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Pervasive Media in Education


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In his FOTE11 talk NIck Skelton, Assistant Director IT Services at Bristol University talks about pervasive media in education. He asks:

Why did you choose to study at one university over another?

What do students actually expect from University? One long party? To pass a few exams? Or something more than that? And why are those geeks from the IT department even thinking about this?

Technology is now pervasive. It has become so small, so light, and so cheap, that it disappears into the environment around us. Technology is no longer something unto itself. The computer is not a special box in the corner to be approached with reverence, it is mobile and personal, accompanying us in our daily life.

When technology surround us we need a whole new way to think about it. The most interesting answers come from looking outwards, and working across disciplines. As the technologists emerge into the daylight, they are working with educationalists, with theatre practitioners and with game makers to answer some big questions. How do we make university a transformative experience?

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Pervasive Media in Education

  1. 1. Per vasive Media and Education Nick Skelton, Assistant Director IT Ser vices, Bristol University @nick_skeltonMonday, 10 October 11
  2. 2. image thanks to churchofpunk on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  3. 3. Monday, 10 October 11
  4. 4. image thanks to sleepless in somerset on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  5. 5. “Liked the feel of the campus” “Instantly felt at home” “No hills” “Because the city looked cool on Skins” image thanks to bertob on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  6. 6. Reputation Right course - a “good” for you uni Life in that locationMonday, 10 October 11
  7. 7. Monday, 10 October 11
  8. 8. Monday, 10 October 11
  9. 9. Monday, 10 October 11
  10. 10. What’s all this got to do with IT?Monday, 10 October 11
  11. 11. image thanks to rain rabbit on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  12. 12. image thanks to Keng Susumpow on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  13. 13. Sensors Situation Media as defined by the Pervasive Media studio, BristolMonday, 10 October 11
  14. 14. Monday, 10 October 11
  15. 15. image thanks to zen on flickr, 10 October 11
  16. 16. #tmwwt image thanks to incurable_hippie on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
  17. 17. Games encourage desired behaviourMonday, 10 October 11
  18. 18. Monday, 10 October 11
  19. 19. Theatre creates meaningful experiencesMonday, 10 October 11
  20. 20. Monday, 10 October 11
  21. 21. Monday, 10 October 11
  22. 22. Technology Games TheatreMonday, 10 October 11
  23. 23. image thanks to jamesalba9 on flickrMonday, 10 October 11
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