MaharaUK 09 - Andrew Csizmadia, Newham College - Mahara and Professional Development


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Andrew Csizmadia from Newham College talks about how they use e-Portfolios for Professional Development

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MaharaUK 09 - Andrew Csizmadia, Newham College - Mahara and Professional Development

  1. 1. Mahara and Professional Development Andrew Csizmadia Newman University College 15/7/09
  2. 2. Content • Newman University College – Excellent reputation for teacher training – Grade 1 in recent Ofsted inspection • Newman University College one of 50 successful institutions to secure TDA funded research project to investigate the usage of eportfolios to support trainee teachers • Usage of eportfolio is a TDA ICT entitlement for teacher trainees
  3. 3. Content • Purposeful sample group selected • PGCE KS2/3 ICT • Comply electronic Qualified to Teach Status Standards folder – 33 standards – Each standards required at least 3 pieces of evidence to demonstrate competence • eportfolio to act as a repository for digital assets for lesson plans and associated resources
  4. 4. Choice of e-Portfolio • Repository for digital assets • Collaborative tool • Reflective tool • Customisation – Social network groups – Different views for different audiences • Hosted externally • Incorporates newsfeeds • Integrated with Moodle
  5. 5. Creation Blank Page Template Page & No Structure & Structure
  6. 6. Capture Learner’s Voice Initial Final Questionnaire Questionnaire Blog Reflection Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug School School School Experience I Experience 2 Experience 3 • Longitudinal study – over a nine month period • Utilising Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis • Grounded Theory used to analyse qualitative data • Statistical Analysis used to analyse quantitative data
  7. 7. Communications
  8. 8. Collaboration .. Resources can be shared with colleagues Tutors can check your work and resources can be shared It’s good to share resources and see what your peers have done and share ideas
  9. 9. Confidentially • Created different views – Student to student – Student to tutor (Academic / School based) • Student determined who they could invite as friends to view their e-Portfolio • Awareness of impact of what is posted One student .. blogs can be excluded all from .. students need to misinterpreted viewing their be aware that sometimes e-Portfolio including people can and will their tutors take action against such issues
  10. 10. Culture • Placements operate Student as a tripartite partnership – Student – HEI – School • All require ‘buy in’ to School HEI be successful ..excellent intervention support tool
  11. 11. Competence • Ensure that students are able to: – compress files & folders – zip files & folders – upload files – navigate around Mahara – invite friends and assign them the correct view
  12. 12. Curriculum Mapping Evidence & demonstration Guidance & support Information Communication & experience & interaction Thinking & reflection
  13. 13. Considerations • The following are comments made by the students: .. allowing you to People need to be upload multiple files aware of upload speeds Double clicking on folders would result in folders moving around .. Could set a root folder A drag & drop action so when you are would make it more uploading it looks at simple that folder
  14. 14. Continuation • Newman University College have decided to continue to work with the system following the pilot study • All students and staff will have accounts
  15. 15. Other Research • Potential other research includes: – Investigating how trainee teachers develop as reflective practitioner using an e-portfolio? – What is the relationship between e-portfolio and assessment – Defining a framework for e-portfolio – How effective is an e-portfolio as a formative assessment tool – Defining an e-portfolio culture
  16. 16. Recommendations • New skill, takes time • Integrate e-Portfolio into course from the start of the academic year • Integral assessment component of the course • Induct students and staff in how to use an e-Portfolio efficiently & effectively • Inform students of issues of: – confidentially – copyright • Information - produce paper based/video guidelines for students on how to: – compress work – zip work – unload work – create views
  17. 17. Any Questions
  18. 18. Links Mahara site ( eportfolios – Newman (
  19. 19. References • Console, G., De Laat, M., Dillon, T. & Darby, J. (2006). JISC LXP: Student experiences of technologies, Final report of the JISC-funded LXP project, Southampton: University of Southampton. • Creanor,L., Trinder, K., Gowan, D., Howells, C. (2006). LEX. The learner experience of e-learning. ugugust06.pdf • Hughes, J. (2008). Letting in the Trojan mouse: Using an eportfolio to rethink pedagogy. In Hello! Where are you in the landscape of educational technology? Proceedings ascilite Melbourne 2008. • Murray, C. (2006). E-portfolios Along the Lifelong Learning Cycle: Difference Between Use, Pedagogy and Context.