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Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge


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Ross Irvine | Sapienza Consulting Ltd. | Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge

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Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge

  1. 1. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge Sapienza Consulting Ross Irvine Software Implementation Consultant Space Products Division
  2. 2. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - The Journey So Far  Who is your speaker?  Who are Sapienza Consulting?  What is ECLIPSE?  Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge
  3. 3. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - Who am I? Ross Irvine Software Implementation Consultant Space Products Division
  4. 4. Who am I? Ross Irvine Software Implementation Consultant Space Products Division Early passion for travelling…
  5. 5. Sapienza Consulting  We are a relatively small UK company specialising in supporting institutional and commercial space projects and missions through People, Software and Services.  UK Success story  Offices in: – UK – The Netherlands – Italy – France – Germany
  6. 6. Head Office located in the UK Located in Guilford, home to:  Home to our Bespoke Development Team  ECLIPSE Development (UK) Team Dutch Office located next to ESA Located in Noordwijk, near ESTEC, home to:  ECLIPSE Product Management Team  ECLIPSE Development (NL) Team  Technical & Consultative Support  Manpower Services Team
  7. 7. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - 30 separate nationalities Exact 50/50 Male / Female split Average age = 31
  8. 8. 1994 Sapienza founded. 1996-2002 Development of the PRISMA Project Management applications & Portal for ESA 2007-2009 ECLIPSE evolution began. Early adopters of ECLIPSE: 2010-2014 ECLIPSE standard in ESA. ECLIPSE becoming Industry standard Sapienza Software History
  9. 9. Our Business Streams….
  10. 10. Manpower Services Our employees support space sector organisations across Europe, operating in corporate functions as well as being part of project teams for flagship missions. We provide:  Seconded Employees  Managed Service  ECLIPSE Manpower Services
  11. 11. Sapienza Proprietary Information 2013 - ECLIPSE Suite  ECLIPSE Suite of Integrated applications helping space project and mission teams achieve better efficiency & control in compliance with the ECSS Standards Or in other words…  ECSS Compliant Toolset for Information and Projects Support of Enterprises in Space
  12. 12. Sapienza Proprietary Information 2013 - What is ECSS? An initiative established to develop a coherent, single set of user-friendly standards for use in all European space activities. ECLIPSE uses the standards from the following key areas:  Space Project Management  Space Product Assurance European Cooperation for Space Standardisation
  13. 13. Sapienza Proprietary Information 2013 - ECLIPSE Suite  ECLIPSE integrates an ever-growing number of specialist modules, each addressing a key space-oriented process.  The collaborative nature of ECLIPSE modular design allows space organisations to exchange data and deliver documentation in a security controlled environment.
  14. 14. Sapienza Proprietary Information 2013 - What is ECLIPSE Suite? ECLIPSE is a Framework which provides space project teams (and their partners) a single point access to core project, process-oriented applications and information Core QA, PA and CM processes can be performed in a single environment, following a standard electronic format:  Allowing collaboration, review/approvals and secure Document Management and sharing/exchange between project partners  Managing the performance of space project reviews and tracking baselines evolution  Managing and retaining all project actions internally and with partners  Managing the evolution of Non-Conformances throughout the project life  Managing and retention of Risk information throughout the project life
  15. 15. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge  ECLIPSE Software is used in large multi-organisational projects.  The challenge is how the software could be applied at a University or CubeSat level.  Come talk to me at the Sapienza stand; there could be a very interesting prize.
  16. 16. Sapienza Propietary Information 2013 - COME AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO US