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What would erskine may do?


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A talk by Anya Somerville and Michael Smethurst to the Study of Parliament Group annual conference. January 2020. On modelled procedure and queryable precedence.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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What would erskine may do?

  1. 1. Picture of Erskine May (the man)
  2. 2. What we’re not talking about Erskine May CRAG Act SI Act Commons SOs Lords SOs
  3. 3. As smart as a puppy
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. Information Information
  6. 6. Data platform WebsiteEasy Harder Back to the iceberg
  7. 7. Data models Data platform WebsiteEasy Harder
  8. 8. Information management Data models Data platform WebsiteEasy Harder
  9. 9. Information management Job descriptions Data models Data platform WebsiteEasy Harder
  10. 10. The event horizon of the possible
  11. 11. Website Retail?
  12. 12. BBC Guardian Mail Wholesale
  13. 13. Google Facebook Website Data platform Wholesale
  14. 14. BBC Online Google Facebook Website Data platform Wholesale
  15. 15. Start to add applications ++
  16. 16. Procedure model
  17. 17. Procedure model
  18. 18. Procedure model
  19. 19. wp-made-neg- si
  20. 20. Some SPARQL
  21. 21. What would Erskine May do?
  22. 22. This is the work we are doing: ● building one source of truth for Parliament, ● joining up the data in a way that is semantically true to Parliament, ● doing that with the domain knowledge of clerks, librarians and external experts.
  23. 23. Martyn Atkins David Beamish Jack Dent Paul Evans Eleanor Hourigan Richard Kelly Matt Korris Arabella Lang Lucinda Maer Andrew Makower Adam Mellows-Facer John Sheridan Jane White … thank you!
  24. 24. Illustrations from The Noun Project Adrien Cocquet, Pawel Rak, Setyo Ari Wibowo, Idealogo Studio, Jesus Puertas, Olexandr Panasovskyi, Marie Van den Broeck, Dimitrios Stamatis.