ULCC Moodle User Group (FE) July 2014


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Slides from the ULCC Moodle User Group for FE customers, held on Tuesday 22nd July 2014

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  • 12.00 – no network (email) and phone (lync/VoiP) capability
  • 12.00 – no network (email) and phone (lync/VoiP) capability
  • Currently underway / extensive ITT / Huwaei selected supplier / first pieces of kit being delivered and installed July/Aug.
    Underway – to be updated mid-August
    More details following slide
    Once 1 is in place
  • May incident was worst case scenario – no phone, no email, no internet
  • Some steps we are taking to improve comms
    Detailed Critical Incident Comms Plan – end of August
  • ULCC Moodle User Group (FE) July 2014

    1. 1. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Moodle User Group (FE) Tuesday 22nd July 2014
    2. 2. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Welcome Richard Maccabee
    3. 3. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Customer Portal Update Frank Steiner
    4. 4. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Customer Portal Update • New theme currently undergoing testing • Switch-over to happen by end of July • Once live feedback via ulccportal@london.ac.uk • Short demo
    5. 5. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Ways to log an incident - Recap Customer Portal Subject: Your INC0010048 has been logged 020 7862 8111 service@london.ac.uk ulcc.service-now.com
    6. 6. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Moodle Service - Upgrades Emily Walker
    7. 7. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Moodle Service - Reporting Dave Kenworthy
    8. 8. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Taxonomy • Server Level Reporting – CPU, disk, memory etc. • Web Reporting – traffic analysis e.g. Google Analytics Application reporting - transaction timing, database statistics • Service Reporting – SLA related stats e.g. Availability, incident response. • VLE Reporting – courses, assignments, activity types, etc. • Analytics – e.g. data mining to improve student retention.
    9. 9. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Server Level Reporting • Used for early warning of failures that may impact service availability and performance – Disk space – Data centre temperature – Network router failure – Etc. • Currently use Nagios, SolarWinds etc.
    10. 10. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Web Reporting • Used for analysis of both traffic and performance of web site or application • Currently use Google Analytics, New Relic, Statuscake, Panopta, and others • Google Analytics available to customers upon request. • Bloom will include service option to use New Relic.
    11. 11. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Reporting • Reporting on performance of ULCC against agreed service levels such as availability and incident resolution • Currently more manual than is ideal • Bonsai/Bloom will introduce regular monthly reporting (basic at first but improving regularly)
    12. 12. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk VLE Reporting • Used for understanding what usage is being made of the VLE • Reporting plugin is now included in standard build with limited set of reports • Reporting service available which provides daily copy of Moodle data to run extended set of reports without impacting performance
    13. 13. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Analytics • Using sophisticated ‘intelligent’ software to extract meaning and predictions from large datasets. • ULCC are currently working with IBM and others to develop a shared service focussed on improving retention through use of Analytics.
    14. 14. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Moodle Service – Bloom/Bonsai John Hilton
    15. 15. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Context • Ensuring our services are built on firm foundations • Providing clarity • Evolution of previous Bloom offerings • Ensure we have an e-Learning service for all needs and all budgets
    16. 16. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Common Features • Standardised ULCC- Moodle Build • Quarterly Updates • Time-bounded support • No access to infrastructure • Monthly Service Reports
    17. 17. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Key Features - Bonsai • 99% Availability Target • Basic Performance Target • 1 day/year inclusive support time • Weekly backup retention • Other boundaries/restrictions
    18. 18. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Key Features - Bloom • 99.9% Availability (with service credits) • Performance SLA (with service credits) • Unlimited Storage • 3 days/year inclusive support time • Annual Health Check
    19. 19. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Chargeable Options - Bonsai • Support+ • Additional Processing Power • Additional Storage
    20. 20. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Chargeable Options - Bloom • Support+ (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) • Enterprise Enhancements – DR, SSL, OOH, Reporting etc. • Customisation – Private Theme, Tailored, Leading Edge • Moodle Spaces – Pre-Production, Dev/Test/LoadBox, CYA • Bolt-On Services – Mahara, Equella, MediaSite, Echo360 etc.
    21. 21. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Bonsai/Bloom Comparison Standard Build Quarterly Updates Access to Infrastructure Service Credits Availability Storage Support Time Options Bonsai     99.0% Quota + £ 1 day/year Limited Bloom     99.9% Unlimited 3 days/year Full
    22. 22. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Descriptions Available Now • Bonsai • Bloom • Support+ • Enhanced Availability • Private Theme • Tailored • Leading Edge • Pre-Production • Mahara
    23. 23. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Descriptions – Coming Soon End August 2014 End October 2014 End December 2014 TestBox Enhanced Security Disaster Recovery DevBox Course Year Archive LoadBox Enhanced Performance Monitoring OOH Upgrade Equella Enhanced Reporting OOH Call Centre MediaSite Echo360
    24. 24. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Bonsai • Default replacement for all existing contracts at next annual renewal point – No change to price, excluding RPI adjustment – Existing contractual terms and conditions – Schedule 1 and 2 replaced with Bonsai Service Definitions • Harmonisation – Small variation on current pricing i.e. a reduction to the standard – Some clients on incorrectly assigned service level and/or using more than designated storage
    25. 25. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Bloom • Upgrade path for Bonsai and current standard contract clients – New contractual terms and conditions built around SaaS provision – Not applicable to all clients • Harmonisation – Some clients on incorrectly assigned service level
    26. 26. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Next Steps Period Activity Clients not requiring harmonisation will receive details of their specific Bonsai replacement service. Clients requiring harmonisation will be contacted to discuss the necessary changes. Q2 AY14/15 Consultation slots to discuss specific migration issues to Bloom will be held on a one to one basis. User Group meetings will contain a slot updating attendees on progress. Regular changes will be communicated through the ULCC Newsletter and eLearning Blog. All clients will migrate to Bonsai at their annual renewal point. Clients who wish to migrate to Bloom may do so at anytime. Q1 AY14/15 Throughout AY14/15
    27. 27. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Outage Frank Steiner
    28. 28. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Outage – The Incident 11.00 • Network management system reported ‘flapping’ of MAC addresses • Initial diagnosis identified software issue in one of the core switches 12.00 • decision to isolate core parts of the infrastructure • Establishment of emergency response task force to manage resolution and communication of incident 12.45 • First official communication vie ULCC website • Establishment of hourly progress meetings
    29. 29. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Outage – The Incident 15.30 • Access to Moodle services is fully restored • Hardware fault rather than software issue – as initially diagnosed – was identified as cause 18.35 • Network maintenance provider arrived on- site with replacement hardware 21.30 • Replacement backplane and management cards have been installed, network (external & internal) being fully restored
    30. 30. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Service Outage – Actions 1. Core Network Replacement 2. Review of Critical Incident Response Plan 3. Review of Communications Plan 4. e-Learning Service Resilience Review
    31. 31. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Critical Incident Comms Plan ADSL
    32. 32. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Critical Incident Comms Plan 1. Acknowledgement of critical incident, even if we don’t know the cause 2. Automated text message alert (Emergency contacts, record keeping!) 3. Customer portal / ULCC website & Service Desk Message 4. Social Media for incremental updates & responses 5. At least hourly updates throughout duration of any critical incident 6. Official closure of incident (Incident Report & Lessons Learnt)
    33. 33. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Customer Showcase Neil Stapleton, College of West Anglia Reports and Analytics outside Moodle
    34. 34. Reports and analytics outside Moodle
    35. 35. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk Customer Updates
    36. 36. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk SAVE THE DATE ULCC Moodle Xmas Event Senate House Tuesday, 9th December 2014
    37. 37. @ulcc www.ulcc.ac.uk End