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We invite you to explore Universal Insurance Services!

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Universal Insurance Services Brochure

  1. 1. Universal Insurance Services Universal Insurance Services is one of the leading Broker General Agencies in the United States, consistently delivering top-quality results designed to benefit our advisors and firms. Our primary objective is to aid the advisory marketplace, Insurance Professionals, Financial Advisors, Benefits Experts, Attorneys, CPA’s, Investment Organizations, RIA’s, Broker Dealers and General Agencies in attaining the best possible solutions for their clients. As a firm who considers our business as more consultative we strive to offer objective solutions for our clients. Currently recognized as one of the most creative and knowledgeable organizations in its space, Universal’s depth of expertise includes advanced planning techniques, underwriting prowess, extensive carrier & objective product support, case design, true marketing and sales offense/defense, back office support and innovative technology. From the very beginning our goal has always been to provide our clients with the services, systems and tools to be entrepreneurial, independent and the most well respected advisors in their given markets. Our consultative approach allows you to benefit from the wealth of our experience and the independence of our advice. Our company is supported by a top-tier wholesale distribution platform of life insurance, long-term care insurance (LTC), disability insurance (DI) and annuities. Universal consistently provides its advisors and firms with the most innovative, comprehensive insurance, wealth management and benefits solutions available. Our firm has enjoyed a long tradition of providing superior trust and insurance advisory services. Today, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our range of products and services is broader than ever. Our commitment to helping advisors and firms has never been stronger. Our success and enviable reputation are directly attributed to the extraordinary caliber of our staff, the quality of our personal service and the results our clients achieve. We are privileged to be associated with some of the most successful advisors and organizations in the nation and we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. 800 Fairway Drive, Suite 320 Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441 www.uiservices.com 800.878.8280
  2. 2. Underwriting We believe our philosophical approach to underwriting business is a distinguishing factor, and it enables us to have an industry leading informal to formal ratio. Beyond having an in-depth understanding of our carriers, this is where our belief in proactive thought really makes a difference. When you decide to place an informal case with Universal, this is what you can expect:  A talented, focused underwriting team dedicated to informal business  Quick turn-around: Goal is 3-5 days to medically summarize and submit a case  A stringent initial assessment on cases, we call it “Double-Scrubbing”  A fully secured, paperless informal department that allows us to manage large volumes of personal data efficiently  Real-time online case management providing access to all offers in one convenient location  All business is processed within 24hours of receiving a complete application We are privileged to have created a team of respected experts with over 75 years of combined experience in the underwriting marketplace. Bringing true expertise in handling complex medical and financial risks, especially in the affluent, high-net worth market, Universal’s underwriting department has first hand knowledge of all aspects of the life insurance underwriting process and maintains close working relationships with medical directors and senior underwriters at the carriers. Our internal team is comprised of experts in all facets of the process and possess a depth of knowledge in medical and mortality modeling unsurpassed by our competitors. Steeping our negotiations in fact allows Universal to maintain resounding carrier respect while achieving the best results for our clients. With several RN’s, and multiple internal informal and formal staff, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient underwriting process. We utilize professionals, including physicians, actuaries and underwriters, committed to ensuring that you are evaluated according to your unique circumstances, rather than how you fit into a statistical model. For our clients, this often means a favorable negotiating edge, competitive costs, greater benefits and higher limits.
  3. 3. Carrier Relationships A cornerstone of the UIS service platform is our unparalleled relationships that we maintain with our carriers, including their top underwriting staff, CEO’s and executive levels of our carrier partners. These relationships afford us a unique perspective into how our carriers will respond to a case, allowing us to target our submissions for the best outcome. Our carriers appreciate both our passion and our diligence when pursuing cases. They understand that we will only pursue a case if we believe in its viability. In turn our agents benefit by our strategic and upfront analysis, as our thoroughness alleviates carrier inundation. This approach has strengthened our carrier relationships, decreased processing times and amplified our production. As an advocate for the agent (client) and the insurance carrier; Universal has been able to forge unique relationships and ultimately accomplish what other BGA’s cannot, nor have the resources to do. We distinguish ourselves by the work we do up front and in the way we package a case, whether it be informal or formal business. In addition Universal’s principals sit on several carrier boards, continually requested to aid in product design, underwriting guidance and marketing initiatives. These resources allow us to stay ahead of the competition and potentially have access to product and systems not available to other organizations nationally. A true independent brokerage general agency, we provide access to the world’s leading carriers across life insurance and annuities, disability income and long-term care. Universal Insurance Services has relationships with over 30 major insurance carriers and has helped account for billions in face amounts and hundreds of millions of dollars in premium. Continually ranking as a top “producer” for many carriers, this puts our organization in a position to assist in your business like no one else can.
  4. 4. Intellectual Capital Universal Insurance Services is proud to be associated with some of the brightest minds in the financial industry; over the years we have created a platform of specialists within our organization to support almost any situation that may arise. We have the knowledge to aid our clients in educating, closing and creating sales opportunities. Our Advanced Sales department is a team of dedicated professionals who are available to assist you with maneuvering the complexities of case design. Through the diversity of our talent, we are able to take a holistic approach when assisting you with a case and provide perspective on how different factors will affect the outcome for your client. Universal’s Advanced Sales resources include:  Tax and Legal  Securities Knowledge and Expertise  Innovative Sales Strategies  Advanced Case Design  Advisor Coaching & Marketing  Case Close Support  Carrier Selection and Product Design  Second Opinion/Review/Audit Services Knowledge Is Power Understanding that products and underwriting alone will not necessarily grow your business, we have built a universe of experts that have decades of experience and achieved top tier success as financial advisors, case managers and senior management. This experience allows us to have a deep understanding of what our clients go through day to day in the trenches. In addition, our staff has achieved accolades in the industry for their expertise, sitting on advisory boards with over 15 carriers, ranging from product design to advanced planning. When it comes to strategic support we believe that our staff is unmatched. Our company philosophy and persistent drive towards excellence attracts diverse talent from some of the industry’s top organizations. We combine this talent with cross-training techniques that empower our staff to provide a distinctive point of view when developing solutions for complex cases. UIS support for Executive Benefits is bred from experience, history and familiarity working with life insurance offerings tailored to the benefits marketplace and the ability to offer unique insurance products to meet the needs of executives. We have access to the country’s leading third-party administrator services and we work strategically with other companies to develop packages designed for executive retention. In the complex world of Premium Finance Universal saves time and provides clarity to a process that is often overwhelming. Our focus on holistic case management combined with our seamless delivery of product and financing provides our producers with dependable back-office administration. Taking financing to a different level, we maintain an department whose sole focus is to decipher, design and deliver the best alternatives in the finance markets. Our relationships with banking institutions and credit departments around the world allows us to design the solution to fit the client while others attempt to fit a client into a product or program. Estate Preservation & Liquidity is traditionally considered the foundation of insurance planning. Staying ahead of legislative changes, product updates and wealth transfer strategies provides Universal with the resources necessary to allow our clients to solve their customers challenges efficiently. Seen as an industry “go to” for super-net worth clients, consistently designing cases with face amount in excess of $100,000,000, Universal continues to enhance the estate planning marketplace with unique and fundamental planning techniques. Leveraging this knowledge and experience allows us to serve you beyond the processing of a piece of business. We were structured with one thing in mind; making you more successful.
  5. 5. MarketingUniversal Insurance Services invites you to explore how you may significantly increase your financial services practice by utilizing our library ofmarketing strategies. Fueled by a vast array of readily available information, consumers in today’s increasingly competitive financial serviceenvironment have become more savvy and knowledgeable than ever before about financial service products and planning concepts.As an expert in your field, your marketing acumen and product expertise-as well as the tools you employ to get your ideas across are criticallyimportant in attracting and maintaining a strong client base, and are key in giving you the competitive edge you need to grow and maintain yourbusiness.privateAdvisor Suite: Our proprietary marketing program, which creates a unique opportunity to work with companies/associations from 1-1000’sof employees/members focused on providing financial literacy, transitional services, survivorship (pre and post death planning) and financialplanning services. Private Advisor strategically takes into consideration the legal and fiduciary requirements of those companies , creating a “turnkey” approach to the organization’s responsibility. Major Corporate Clients as well as professional athletic associations have chosen to use thisprogram.Advisor Architect (A2): UIS provides personalized practice management and business modeling at a high level for the highly productive firm orproducer. A personal COO and CFO to aid in the modeling, development and follow through of a successful business model. Available to BGA’s,BD’s as well as at the producer level. Practice Management: Helping firms make intelligent business decisions for long-term success. Our optimization process guides firms of all sizes and disciplines through a logical diagnose, plan, implement, and operate sequence. Universal’s Practice Management tools and resources are designed specifically to facilitate increases in growth, efficiency, and ongoing business value. Each step in the practice optimization process answers specific questions which will enable you to systematically increase the value of your business. Coaching: We work with advisors to better their business and themselves for a more efficient and higher revenue generating practice. By looking into your planning objectives and marketing initiatives, we can help you develop a high quality, well rounded practice without the added expense of "coaching" fees.Top Advisor Forums: With advisors spread out around the country and many doing very well financially, we have found access to this network afantastic addition to the marketing expertise of this organization. The sharing of ideas and concepts, along with many joint work opportunities,creates a better business situation for all of us. Our forum includes an annual summit with cutting edge ideas, concepts and top speakers.**The ADVISOR Program (Professional Partnership): A tailored financial services program for CPAs/Attorney designed to solve and service theirclient’s financial needs through a professional partnership with a registered representative to achieve maximum client satisfaction.**Workshop Program: Helps advisors conduct high impact turn-key seminars that have assisted in increasing their revenue substantially. Thisprogram has helped advisors reach high asset levels plus strong volume in target life insurance premium and annuities.**Professional Golf Marketing: Let a professional golfer along with a unique marketing program allow you to build your business like never before.This market focuses on super net worth and professional alliances.Financed Insurance Planning: Exciting new concepts to aid the proper prospect with their life insurance goals. One of the most advanced andexperienced networks available.*"Second Opinion Services/Review/Audit" : These services will add value to your presentations for your clients and differentiate you fromeveryone else. With a high quality "second opinion" analysis of your client’s particular situation, our team of specialists are just waiting for your call.Case Consultation & Sales Support: Once the design team has assisted you we can work with you and your staff to decipher the products on themarket and help you decide what may fit, or even come up with something you may not have thought of. The Sales Support team can even helpyou close cases—only to make YOU and YOUR firm more valuable in the eyes of your clients.* These programs require a production requirement** These programs require both a production requirement as well as a possible fee sharing.