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UKSG 2018 Plenary - National license negotiations advancing the OA transition: a view from Sweden - Lunden


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National licence negotiations advancing the OA transition: a view from Sweden
Anna Lundén
National Library of Sweden

Published in: Education
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UKSG 2018 Plenary - National license negotiations advancing the OA transition: a view from Sweden - Lunden

  1. 1. National Licence Negotiations Advancing the OA Transition – A view from Sweden Anna Lundén, 9th of April 2018, UKSG
  2. 2. Bibsam Consortium • Formed in 1996 • Paradigm shift from print to e-journals, from individual subscriptions to big deals • 81 participating organisations: HEIs, government agencies & research institutes • 41 agreements • 282 e-resource packages • Turnover € 36 million
  3. 3. • Started as a project in 2006 at the National Library of Sweden • Focus on providing information, policy coordination, promoting and supporting open access in Sweden • Swedish NOAD in the EU funded project OpenAire • OA expert in the Swedish advocacy platform for H2020 programme ”Science with and for Society”
  4. 4. Political Steps Towards Open Access • 2012 Recommendation from the EU commission to member states • 2012 Swedish Research Bill addresses open access • 2015 A Proposal for National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with the National Library of Sweden – Identifying opportunities for and obstacles to a transition to open access • 2016 Competitiveness Council EU’s ministers for research and innovation agreed on conclusions for Open Science • 2016 Swedish Research Bill “Knowledge in Collaboration”
  5. 5. Government Appropriation Directive - Coordinate Open Access to Scholarly Publications • All scientific publications resulting from research financed with public funds shall be published immediately open access • Open access is default and toll access an exception • The transition shall be fully realized within 10 years, 2026 • All stakeholders within the Swedish research system shall work towards a common goal ”The National Library of Sweden shall coordinate the implementation of principles for open access in consultation with the Swedish Research Council.”
  6. 6. Key Stakeholders • Swedish Rector’s Conference – Swedish Association for Higher Education • Swedish Research Council • National Library of Sweden • All stakeholders have signed the OA2020 initiative for the necessary large-scale transformation to OA • The Steering Committee for the Bibsam Consortium and the Open Access Group are chaired by the Vice- Chancellor of Stockholm University, Astrid Söderbergh Widding
  7. 7. Novel Methods of Working 2018-04-18 • The licensing and OA teams work closely together • Common goal 2020: Lead the work moving from subscription-based to immediate OA • OA parameters are negotiated with all journal publishers • New OA terms and conditions are brought into agreements • Publishing data output is collected, analysed and used in publisher negotiations
  8. 8. The State of OA in Sweden
  9. 9. Total Cost of Publication • ”There is enough money in the system” – 17,000 articles per annum x average APC € 2,000 – Total € 34 million • NLS has been assigned to monitor and report the total cost of publication for: – HEIs’ subscription fees, publication fees and associated administrative fees – Will demand an increased cooperation between NLS and HEIs to gather the data for APCs
  10. 10. Open APC Sweden
  11. 11. LIBER’s Five Principles for Negotiations with Publishers
  12. 12. Joint Nordic Checklist for OA terms        Open access-model (incl cost, content) No non-disclosure clauses License type (E.g. CC-BY) Article types (E.g. Article, Conference Paper / Proceedings Paper, Review) Eligible authors – verifiying, confirmation Metadata Information in reports and on invoices
  13. 13. National Licences with OA parameters Agreements Time period Business model Capped number of articles Expected publication output 2018 No. of titles for publication No. of titles with reading access Gold OA journals included Springer Compact 2016-2018 Read & Publish 1853 1665 1600 2156 No Institute of Physics (IOP) 2017-2019 Offsetting Uncapped* 30 41 91 No De Gruyter 2018-2020 Read & Publish Uncapped 30 381 381 Yes Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 2018-2020 Read & Publish Uncapped 200 40 40 No Taylor & Francis 2018-2020 Read & Publish 1450 2040 2295 167-2391** No * APC’s refunded to a maximum of the yearly license fee. **Different packages available.
  14. 14. Current Negotiations Ongoing/upcoming negotiations • Elsevier • Cambridge University Press • Oxford University Press • Springer Nature • Wiley
  15. 15. Analysis of Output with Gold OA Publishers Publisher Number of Articles 2013-2016 (Swepub) BioMed Central 1550 PLOS 1135 MDPI 301 CoAction Publishing 297* (2010 – 2016) Hindawi 291 Frontiers 277 Copernicus Publications 206 EDP 204 Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) 129 DovePress 120
  16. 16. Criteria for Gold OA Publishers • Less administration (for researchers)? • All articles published with a CC BY licence? • Discounts – minimum level? • “Quality” indicators e.g. OASPA and COPE? • The agreements can be published publically open? • Data delivery to CrossRef? • Use of standards? • Usage statistics? • Other?
  17. 17. Support of OA Initiatives • OA Content Services – Kriterium – Knowledge Unlatched – Open Book Publishers – Open Library of Humanities • OA Infrastructure Services – COAR – COUNTER – DOAJ – Sherpa/ROMEO – SPARC
  18. 18. Five Studies on OA NLS initiates and coordinates further studies during 2017-2019 in collaboration with main stakeholder groups - funders, HEIs, researchers and libraries: 1. The current research merit and resource allocation system versus incentives for open access 2. Funding for a transition from a subscription to an open access publishing system 3. Open access to scholarly monographs 4. Financial and technical support for converting peer reviewed scholarly journals from toll access to open access 5. Monitoring of compliance with open access policies and mandates
  19. 19. National Licence Negotiations Advancing the OA Transition • Political Support • OA2020 initiative signed by key stakeholders • Continuous support on University level in negotiation with publishers • Collection of publication data to support these negotiations – Development of Open APC Sweden
  20. 20. Challenges Ahead • Further develop infrastructure for administration of APCs in order to get a national overview of the total cost of publication • Redirect funding streams from subscriptions to open access - from funders to HEIs • Redesign of current cost reallocation model • Funders to monitor and follow-up on OA mandates • Give incentives for OA publishing - change the merit system, research assessment and allocation system • Engage in communication with the research community, e.g. information about OA deals
  21. 21. Thank you! Questions? Anna Lundén Head of Division National Coordination of Libraries National Library of Sweden