TCP Workshop - 21.05.14 - Crispin Simon presentation


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TCP Workshop - 21.05.14 - Crispin Simon presentation

  1. 1. Trade Challenge Partner Workshop Wednesday 21st May 2014 Central Hall - London
  2. 2. Welcome Crispin Simon Acting CEO, UK Trade & Investment Trade Challenge Partner Workshop 2014
  3. 3. Trade Challenge Partner Workshop Wednesday 21st May 2014 Central Hall - London
  4. 4. Keynote Speech Lord Livingston Minister of State for Trade and Investment Trade Challenge Partner Workshop 2014
  5. 5. Trade Challenge Partner Workshop Wednesday 21st May 2014 Central Hall - London
  6. 6. The New Model For Working Together Crispin Simon – Chair Kevin Smith - (Senor partner, KPMG London ) Trade Challenge Partners: Kevin Smith (Senor partner, KPMG London)
  7. 7. UKTI Trade Challenge Partners Workshop Crispin Simon, Acting CEO 21 May 2014
  8. 8. This Presentation • Trade Challenge Partner recap (Crispin) • Trade Show Access Programme (Crispin) - Trends in spend - New Exhibition Services • Accreditation Process (Kevin Smith KPMG) 9
  9. 9. Trade Challenge Partner Recap • Goal: Work together more coherently to provide more efficient practical support to UK companies. • Rationale: • Collective, unique ability to support sectors (TAP, events, missions) • Access to a wide range of members • Industry expertise • Commitments: Ten or more covering: • Supporting the Export Challenge and advocacy for exporting • Promotion of UKTI / UK Export Finance to your Members • Support for UKTI: Biz Opps; Event & Missions, Webinars, Open to Export 10
  10. 10. Trade Challenge Partner Recap Key messages from our Workshop in September 2013 • Raise the bar and to bring more structure to the overall delivery model. • New UKTI processes for events and missions and welcomed our new prime contractor – GTi. • Initiating an accreditation process to bring together Trade Challenge Partners, TAP, some Events and Missions activity and other initiatives all under one structured model. • Trade Challenge Partner engagement in new UKTI initiatives: Web Exporting (E-Commerce) and Events Alliance. 11
  11. 11. Trade Challenge Partner Recap Progress since then and what’s new:  GTi and Horizon: working well – new events website: one single view of UKTI events for the customer – Partners will be able to add their events too.  New initiatives: Events Alliance; excellent start; more opportunities to work with Partners. Web Exporting; gaining momentum; more in the workshop later today.  Accreditation: delayed; Partners kept up-to-date. Important topic for discussion today.  Business Wins: new approach to demonstrating the value to our customers and economy. We want more Partner involvement.  We have reviewed our HQ Sector Structure to better reflect government priorities. 12
  12. 12. Some new ideas for Exhibition Services (1) • Exhibition Companies have helped us develop some new concepts • Benefit to the customer and value for money remain the key considerations • Many of these ideas can be developed with Trade Challenge Partners • Discussions have already taken place with Sponsors Alliance members including Gambica, CCRA, The British Chemical Association, The British footwear council, The British textile association and The British fashion council • Pilots have already been undertaken with: - Gardenex at GLEE - The Jewellery and Giftware association at Spring Fair and - BESA at the BETT show 13
  13. 13. Some new ideas for Exhibition Services (2) The new ideas we have been exploring, include: • Discounted rates for space • Co-Promotion of the event activity across all marketing via organisers • UKTI business lounge and partnering for TCPs and their members • Opportunity to participate in the seminar programme • Co-branding on UKTI Stand at live event. • Multi-channel dissemination of presentations (2500 hours of content from BETT and Spring Fair) • Sharing of visitor research • VIP Support of all TCP members visiting and exhibiting • VIP access to the 1-2-1 meeting programme • Free to use meeting facilities and wi-fi • Opportunity to participate in hosted networking opportunities • Provision of keynote speakers 14
  14. 14. • The aims and strategies of the GREAT campaign are integrated into the Exhibition Company Services model, and are at the heart of any engagement with the events. • Guidelines are provided at the outset of the partnership and artwork and stand design is monitored to ensure the GREAT Brand is incorporated. Integrating TAP and GREAT • We are developing a comprehensive guide to the GREAT brand to further partners’ understanding of its value and importance
  15. 15. 20 Kevin Smith Senior Partner, KPMG, Salisbury Square
  16. 16. 21 KPMG and the Trade Challenge Partner Accreditation What is it What it will cover What we will do What you will do TCP TAP E&M Capacity Building Continual engagement Select Audit Design Launch AccreditAssess [OPTION 1] + KPMG and the Trade Challenge Partner Accreditation
  17. 17. 22 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide
  18. 18. Trade Challenge Partner Commitments Which commitments do you feel are more important than others? What commitments could be added to give further value to your members and the Partnership with UKTI? 23
  19. 19. Trade Challenge Partner Commitments Getting more companies to export Share positive messages about the benefits of exporting to UK companies Promote and be an advocate of UKTI and UK Export Finance services and activities Register for email Alerts about relevant new content on UKTI’s website Support and promote UKTI’s events and missions programmes Actively engage in, and promote, UKTI’s new webinar programme Business Opportunities Sign up to receive Alerts for all relevant Business Opportunities Actively promote by adding a button or link on your website Promote Business Opportunities to all Association Members Publish a direct feed of Business Opportunities on your website Encourage targeted Members to respond to specific Opportunities Open to Export Actively promote in your marketing and by adding a button or link on your website Register as an Export Service Provider and respond to exporters’ online questions Provide added value sector content for the Articles and/or Events sections Keeping in touch Report back and renew your UKTI Trade Challenge Partner status every March Be a critical friend and provide constructive challenge and feedback Participate in an Annual UKTI and Trade Associations Conference
  20. 20. 25 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide
  21. 21. Five themes of Industrial Strategy: Industrial Strategy • Supporting emerging technologies including the “8 Great”; • Working to improve access to finance for businesses; • Working with business to help develop the skills that they need; • Creating a simpler and more transparent public sector procurement system to foster innovation and help businesses plan and benefit from what government buys • A spectrum of support for all sectors;
  22. 22. Technologies We are investing in emerging technologies, where the UK has the depth of research expertise and the business capability to develop and exploit these. • £600 million is being used to support the eight great technologies Regenerative Medicine Agri-scienceEnergy storageRoboticsBig data Synthetic biology Advanced materials and nanotechnology Space technology Industrial Strategy • The first 7 Catapult centres are now open with total public and private investment exceeding £1.4 billion over their first 5 years of operation. An additional £185m will go towards new Catapults in Energy Systems and Precision Medicine. • £270m investment in quantum technologies to develop a network of research centres and improve high level skills. Budget 2014 set out: o £106 million investment in new Centres for Doctoral Training, o £42 million in the creation of a Turing Institute – specialising in Big Data science; o £74 million in the Catapult Network – to support graphene and cell therapy industries; o £55 million to create a large scale manufacturing facility for late stage cell therapy products; o £19 million to provide SMEs with access to the equipment needed to develop graphene products.
  23. 23. Access to Finance Access to Finance is a key issue for businesses. • The British Business Bank was launched in October 2013 and will support economic growth by making finance markets work better for smaller businesses in the UK. • Over the course of the next 5 years it will use its resources together with the private sector to unlock up to £10 billion of additional finance and to increase the range of competition available. It supported £660 million of lending and investment to smaller businesses in 2013. • We are stimulating the development of non-bank finance sources through the £1.2bn Business Finance Partnership. • We have agreed an additional £800m of financial transaction funding for the Green Investment Bank in 2015-16. Budget 2014 set out: • We are doubling the Direct Lending Scheme to £3 billion and cutting interest rates to the lowest permitted levels to provide competitive financing that helps UK firms win contracts and expand overseas. • UK Export Finance (UKEF) will enhance its marketing, so that more businesses are aware of its products and services. • UKTI is extending its Global Entrepreneur Programme to attract more of the world’s fast growth tech businesses to the UK Industrial Strategy
  24. 24. Skills We are working with business to develop the skills that business and the wider economy need as a fundamental measure to support growth: • £100m employer ownership fund created to co-finance investment in skills in key sectors and new technologies. • Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills was published in April 2013 and outlined the Government’s priorities in reforming apprenticeships. • The Future of Apprenticeships in England – The Reform Implementation Plan was published in October 2013. Changes will improve the quality of Apprenticeships to include higher expectations of English and maths, put employers in the driving seat and simplify the system. • Apprenticeship Trailblazer projects led by employers and professional bodies, will develop the new Apprenticeship standards for a number of occupations. Our first Trailblazers are in growth sectors of Aerospace, Automotive, Digital Industries, Electrotechnical, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Food and Drink Manufacturing and Life Sciences & Industrial Sciences. Budget 2014 set out: • Additional £85 million to extend the Apprenticeship Grants for Employers scheme to fund more than 100,000 additional incentive payments for employers. • £20 million for apprenticeships up to postgraduate level, delivering the technical skills that some businesses need, and steps to identify and remove the barriers to accessing postgraduate education. Industrial Strategy
  25. 25. Sectors Industrial Strategy Published Aerospace (March 2013) Aim: Maintain existing UK market share; secure UK employment Life Science Strategy (Dec 2011) and one year on update (Dec 2012) Aim: To make the UK the global hub for life sciences Nuclear (March 2013) Aim: Grow the global market share; set out role that nuclear plays in UK energy mix Agri-tech (July 2013) Aim: increase inward investment and exports Education (July 2013) Aim: Increase the UK's education exports Information Economy (June 2013) Aim: to seize the opportunities from new ICT technology Offshore wind (August 2013) Aim: Build competitive and innovative UK supply chain Oil and Gas (March 2013) Aim: Increase inward investment in energy supply chain Construction (July 21013) Aim: make the UK the global leader in sustainable construction Automotive (July 2013) Aim: Investment in R&D; grow and develop UK supply chain Professional Business Services (July 2013) Aim: make the UK the global hub of expertise
  26. 26. Trade Challenge Partner Workshop Wednesday 21st May 2014 Central Hall - London
  27. 27. Networking Lunch Trade Challenge Partner Workshop 2014 Business Opportunities – Digital Accelerator Programme – Events Alliance – High Value Opportunities – Institute of Export – Mid-Sized Business Programme – Open to Export – Overseas Business Network Initiative – UK Export Finance – Webinars – Tradeshow Access Programme
  28. 28. 33 Trade Challenge Partner Workshops 1. High Value Opportunities (HVO): Real business for the UK supply chain 2. UK Export Finance: Trade Finance and Insurance Solutions 3. Supporting more Medium-Sized Businesses (MSBs) in international trade 4. Digital Accelerator Programme: supporting business to export via e-commerce 5. Identifying and mobilising more SMEs to export: a pilot programme 6. Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) and Events and Missions
  29. 29. Closing Comments Crispin Simon Trade Challenge Partner Workshop 2014
  30. 30. Trade Challenge Partner Workshop Wednesday 21st May 2014 Central Hall - London