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The Eprints REF2014 Plugin at LSE by Natalia Madjarevic


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Natalia Madjarevic from LSE presented her findings of the Eprints REF 20124 Plugin. This was presented at IRMW12.

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The Eprints REF2014 Plugin at LSE by Natalia Madjarevic

  1. 1. EPrints REF2014 plugin at LSE Natalia Madjarevic
  2. 2. Before the REF plugin• Mini-REF call out – Jan 2011• Running reports directly from the database• Helped clean up data inconsistencies• Meeting HoDs and Research Managers• Ongoing data clean-up according to REF data requirements, e.g. DOIs to all post-2008 pubs
  3. 3. Installing the plugin & testing• Currently installed V1.• Test benchmark, REF2 data, exporting• Separate from live installation• Mirroring live LSERO instance• Accessible only to Library/REF/HR staff• Installation of V1.1.1: June 2012
  4. 4. Next steps• June 2012 call-out• Firming up speculative publications• Regular meetings with Research Division• Creating accounts for all academics• Unit of Assessments panels required before publications can be added• REF1 and REF2 data population• Exporting to HEFCE submission system
  5. 5. Post REF 2014?• MePrints• Fully up-to-date with important LSE research• Integral service in the School• Possibility of CRIS implementation• Shift back to Open Access full-text focus• REF2020 fully OA?
  6. 6. Questions? Natalia