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Ponencia Antonio Fernández Rañada Uimp2008


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Ponencia de Antonio Fernández Rañada en el Palacio de la Magdalena - UIMP 2008, dentro del Encuentro Humanismo, Ciencia y Sociedad, patrocinado por la Fundacion A. Von Humboldt

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Ponencia Antonio Fernández Rañada Uimp2008

  1. 1. Science, humanities and the world problems Antonio Fernández-Rañada Universidad Complutense UIMP, Santander, 28 July 2008 Abstract: It will be impossible to solve many of the worst problems of humankind without a better understanding between the different approaches to reality, in particular between science and technology and humanities. 1 Antonio Fernandez Rañada - Encuentro Humanismo, Ciencia y Sociedad - UIMP 2008