UK Access Management Federation A partnership of JISC Collections & EDINA


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  • UK Access Management Federation A partnership of JISC Collections & EDINA

    1. 1. (Don’t shut that door) the importance of global identity to education 28th & 29th March 2012, UKSG, Glasgow UK Access Management Federation A partnership of JISC Collections & EDINA Mark Williams Operator Manager UK Access Management FederationJISC Collections
    2. 2. Identity in Education• Consider the functions of identity in the discovery to delivery process Identity before authentication Discovery to Delivery rather than Access and Authentication “What is JISC doing about Standards on Publisher interfaces?”• New Federation tools to support institutions and publishers• Invite input into development of some new toolsJISC Collections
    3. 3. A personal semi fictionalised journey but based on real eventsNice tool on UKSG site – email links just like modern social networkingsites.JISC Collections
    4. 4. There is the resource - Option for institutional login. But where I am I really going to click institutional login click first or the PDF I have come for?JISC Collections
    5. 5. Now I’m confused. As a student / librarian don’t we normally get this sortof thing for free?How many lost souls have paid when they didn’t have to. How many haveNOT PAID. A lot of web piracy is because it is easy….Anyhow, finally pick institutional login.JISC Collections
    6. 6. But yet Password front and centre.Almost looks like it is fishing for Federated credentialsIt’s UKsg so why not have UK federtion at top?JISC Collections
    7. 7. Now what’s happened. It says recognized as…. But also says LOGIN still(not log out).I’m back at the start – implies I’ve failed to login (although I have).Where is the resource, I clicked on a link- didn’t pay attention to name ornumber -Now I’m lost.JISC Collections
    8. 8. Ok start searching again – I’m lucky here- only one issue ofinsight to search through.JISC Collections
    9. 9. Still not even on the right pageUsers don’t care about what was before or after just want to tothe target.JISC Collections
    10. 10. Many clicks and lengths of string laterJISC Collections
    11. 11. How it can be doneLogin options offer types of authentication and choice of timeof authentication.JISC Collections
    12. 12. Inclusion of MDUI data (institution and service provider logo and branding) offer a clear journey to the user.JISC Collections
    13. 13. It is now clear I have logged in as the option available now has changed to logout.JISC Collections
    14. 14. Like it or not, users will come via GoogleUniversity of Toronto: 5% received info lit trainingUBIRD studyThey will come in anywhere in the site and anytime during the processLibrary inductionMobile devices Give users what they want. You can’t control themJISC Collections
    15. 15. Discovery to Delivery tm NISOJISC Collections
    16. 16. Expresso recommendations• Service Provider Open Page:• Service Provider Identity Discovery Page:• Service Provider Protected Page:• Institution login page:• Rewriting OpenURLs• Appropriate SP and IdP Use of Branding• Error HandlingJISC Collections
    17. 17. Some clever guys at Cardiff…Phil Smart and Dr Rhys SmithJISC Collections
    18. 18. Wugen: What is does• Tool for librarians to create Wayfless URLs. – A-Z lists e.g. library portal, so skip WAYF• Automatically constructs a Wayfless URL based on provided Idp, Sp and Target.• Quality of Wayfless URL – Different types, some subject to change more than others.JISC Collections
    19. 19. Wugen: How it worksJISC Collections
    20. 20. Wugen: Who runs it?• One instance per federation, not per institution.• Full version 1 available, but needs more testing.• Needs work to be released by the Federation Not available in shops yet – need your feedback!JISC Collections
    21. 21. RAPTOR: The same clever guys at CardiffJISC Collections
    22. 22. RAPTOR; Why? • Athens -> Shibboleth = loss of stats • Stats important for making budgetary decisions about eResources • Raptor is a Java based AuthN system log file parser • Shibboleth, Ezproxy, OpenAthens, FreeRadius • Future release may see some integration directly in Shibboleth • Designed for non technical users. But will have technical components. • Statistics per institution as well as aggregated to higher levels e.g. UK federationJISC Collections
    23. 23. JISC Collections
    24. 24. JISC Collections
    25. 25. What we want from you…………...….and what we can give youTell us HelpdeskTalk to IT ToolsMDUIDevelopment feedback, use casesJISC Collections
    26. 26. Useful Federation MDUI instructions: single sign on guidelines Collections