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A repository is NOT a digital archive


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A short 'rant' style presentation from the Open Repositories Conference 2014, aimed at making repository managers more aware of the needs and requirements of running a digital preservation service.

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A repository is NOT a digital archive

  1. 1. Stephanie Taylor ULCC Open Repositories, Helsinki, 2014
  2. 2. but maybe it could be...
  3. 3. why the rant?
  4. 4. a. A place or receptacle in which things are or may be deposited, esp. for storage or safe keeping. repository
  5. 5. no mention of the long term
  6. 6. things a repo might not have
  7. 7. a preservation plan
  8. 8. selected preservation strategies
  9. 9. Emulation, migration, maintaining a computer museum?
  10. 10. an archival-quality digital objects
  11. 11. preservation metadata
  12. 12. technical metadata constructed with preservation in mind
  13. 13. access and rights management for the long term
  14. 14. regular, planned checks to see if content is still accessible and can 'play' ok
  15. 15. procedures in place to handle problems of content becoming in- accessible over time
  16. 16. and in 7 minutes, I haven't time to get started!
  17. 17. But...
  18. 18. a repo can expand to become a digital archive as well
  19. 19. start with looking at the OAIS model for ideas on tasks and roles and how a digital preservation service might be structured.
  20. 20. check out DPC – Open Planets - DCC (and the links on all their sites)
  21. 21. start thinking about preservation
  22. 22. consider attending a training course (I hear there is an award-winning course in London... )