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UKTI Webinar - Capture Export Opportunities in New Zealand


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This presentation is from a webinar held as part of the UK Trade & Investment webinar series held in 2013. This presentation highlights the main business opportunities for UK exporters across a number of sectors and includes a case study from a UK construction company that is entering the NZ market.

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UKTI Webinar - Capture Export Opportunities in New Zealand

  1. 1. 2 Capturing Export Opportunities in New Zealand ©Ed Freeman, Photodisc, Getty Images©Joche
  2. 2. 3 Introduction Let UKTI help you gain an understanding of the market, and source the opportunities and partners that best match your export strategy. Presented by Jeannine Walsh Senior Trade Development Manager UK Trade & Investment, British Consulate-General Private Bag 92014, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142 T: +64 9 303 5017 E: Eleanor Butterwick Manager, Construction, Global Games, Russia Trade Development Services, Invest Northern Ireland Bedford Square, Bedford Street. BT2 7ES. T: +44 (0) 28 9069 8033 M: 07970731479 E: Paul Meikle International Trade Adviser UK Trade & Investment, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham| B15 3DH T: +44 (0)121 6071821 M: +44 (0)7971144052 Case study: Vic Handley Deputy Group MD, Van Elle Limited Kirkby Lane | Pinxton | Nottinghamshire | NG16 6JA
  3. 3. 4 Why New Zealand?
  4. 4. 5 Why New Zealand? Business, legal & cultural similarities  Familiar business, legal & regulatory framework  Common language & customs Gateway to Asia and Pacific  Skilled, educated, multi-lingual workforce  Free trade agreements with China, the ASEAN nations and Singapore Unique market  Sound choice for SME companies new to exporting  Ideal test market for niche, high value & cutting edge technology products & services 24/7: as the first country to start each day, business has a head start in NZ
  5. 5. 6 A snapshot of NZ NZ UK Population 4.4 million 62 million Global GDP ranking 2012 57th 6th GDP growth est. 2013 2.5% 0.89% GDP per capita ($US 2012) $38,222 $38,514 Ease of doing business 2012 3rd 7th Unemployment (June 2013) 6.4% 7.8% Land mass – sq kms 263,310 242 000 Source: Statistics New Zealand, World Bank, Office for National Statistics
  6. 6. 7 Key Growth Sectors
  7. 7. 8 New Zealand opportunities: Infrastructure Infrastructure activity on the rise. £13.7 Billion (outside Christchurch) in expenditure planned for the next four years over six main areas of infrastructure development 1. Transport (roads & rail) 2. Telecommunications 3. Energy (renewable) 4. Water 5. Social assets (affordable housing) 6. Construction Contact © Chris Ryan, OjJO Images, Getty images
  8. 8. Christchurch – The Facts • 2 Major Earthquakes and 1000’s of aftershocks • Area affected: 608 hectares including park • 100000 homes damaged or destroyed • 60% of businesses in City displaced • 1200 buildings demolished in CBD • 500 Kms damage to water & wastewater systems • Damaged: 209 schools, 8 police stations, 9000 hospital rooms • Severe disruption and damage to road, rail, communications, water, energy and social infrastructure • Time to rebuild: 10-15 years 9 Source: Wordpress
  9. 9. Christchurch Anchor Projects 10 A City that Remembers and Welcomes 1. The Earthquake Memorial A City that Remembers and Welcomes 2. Te Puna Ahurea Cultural Centre A Green City 3. The Frame A Green City 4. Te Papa Ōtākaro / Avon River Precinct A Green City 5. The Square A Prosperous City 6. Retail Precinct A Prosperous City 7. Convention Centre Precinct A Prosperous City 8. Health Precinct A Prosperous City 9. Justice and Emergency Services Precinct A Prosperous City 10. Innovation Precinct A Vibrant City 11. Performing Arts Precinct A Vibrant City 12. Central Library A Vibrant City 13. Residential Demonstration Project A Vibrant City 14. Metro Sports Facility A Vibrant City 15. Stadium A Vibrant City 16. Cricket Oval An Accessible City 17. Bus Interchange 2013
  10. 10. New Zealand Life Sciences Medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare 11 ©IngramPublishing,theAgencyCollection,GettyImages • NZ has one of the best funded public health sectors in the world, with health spend amounting to 9.3% of GDP • Growing aged population will result in increased demand for healthcare and medical devices. • Orthotics, physiotherapy, orthopaedic, aged care, and mobility assistance products will be the major opportunities • High rate of workplace injuries provides opportunity for education resources, safety and medical devices to assist with prevention and rehabilitation • In New Zealand the Government is the primary funder of pharmaceuticals • New Zealand is a desirable location for clinical trials • Local distribution is the most popular route to enter the New Zealand healthcare and medical sector • Partnering opportunities exist: culture of collaboration Contact
  11. 11. New Zealand opportunities – Agritech 12 • Opportunity exists to supply NZ farmers, biotechnology, and production companies with quality products to assist in producing the best end product possible • Opportunities also exist for farming equipment, breeding, genetics, fertilisers • Total investment in the New Zealand horticulture industry was valued at £17.9 billion in 2012 •Fieldays: largest Ag trade show in southern hemisphere • Interest in innovative products for dairy, animal health, viticulture, aquaculture Contact © Crown Copyright
  12. 12. New Zealand opportunities - ICT • Sector has grown 80% in past decade •NZ is early adopter of technologies •Small but well-defined environment for market testing •The NZ ICT industry contributes nearly £10.96 billion towards the NZ economy each year. • Growth in mobile applications, gaming & film animation • NZ Govt spends £1.03 billion on ICT procurement per annum •Focus on Health IT and Cyber Security •Auckland creating an ICT Innovation Precinct •Challenge: shortage of skilled IT professionals 13 Contact © Crown Copyright
  13. 13. 14 New Zealand opportunities - Marine • Worth £1.13b to the NZ economy • Marine industry expected to double in size over the next 10-15 years with major investments in infrastructure • One of highest rates of boat ownership per capita worldwide • Areas of local expertise include design, refit and service of super yachts through to small recreational boats, along with the manufacture of components and supplies Contact © Adam Gault, OJO Images, Getty Images
  14. 14. 15 New Zealand opportunities - Creative & Media Growth sector for NZ NZ Global reputation for film & animation • Screen: co-production and co- production into 3rd markets • Music: live & sound engineering • Design: product design and architecture NZ companies are receptive to British design & keen for interchange of ideas Contact © Crown Copyright
  15. 15. 16 New Zealand opportunities - Giftware & Homeware Gifts and homeware with a British theme or representation are popular due to NZ’s British heritage • High quality • British themed • Stylistic stationery • Gift shows held 3 times/year Contact ©Crown Copyright
  16. 16. New Zealand opportunities - Education & Training With a similar education philosophy and system UK products are favoured. •Development of ICT in education infrastructure a priority area •Noticeable shift in procurement from physical to digital/online •New Partnership Schools •Establishing Trades Academies •Health & Safety training Contact 17 ©Crown Copyright
  17. 17. New Zealand opportunities - Oil and Gas •NZ has substantial underexplored oil and gas reserves & provides 50% of own needs •NZ aims to become a net exporter by 2013 •Government recently relaxed procedures to encourage international exploration and development •Two underexplored highly promising blocks currently up for tender - Reinga and Great South Basin Contact 18 ©Punchstock
  18. 18. 19 UKTI New Zealand Case Studies In partnership with: UKTI South West
  19. 19. UKTI Webinar New Zealand Opportunities Presented by: Vic Handley Deputy Group Managing Director
  20. 20. Introduction to Van Elle • Established in 1984. • UK’s largest privately owned ground engineering contractor. • Approximately 300 employees across the U.K. • Projected turnover 2013/2014 £40m. • 2013 Construction News Award Winner.
  21. 21. Introduction to Van Elle • Established in 1984. • UK’s largest privately owned ground engineering contractor. • Approximately 300 employees across the U.K. • Projected turnover 2013/2014 £40m. • 2013 Construction News Award Winner.
  22. 22. Why New Zealand? • Christchurch earthquake. • An emerging need for ground engineering contractors. • Similar culture. • Relatively easy business setup. • Long term prospects. • Strong ex-pat community. • Increased revenue potential.
  23. 23. Research • DO YOUR RESEARCH!!... • UKTI industry research and reports. • Research available grants. • Visit! Allow at least 2 weeks. • Organise meetings prior to visit. • Meet as many people as possible and get their views – competition – market. • Do a business plan and cash flow projections. • Choose the right people. • Funding the business. • Be patient. • Feel free to ask me questions…
  24. 24. 25 UKTI New Zealand How we can help
  25. 25. 26 What can UKTI New Zealand do for you? Local knowledge: Tailored, experienced, impartial advice to maximise your chances of succeeding in New Zealand Product launch: In one of our function areas, or organised for you at an outside venue Introduction service: To prospective business partners, distributors, suppliers and Govt bodies Promotion: PR to local media, UKTI e-newsletters, The ANZ OMIS - Joint Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) offering for both Australia and New Zealand Trade Missions – to help unlock international opportunities Reduce the cost and risk of entering the New Zealand market ©Joche
  26. 26. Eleanor Butterwick, Trade Division, Invest NI
  27. 27. Making sure Companies have the support to make best use of their time in the market In-Market Research Support to set meetings and gain understanding of the market Through UKTI (OMIS) Access to Invest NI in-market advisers in the Asia Pac region if travelling beyond New Zealand.
  28. 28.  Return to market visits – 3 return visits within 1 year of participating on an Invest NI event – Invest NI offers financial support in line with mission support based days required for meetings • 50% economy airfare • Up to £75 per night
  29. 29.  Legal Services – International contracts/ distribution / agency agreements – 50% of costs (excl VAT) up to £10,000 per year – Translation of marketing materials – Support as above
  30. 30. Business Information Centre Located in Bedford Square & fully accessible (appointments necessary) Desktop research with a comprehensive range of worldwide business directories, company databases, market research and business related information Access to published reports (10% free)
  31. 31. Contact: Sector mission: Tel: 028 90698033 Or : Tel: 028 90698132
  32. 32. UKTI WM Trade Mission – December 2013 Dates: 02 Dec – 06 Dec Visiting: Sydney & Melbourne Sectors: •Business, Consumer & Financial services •Education & Training •Digital Media & Creative Industries •Advanced Engineering (Automotive, Rail & Aerospace) •Healthcare •ICT •Retail & E-Commerce •Food & Drink •Infrastructure Cost: £306 (ex VAT) Mission Fee Support available for eligible companies via local UKTI teams (English regions). Participants from NI, Scotland or Wales must contact their equivalent organisation. Contact:
  33. 33. 35 UKTI New Zealand Next Steps
  34. 34. Next Steps Let’s talk in more detail about your market entry strategy! Contact your local UKTI International Trade Adviser: Contact Senior Trade Development Manager, Jeannine Walsh 36 Featuring commercial officers from around the world who will be holding one-to-one sessions with companies who pre-register to see them. Register today ( to receive regular business opportunities alerts direct to your inbox or via RSS.