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Introductory Guide to Getting Started on LinkedIn for Financial Professionals


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Financial professionals use a variety of social networks to connect with their clients, but when they're looking to drive business, they overwhelmingly turn to LinkedIn.

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Introductory Guide to Getting Started on LinkedIn for Financial Professionals

  1. 1. An Introductory Guide to Getting Started on LinkedIn
  2. 2. • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network,helping people find and share opportunities everyday. With more than 225 million users, it offers you a thriving community of like minded business professionals and entrepreneurs and connects you with current and prospective clients. • Financial professionals who use social media to build out their networks and prospect base are three times more successful than their non-social-media-savvy peers when it comes to gaining new clients. • So where do you start? Recent studies have shown,80% of consumers conduct preliminary online research when shopping for life insurance and investment products.If they were to search for you online,what would they find? Creating a strong personal brand and establishing yourself as a valuable resource should be your first step,but certainly not the last. Here are four essential steps to get you on the way to social selling success. • Before you begin,please review your Compliance Guidelines and make sure you adhere to the guidance provided by your Broker Dealer,State and/or FINRA,which may dictate how you can utilize social media. What is ?
  3. 3. Getting Started • Setting up a basic account,or a Personal Profile Page,is free and registration takes less than two minutes. You can upgrade your account by several tiers for a fee,but the basic page should meet your individual requirements. • Get Started here:
  4. 4. Creating an Account • Creating an account only requires your name and email address. You should use your business email,as this is how connections (potential and current clients) will contact you.
  5. 5. Building your Network • Customizing your account will allow you to import current contacts from your email, Google accounts,Facebook andTwitter. • Connect. Find. Be found.
  6. 6. Inviting Connections • Invite other LinkedIn members,colleagues,classmates, friends,family,and business partners without their email address. Upon acceptance of your invitation they will have access to your connections,activity,and posts. • Connecting infers that you personally know the person or have a mutual contact. It is much more effective if you create a personal note instead of using the default message when sending your invitation to connect.
  7. 7. Editing • Editing your Profile includes adding your photo,experience,education, interests and other related content you may want to publish. Add your company website, hours,and contact info. Customize your website and page link name as well. Add a cover photo of yourself or your business logo. Your business summary tells people who you are. Keywords will help your page show up in search engines. Details that highlight your skills and abilities can set you apart from your competition.
  8. 8. Managing • Help grow your network on LinkedIn by posting relevant information and staying active through the provided tools. Keep in mind that when you share something that members of your network comment on,you’re gaining exposure to their network as well. Continue to build your network. Post engaging updates,links and industry information. Take note of the important life and career changes for your connections. Connect with Friends,Family and Customers who care about your business.
  9. 9. Posting • It is important to engage your audience in conversation,keep them interested,and keep your business on the top of their minds by posting relevant articles,updates,and links to your page. Remember to let your personality and humanity show through. • Updates happen automatically from your LinkedIn which allows your connections to see what you share. Content can vary and is commonly posted around 2-3 times a week to keep it fresh You can pose questions, offer tips and link to relevant and timely articles
  10. 10. Tool Guide • Building your network provides you with an ever-growing audience and new connections. Leverage these by continually connecting with new companies and people and joining and participating in industry-specific groups. • Eventually,you can upgrade your account for access to more business tools and services or create a Company Page for you and your employees. Messages Notifications Upgrade your account for additional business tools and services. Search for colleagues,classmates,friends, family,and business partners Edit andView Profile Recommendations Review and add groups, Find and follow companies View,add and sort connections Find alumni
  11. 11. Helpful Links and Resources • Create your free Personal Page here: • Learn more about Company Pages here: • LinkedIn FAQ: • Download the mobile application by searching for LinkedIn on your smartphone App Store or Google Play. • Help your friends,customers and business partners find and connect with you on LinkedIn by adding the LinkedIn icon to marketing materials like your email signature,business cards, websites and brochures. • Interested in learning more about how Universal Insurance Services can help you grow your business? Download our brochure here.