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What we do

  1. 1. How can we help? UK Strategic Planners LTD UK Strategic Planners LTD
  2. 2. Each organisation should have its strategic goals that normally set by board of steering committee These goals could achieved by One or more projects To achieve you goals, you have to plan for the Journey of change first, this is what we call it Architectural Project that executed normally by Enterprise Architects The results of Architectural project are project briefs that has all necessarily needed by project Management office or project managers
  3. 3. UK Strategic Planners LTD
  4. 4. What we Develop? • Strategic Planning • Strategic Management • Operational Management • Projects Management • Project Outcomes Evaluation • Strategic performance Evaluation • Organisations Evaluation and Development • Processes Evaluation and Development • Risk Management • Human Resources Evaluation and Development UK Strategic Planners LTD
  5. 5. What Services do we provide? UK Strategic Planners LTD Training Consulting Open Consulting On Demand Recruit a Consultant
  6. 6. What Services do we provide? UK Strategic Planners LTD Training Improve Job Performance with a Complete Workforce Training Solution Our comprehensive, flexible training portfolio is focused on helping our customers develop a workforce to meet any challenge and ultimately, improve production, lower turnover and increase employee morale. On-site Training Virtual Classroom Tailored Training Training Options Training
  7. 7. What Services do we provide? Consulting • On Demand – One Service per contract, starts after signing a contract and ends when client approves the documents we deliver • Open Consulting – Monthly paid service, starts after signing a contract and for one month, renewal automatically • Recruit a Consultant – Provide a consultant to handle several roles in clients organisation, the consultant will fully supported by UK Strategic Planners back office UK Strategic Planners LTD Consulting Open Consulting On Demand Recruit a Consultant
  8. 8. What is the type of deliverables? UK Strategic Planners LTD Deliverable Category Format Written Consultancies • Hardcopies or • PDF Creative Managerial Solutions • Hardcopies or • PDF Oversight Performance • Hardcopies or • PDF Directing Operations • Hardcopies or • PDF
  9. 9. Example of our deliverables UK Strategic Planners LTD
  10. 10. What differs us? Execute Fully Assessment (Free) 1 Estimate your GAPs 2 Identify Changes you must apply 3 Closely Monitoring your evolving 4
  11. 11. What differs us? INPUTS OUTPUTS Process For each process, we evaluate Inputs, Processes and Outputs and recommend the changes based on best practices EVALUATE Enhancements EVALUATE Enhancements EVALUATE Enhancements
  12. 12. Best Practice Certified Certified Certified Certified UK Strategic Planners LTD
  13. 13. Thank you UK Strategic Planners LTD UK Strategic Planners LTD