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UKSG Conference 2017 Breakout - KBART recommendations: challenges and achievements - Julie Zhu


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This session will comprise a talk with a panel of speakers
looking at KBART: seven years later (since the publication
of the first set of recommendations up to today). The panel
will discuss the changes on the e-resources metadata
landscape, the benefits of KBART and the challenges of
its implementation. Today poor metadata in the electronic
resources supply chain is still a problem. The panel will
use practical examples to explain how metadata creation,
consumption and usage are marked by the constant
requirement of finding the balance between available
resources (technical and human) and end user discoverability
needs. The KBART Standing Committee sees the
implementation of KBART recommendations as a community
effort from a range of stakeholders (content providers,
knowledge bases, link resolvers and librarians).

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UKSG Conference 2017 Breakout - KBART recommendations: challenges and achievements - Julie Zhu

  1. 1. IEEE and KBART: History, Challenges, Logistics, and Results Julie Zhu Discovery Service Relations Manager IEEE 2017 UKSG Conference Harrogate, UK
  2. 2. A not-for-profit society World’s largest technical membership association with over 420,000 members in 160 countries Five core areas of activity – Publishing – Conferences – Standards – Membership – E-learning About the IEEE IEEE’s Mission IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity Major packages IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) including journals, proceedings, standards IEEE Enterprise including journals, proceedings, and ebook chapters IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library MIT Press eBooks Library Morgan & Claypool eBooks Library
  3. 3. IEEE & KBART: History 2012-2014 IEEE •7 KBART I lists for journals •OPAC lists separated by content types •Missing ISBNs/ISSNs Link Resolvers •Limited number of IEEE Xplore targets •IEL targets separated by content types •Slow updates Libraries •Significant link resolver configuration problems •User/library complaints about link resolutions
  4. 4. Collaborating to Reduce Content Gaps in Discovery: What Publishers, Discovery Service Providers, and Libraries Can Do to Close the Gaps Julie Zhu & Jalyn Kelley, Science & Technology Libraries 34.4 (2015): 315-328.
  5. 5. IEEE & KBART: Challenges Linking Problems Publisher Library KB Vendor Improve internal communication Create consolidated Title lists for all packages Improve metadata Set up targets for all packages Consolidate targets Troubleshoot Provide configuration guides Audit discovery & linking Outreach
  6. 6. IEEE and KBART: Logistics
  7. 7. IEEE and KBART: Results
  8. 8. IEEE and KBART: Results
  9. 9. IEEE and KBART: Ongoing Initiatives
  10. 10. KB Inclusion of KBART I Fields
  11. 11. KB Inclusion of KBART II Fields
  12. 12. KBART: What Can Libraries Do? Subscriptions & Title Lists Check what your library subscribes to Understand what titles should be in each subscription. If not sure, check IEEE KBART portal: If any list, title or metadata is missing, report to IEEE Online Support KB Targets Check if the corresponding targets are available in your link resolver KB If not, report to the vendor AND IEEE Online Support Check if targets for all subscribed packages are enabled in KB IEEE Guides and Verify Verify if all subscribed titles are in your library’s AtoZ list Check if CustomLinks, IEDL, OpenURL links are enabled Verify if full text links are available for all content types If there are problems or not sure, contact IEEE / Content Online
  13. 13. Thank You Julie Zhu IEEE - Discovery Service Relations Manager NISO - Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee ODI Standing Committee KBART Standing Committee Tracking Link Origins Working Group