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Josh Harding: UKSG Conference 2013


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Josh Harding: UKSG Conference 2013

  1. 1. The Student-Information RelationshipBy Joshua Harding
  2. 2. Agenda• Setting the scene• Tablet computing• Consulting information• Workflows• Barriers & Challanges• An ideal future• Q & A• Conclusion
  3. 3. BSc (Hons) Physiology
  4. 4. MBChB - Medicine• In 18 months I had covered thesame amount of content!• Information overload!• I needed to be able to access• Lots of Info• Quickly• EfficientlyOur core texts had allthe answersNo!But we will tryanyway!
  5. 5. So did I find a solution?YesDigital ConsumptionI am a paperless student
  6. 6. MBChB - Medicine
  7. 7. MBChB - Medicine• Search across all my content & resources• Seamlessly switch between notetaking, resource apps & textbooks• ↑ Efficacy• ↓ Time taken• ↓ Stress, ↑ Satisfaction• On demand society
  8. 8. Tablet Computing• Not a new idea• Powerful personalised education tool• 18 months – If not sooner!• Expectations will rise!We remember20% of what we read30% of what we hear40% of what we see50% of what we say60% of what we doWhy use one as a student?• Adoption of a device that allows this = no brainer!• Personalised education experience  Flexible• Desire is presentUltimately we remember 90% of what weread, see, hear, say and do• Question - “So why haven’t you bought one?”• Answer – “I’ve always wanted to buy one, but I’venever been sure how I could actually use it.”
  9. 9. Consulting Information• Notes & Resources at my finger tips• Notability (Note taking app)– Take a history from the patient• Answer questions with confidence• Refresh memory• Perform with confidence• Instant feedback
  10. 10. Consulting Information• British National Formulary (BNF)– Resource App  Instant learning &subsequent reinforcementPocket Body (Anatomy App)• Recap anatomy• Forefront of mind• Anchor points• Improved learning• ↑ retention
  11. 11. Consulting Information• Notes GoodReader• Inkling– Essential Clinical Anatomy• Things (Task manager app)
  12. 12. Consulting Information• Notability (Note taking app)– Annotate lecture notes– Record lecture• Inkling• GoodReader (Notes)• Resource Apps• Internet
  13. 13. Consulting Information• Things• Inkling• GoodReader• Recourse Apps• Notability• Evernote
  14. 14. • Cluttered• Analogue & basic• Difficulty w/ multiple sources• Can get lost• Simple, efficient• Interactive textbook• Audio/visual content• Can’t get lost
  15. 15. Notability• Best selling note taker of 2012– Handwritten, Typed, Recorded Notes– PDF annotation, Web clipping, Pictures• Exceptional hand writing quality & speed– Zoom window• Auto sync to the cloud– You can’t lose your notes!• Closest experience to a pen & paper– Marginally slower
  16. 16. GoodReader• PDF Viewer & Library• Fast & Smooth PDF viewing– Tabs allow for multiple PDFs– Opens MS office files, pictures, audio & video• Mark up PDFs– Handwritten & typed notes, pop-up comments– Highlighted text, shapes, underlines & strikeout• Organises & handles large PDF files• Syncs with the cloud
  17. 17. Inkling• Interactive, Smart, Multi-touch – books• The future of the textbook– Intuitive navigation– Interactive, movies, animations, music, podcasts, slideshows, interactive images, 3D models– Search through the entire book– Highlight text, make notes & share them• Purchase per chapter– Free content updates
  18. 18. Maximising digital potential• Interactive textbooks as a base model• Smart textbooks would be irresistible!• Why?  Simple  You will get a better grade• What do I want my textbook to do?– Whilst I study it, it studies me– Inform me of my progress– Adapt the content of the book to me– Be a personal study buddy– A true personal learning environment– Compare me to my peers
  19. 19. Resource AppseBooks Lectures
  20. 20. Dropbox• The fulcrum of a digital student• Upload, Sync & Download all your content– Offline viewing– Never lose your content• Organises your files• Sharing
  21. 21. Sharing Is Caring• Dropbox shared folders– Sharing resources– Automatic downloads– Specific shared links
  22. 22. Sharing Is Caring• Facebook– Crowd sharing
  23. 23. Sharing Is Caring• Mendeley• Papers & Articles– Reference manager– Academic social network– Read & Annotate (basic)– Collaborate– Generate bibliographies– Sync to Mendeley
  24. 24. Barriers to being a digital student1. Awareness– Solutions• Librarians – Digital literacy, Student advisors• Publishers – Free (offline) ebooks with paper copies2. Costs– Solutions• Upfront costs wont change – Loaning from libraries?• Publishers Institutional and Private consumption
  25. 25. Challenges• Key dichotomy– Private consumption– Institutional consumption• I get free access to all the popular texts inpaper form from my library• So why not digital?• Fragmentation, Reduced Variety & VariableQuality
  26. 26. My ideal workflow• Interactive textbooks as a standard– Export content from (in PDF format) to my notes• Interactive textbooks– One universal store to buy them (privately)– One universal platform to view them on– Easy to loan from my library (free)• Apply learning analytics• Institutional subscriptions to Apps
  27. 27. Any questions?
  28. 28. Conclusion• Digital consumption is the future– Smartbooks > Interactive Textbooks > PDFs > ePubs > Paper textbooks– Viewable offline & in third party apps• Paperless students will become more common• Publishers need to adapt– Free tools like iBooks Author– Universities are capable of producing & publishing better quality booksthan what the current market provides (ePub) & for free!– When they realise this  Power shift? Are you worried yet?• Libraries & Institutions need to re-organise– Funds to incorporate Apps & more digital content– Improve digital literacy, advise and thus ↑ awareness
  29. 29. Thank you for your timePlease feel free to contact meJoshua James