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Matt mahon uksg presentation

  1. 1. Matt Mahon: Open Journal Systems 8-9 April 2013, UKSG 2013Matt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  2. 2. SAS / SAS-Space / SAS-OJ SAS-Space - ePrints repository - research data, staff publications - 4,000+ items - 54,000+ downloads last quarter SAS Open Journals - Open Journals platform - Open Access - Deposit in SAS-SpaceMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  3. 3. SAS / SAS-Space / SAS-OJThe School of Advanced Study’sscholarly institutional openaccess repositoryAmicus Curiae collection ofarticles. Author focus.- Author listing + browse- Abstract- PDF article- RSS feed options- User tags + notes + comments- ePrints application- Preservation facilities- openDOAR cross-searchMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  4. 4. Why use an open journal platform? Existing journals - learned societies - financial pressures - Open Access and the Finch Report New journals - financial pressures - hosting - editing expertise - Open Access and the Finch ReportMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  5. 5. Open Access resources IHR Open Access blog SAS Smart Jisc social media project IHR Finch Report storify Sherpa-RoMEO Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  6. 6. Amicus Curiae Amicus Curiae The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies promotes and facilitates advanced study and research in law for the benefit of persons and institutions in the UK and abroad. The Society for Advanced Legal Studies - academic lawyers - barristers - government lawyers - law students - members of judiciary - solicitors + other legal practitioners - Journal, lectures, working groupsMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  7. 7. Amicus Curiae - Amicus has 90 issues, over 600 articles - Originally published by CCH New Law and Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. - Authors retain their copyright. - Articles are included on the basis of a non-exclusive licence to publish online and a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC-ND) -ISSN and DOIMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  8. 8. The Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth JHRC - Born digital (under construction) - Issue 1 due summer 2013 - Lightweight model - Remote editing - Indesign vs XML delivery Photo: Eneas da TroyaMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  9. 9. JHRC: Peer review process Automated emails to manage peer review Author submission Editor assigns reviewers Reviewers return comments Author submits comments Editor reviews revisions Decision to publishMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  10. 10. Integration SAS Open Journals links to: SAS-Space (Sword plugin) SAS Blogs Twitter and FacebookMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  11. 11. Issues and challenges Publishers’ agreements and licensing Subscriptions Expertise Commitment Expectations Scepticism about OAMatt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  12. 12. SAS-Space SAS Open Journals Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace
  13. 13. Matt Mahon: Open Journal Systems @SASSpace