage 2) – by Summer 2014 Improve on existing release by; • Improving the appearance of the portal, making the site more consistent with ULCC public webpage • Refining the overall usability and accessibility of the portal • Bringing across feeds from the ULCC main page such as news and events • Improving support for mobile and tablet devices. • Creating a more flexible layout in order to all ULCC to introduce additional features @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  8. 8. @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  9. 9. Service Management Improvement Programme Parallel development and post stage 2 – Autumn 2014 and thereafter… Features being considered on the ULCC Customer Portal roadmap: • Service Level Reporting • Access to key service components – Utility Services • Service Catalogue – Additional services and upgrades @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  10. 10. Upgrades to 2.6 Emily Walker
  11. 11. About Me • Service Operation & Support Manager @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  12. 12. Overview • Defining your upgrade path • What needs to be considered? • How will ULCC support you? • Timescales 2014 @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  13. 13. Defining your upgrade path • ULCC moving to GIT managed docroot (2.6.2) • Currently testing upgrades and plug-ins • Please keep us informed of your plans over the summer? • Decide when to perform your end of year planning – (before or after the upgrade) @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  14. 14. What needs to be considered • Review your current implementation, and make any necessary changes to existing infrastructure. Audit and removal of old course / site files • Identify if there is a need to roll-out a training plan for the new Moodle 2.6 functionality, including management of any cultural changes required. @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  15. 15. How will ULCC support you? • Access to Moodle 2.6 demo site from 9th April – Support material and plug-in list will be added to the site • April 28th – Upgrade schedule begins. – Email sent with instructions on booking slots with moodleupgrades@ulcc.ac.uk – Slots available Mon-Thurs • August 7th– Upgrade schedule finishes @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  16. 16. How will ULCC support you? • Same process as last year (read only site) – step by step guide will be updated on demo.moodle.ulcc.ac.uk/course/view.php?is=5 @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  17. 17. Feedback from last session Frank Steiner
  18. 18. Customer Showcase Clifton Kandler University of Greenwich
  19. 19. Service Definitions Dave Kenworthy
  20. 20. Bloom is… …a software product @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  21. 21. Bloom is… …a service @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  22. 22. Bloom is… …a range of services @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  23. 23. Bloom Software is Moodle plus… …the best 3rd-party/community plugins @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  24. 24. Bloom Software is Moodle plus… …ULCC’s range of plugin enhancements @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  25. 25. Bloom Software is Moodle plus… …your plugins @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  26. 26. The Bloom Service is… …a service rather than servers @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  27. 27. The Bloom Service is… …supported to an extent of your choosing @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  28. 28. The Bloom Service is… …able to grow with you @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  29. 29. The Bloom Service is… …based on IT service management best practice (ITIL) @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  30. 30. The Bloom Service is… …backed by service levels @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  31. 31. The Bloom Service is… …plug and play @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  32. 32. The Bloom Service is… …a balance between flexibility and assurance @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  33. 33. The Bloom range of services… …is composed of distinct and separate services @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  34. 34. The Bloom range of services… …is available to all regardless of size @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  35. 35. The Bloom range of services… …provides enterprise level assurance if required @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  36. 36. The Bloom range of services… …allows for extensive customisation if desired @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  37. 37. The Bloom range of services… …combines with our partners to create an unparalleled teaching and learning platform @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  38. 38. The Bloom range of services… …will include a suite of professional services @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  39. 39. The Bloom range of services… …being prepared for delivery to customers by the start of academic year 2014/15 @ULCC #ULCCMUGHE www.ulcc.ac.uk
  40. 40. THANK YOU www.ulcc.ac.uk@ULCC #ULCCMUGHE