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Back to basics – human physiology, psychology & place-making


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Presentation from Briony Turner at ARCC network event.


Supported by ARCC Network, Feeling Good Foundation, Wellcome Trust, European Cultural Foundation

Published in: Environment
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Back to basics – human physiology, psychology & place-making

  1. 1. #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  2. 2. Important emergency information • Evacuation • On hearing the alarm you must evacuate the building immediately via the nearest exit. Please remain with your host at the assembly point. • Invacuation • In the unlikely event of a security threat, specific instructions will be given via the PA system. You may be asked to locate to the shelter station below ground level. Please remain with your host at the shelter station. • For advice and details on the location of the assembly point and shelter station, or if you need assistance to leave the building in an emergency, please speak with Reception or your host and they will discuss your individual needs privately. • Emergency Assistance • For first aid and emergency assistance please call Security on ext. 2001.
  3. 3. Housekeeping • In event of a fire • Recording & dissemination • Mobiles on silent please • Wifi - WellcomeGuest – no password #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  4. 4. Vision Our vision is a world where everyone’s wellbeing is enhanced by healthier buildings and spaces. Mission The Feeling Good Foundation is a not-for profit organisation set up by industry and academia to discover, develop and mainstream knowledge about what enhances health and wellbeing in the built environment. We do this by • gathering and sharing information, • conducting research, • applying knowledge • raising awareness. We facilitate and host Work Groups, talks and events that bring together engineers, interior designers, quantity surveyors, architects, academics, manufacturers, healthcare experts and more to share, learn and create better spaces. #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  5. 5. About UKCIP & ARCC UKCIP UKCIP works at the boundary of climate research, policy and practice, providing support and advice on adapting to climate change UKCIP work falls into 3 categories: • Decision-making for adaptation • Exchanging knowledge & ideas • Creative adaptation UKCIP is based in the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford ARCC network The Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change Network has been Funded by EPSRC since January 2009 to: o promote cooperative working between academia and stakeholders o facilitate the provision and sharing of information and evidence o build the community to sustain engagement in the longer-term #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  6. 6. Dissemination materials & research avaialble online #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  7. 7. The building cycle –targeting stages Lawyers Consultants (for due diligence/urban design and planning) Health & Safety & residents with a few additions by Briony Turner Land remediation) buildings fit for a future climate #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  8. 8. Skills framework for transformative action Capacity What’s required Systemic inquiry • to understand the history of that system (sources of control, legitimacy and knowledge) • to challenge the assumptions that underpin existing structures and ways of doing things • real time iterative learning from application of interventions Leadership • To shift between current activities and activities focused on coping well in the future • To remain conscious of long-term goals when making short- term plans • To cultivate uncertainty, reducing limitation of the exploration of its complexity and range of potential improvements Learning from practice • To observe and learn from the present • To create opportunities to reframe understanding • To facilitate the learning process to both challenge and support, to enable reflection and reassessment #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing Download from
  9. 9. Next call for research findings #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing
  10. 10. Thank you for listening If you have any questions and/or would like to explore collaborative work on this with the ARCC network, please contact me: @ARCC_CN #FeelGoodSpaces @ARCC_CN @FGFwellbeing